Wax Pen FAQs

Here’s what you need to do to use a wax pen. Make sure to give your wax pen an initial charge as indicated by the manufacturer, about 2 to 3 hours tops. Remove the mouthpiece and load up your wax concentrates into the wax chamber. With the chamber loaded with your select material, replace the mouthpiece and begin to power the device on by pressing the power button 5 times rapidly. To trigger the heating element, simply press and hold the power button and inhale the vapors produced.

Because your wax pen comes in different varieties, the price range of these devices differ. Two of the factors that significantly affect wax pen prices are technology and materials used. That said, the more advanced the wax pen, it will usually have price tags of around $200.00 and above while the more basic ones will cost cheaper, usually around $100.00 and below. Nevertheless, the prices of your wax pen does not always reflect the overall quality of the device as some dab pens do cost around $100.00 and cheaper but still boast the same quality as its more expensive counterparts.

Ideally, you’d want to put the wax concentrates directly above the coil without touching the coils as you can knock the coils out of place potentially damaging the entirety of the atomizer. That said, it’s best to be gentle and mindful of your coils when reloading your wax pen. If you’re dealing with highly viscous wax concentrates, you can cut and break them into smaller pieces and even roll them into small balls (if the consistency allows you to) to make loading easier. That's because in some cases, wax concentrates can be hard to deal with and won’t easily come off the loading tool. Furthermore, a traditional wax pen can have a narrow but deep atomizer that pose a challenge when loading your wax concentrates. On that note, it’s best to find use an atomizer that offers a smaller and shallower chamber so you can load your materials with ease.

A wax pen vaporizer works by heating the wax concentrates in the wax chamber to extract the active ingredients from it. It gets its power from the battery that’s often rechargeable allowing you to use the device even when you’re on-the-go. When the wax concentrates are heated, vapor is produced that is then inhaled from the wax pen’s mouthpiece. It’s a simple process that usually entails relatively easy steps.

The industry has seen a slew of wax atomizers over the years. One of the earliest designs include the rod and coil wax atomizers. They’re basically wax atomizers that have a rod, usually of quartz, wrapped in a metallic heating element. The rod and coil design has also seen many variations, from single, dual, triple, and quad rod wax atomizers. The number of rods these wax atomizers have equate to how fast and how hot they can get. Conversely, there are ceramic atomizers that facilitate a low and slow heating of your wax concentrates that works in preserving the flavor notes of your extracts. Because they do not burn as hot and as fast as quartz atomizers, they offer a smooth experience that won’t irritate your lungs and your throat.

Other wax atomizer varieties include the glass globe wax atomizers that offer a glass mouthpiece. Since glass is another inert material, it does not rub off on the vapor like metal or plastic. Furthermore, modern glass globe wax atomizers now feature the elements of water filtration and moisture conditioning through the use of glass bubblers and mini recyclers. There are also wax atomizers that are geared towards convenience like magnetic atomizers and pod atomizers. Magnetic atomizers can sport the same technologies like quartz and ceramic but gives a strong emphasis on convenience as magnetic wax atomizers rely on strong magnetic connections instead of threaded ones or silicone O-rings. On the other hand, pod atomizers are a self-containing wax atomizer that can be used to vaporize wax concentrates.

According to the latest tobacco law, the legal age required for purchasing tobacco and other tobacco products, including vaporizers, is 21 years old. This include products like your wax pen and may include accessories used for dab pens and portable wax vapes.

Because the conventional wax pen is usually made up of few components, cleaning and maintaining them is often easy.

First, make sure to turn the wax pen off. It would also be a good idea to disconnect the parts of your wax pen, mainly the battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece.

Next, prepare your cleaning materials, these will include cotton swabs, dry paper towels, a bowl, your dab tool, and some isopropyl alcohol. With all your materials set, begin by preparing the alcohol bath. Fill a small container with isopropyl alcohol and soak the atomizer and the mouthpiece in it for several hours. Avoid getting the battery wet as it can cause water damage.

While you’re letting the atomizer and the mouthpiece soak in alcohol, take your wax pen battery and wipe it with a dry paper towel. You can use damp cleaning wipes or simply just moisten the paper towel with isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure that you don’t get the battery wet.

