Yocan Stix Battery


  • 320mAh Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • LED Light Voltage Indicator

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About the Yocan Stix Battery


Yocan has yet again proven that they are not stopping support for one of their most iconic devices made for e-liquid consumption, the Yocan Stix. They continue to manufacture parts used for the Yocan Stix like the Yocan Stix Battery. Each Yocan Stix Battery replacement piece is made from the best materials Yocan can source. They are manufactured using the strictest and the latest process in fabricating parts and components for vaporizers which is why they can manufacture some of the best vaporizers, parts, and accessories while still maintaining a solid and affordable price point.

Yocan has always been one of the go-to brands for consumers who want to enjoy and indulge on the best vaping experience without having to pay the premium price. It isn’t always about the brand, sometimes, quality can be found even in some of the most affordable products that have been made with utmost care and craftsmanship. Yocan aims to change the meta of the market by providing customers with some of the best products at the most competitive costs. No other vape manufacturer can achieve such a feat but Yocan Vaporizers. And while these batteries are made with no intention of breaking down after a short period of time, they’re bound to reach and end of life cycle. That’s why it’s imperative to have a replacement component for your original Yocan Stix battery with the use of the replacement Stix battery from Yocan.

If you are a Yocan Stix user, make sure you get yourself one of these replacement batteries now!

More Than Just A Battery

The Yocan Stix battery is not just a replacement battery. It’s a statement for Yocan since it may well just be Yocan’s first take on a battery capable of accommodating the pod-based technology. The Yocan Stix is a significant part of Yocan’s move towards the development of their products since the Stix was one of the very first products that seemingly deviated from the traditional vape pen design. That’s why when you buy a replacement battery for your Yocan Stix, you should know that you are buying an integral part of Yocan’s history that they so willingly provide support for with the Yocan Stix battery. The Yocan Stix battery allowed consumers to enjoy the convenience of using a pod-like e-liquid receptacle while wielding the benefits of using a vape pen. It allowed a seamless marriage not only of ideas for incorporating the pod-based platform with conventional vape pen design but also allowed not only consumers but also developers and manufacturers what this idea looks like and therefore was a significant leap for the vaping industry in general.

The Yocan Stix Battery featured variable voltage settings respectively in ascending fashion. These preset temperature levels are also represented by LED lights to allow consumers to easily tell what temperature profile they’re running. The color Red represents the lowest heat settings while the green LED light signifies the medium heat setting and the blue colored LED light means that you’re already running the highest temperature level. Also, the charger is located at the bottom of the battery instead of the traditional side slot charging. This allowed consumers to enjoy the flexibility of running a variable voltage battery while experiencing the convenience of using a pod-based e-juice receptacle.


  • 1 x Yocan Stix Battery

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Yocan Stix Battery Manual

Recharging the Yocan Stix Battery:

  1. Make sure to turn the Yocan Stix Battery off before charging by pressing the power button five times quickly.
  2. Take a USB charging cable and connect it to a wall adapter.
  3. Connect the wall adapter + USB charger combo and plug it on a wall adapter.
  4. Connect the micro USB tip to the Yocan Stix Battery slot.

Note: the Yocan Stix Battery has a charging slot located at the bottom of the battery.

Using the Yocan Stix Battery:

  1. With a full charge, press the power button of the Yocan Stix Battery five times quicky to turn it on.
  2. Press and hold the power button to activate the heating element connected to the Yocan Stix Battery.
  3. Release the power button to stop heating.

Changing the Heat Settings:

  1. Click the power button five times to activate the Yocan Stix Battery.
  2. Press the power button three times quickly to toggle through the heat settings.
  3. Release the button to activate the selected heat setting.

Note: The temperature settings are represented by an LED light system. They are as follow; red light – low, green light – middle, blue light – high.

Cleaning the Yocan Stix Battery:

  1. Turn off the Yocan Stix Battery by pressing the power button five times quickly.
  2. Remove the coils attached on the Yocan Stix Battery.
  3. Use a cotton swab to clean the metal contacts that connect the Yocan Stix Battery and the coil.
  4. Use a dampened paper towel or alcohol wipes to clean smudges and oil spills on the Yocan Stix Battery.
  5. Use a dry cloth or a paper towel to dry the Yocan Stix Battery clean.

Note: Avoid using any soaked cleaning materials as it can cause irreversible water damage. Only use dampened cleaning materials to avoid any form of liquid entering the interior of the Yocan Stix Battery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Carl Montemarano

Yocan Stix Battery

Pablo Mendoza
Don't leave home without it!!💯

I am sold on this product.. going on third vape pen cause sticky fingers... So light weigh and cool!💯💯

Way better than expected.

My husband bought me one of these from this site.

I figured for a 10-15$ battery it would be the same gas station/smoke shop quality of batts that ive had throughout the many years ive used this method.. but this little guy is better than I get good power from it, using on low is usually all I need unless the battery is low. Also, the battery seems to stay full for longer than your typical models. Also shorter than ones I've had in the past, making it the perfect tool for those that need to medicate in places and circumstances that require full discretion.

P.s subj; photo- I'm 5'6" and 130 lb. My hands are not large lol

Greg Russell

Yocan Stix Battery

Dennis Moloney
Sweet covert battery

Shorter than the average vape battery and slim as well. Perfect for the pocket. Works well.

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