Then, take your cotton swabs and moisten it with alcohol. Proceed by cleaning the connections of your vaporizer, especially the ones that bridge the battery and the atomizer as it can get dirty over time.

Now, take your atomizer and mouthpiece from its isopropyl alcohol bath and wipe it clean using your cotton swabs. For stubborn residual matter, use your dab tool to lightly scrape hardened wax concentrates. Justy make sure to avoid hitting the coils with your dab tool as it can damage the atomizer.

Lastly, let the parts of the wax pen dry out to avoid the aftertaste of isopropyl on your next vape session. Assemble the parts and enjoy.

Typically, there are several factors that affect the lifespan and the longevity of your wax coil. These include the viscosity of your wax concentrates, how much material you load in the wax chamber, and how often you use your vaporizer. Nevertheless, the average wax coil lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks of use.

While there’s no cold and hard criteria for choosing the best wax pen, there are a few things you can consider that can help guide you in making the right decision when investing in a wax pen. First, you should consider the price. Is the wax pen within your means? Is it too expensive? This will be your first gauge in finding the best wax pen. Next are features, these are the things that will justify the price of the vaporizer that you’re eyeing for if it’s expensive. Some important features are battery life and customization. Battery life will dictate how long will you be using your wax pen and how substantial the sessions will be in between charges while customization lets you personalize your sessions – usually in the form of temperature control. It’s good to know that you will, more often than not, find pre-set temperature profiles in a wax pen as opposed to the precision temperature control coveted amongst dry herb vaporizers. Then, you should look into the dimensional measurements of your wax pen. Not all vaporizers are made equal and not all vaporizers share the same size. Depending on how you plan to use your device, you can select a compact and portable device or use one that boasts a larger size. Typically, a larger vaporizer will have a larger battery capacity and will have more significant results while a smaller device will have a smaller but still decent results. Lastly, you can check the warranty of the wax pen to give you some sort of guarantee that you can send it back for repair or replacement should anything go wrong with your wax pen.

A wax pen is a device that is used to vaporize wax concentrates to extract the active ingredients from it. It uses a heating element that melts the wax concentrates and turns it into vapor. It works pretty much like an oil vaporizer and an e-liquid vaporizer but is designed and engineered specifically for wax concentrate use.

Wax coils will vaporize your select wax concentrates using the heat it produces. It draws power from the battery which helps it melt the wax concentrates and extract its active ingredients through the vapor. The coils used in wax atomizers are usually made of titanium and the rods are often made out of quartz or ceramic. Both rods will boast its own set of advantage with quarts ramping up heat quite fast and ceramic facilitating a low and slow temperature production.

Yes, using a wax pen will let you consume the same active ingredients found on the plant matter that the extracts were derived from. This means that you’re consuming the same compounds that causes the pupil to dilate. Giving you the same, if not more potent, effect as if smoking the actual botanical.

From a smoker’s perspective, vaping from a wax pen is healthier compared to smoking weed from bowls, spliffs, joints, and blunts. The smoke produced by combusting your select materials create various types of harmful elements like the ones called free radicals that are an unstable matter and can cause a slew of medical conditions. On the part of vaping, it may have certain negative effects but it does have lesser negative impacts on your health making it a safer or a healthier alternative.

The ideal voltage level for vaping wax concentrates is around 3.8 volts. It’s usually the medium voltage level found on a wax pen or a dab pen. The lowest voltage level, usually at 3.4 volts will give you smooth and flavorful results while the highest temperature setting, typically around 4.2 volts will give you more of a potent vapor production. The medium voltage setting will give you a balanced effect with the ideal blend of flavor and potency.

Two of the best coil options for your wax pen is ceramic and quartz. Both coils can be used on the wax pen and are coveted for bringing their own sets of benefits into the table. Ceramic coils are best for flavors as it facilitates a low and slow heating that’s perfect for extracting the flavonoids and the terpenes native to your select wax concentrates. Quartz, on the other hand, is great for potency as it reacts quickly to temperature changes and can ramp up heat quickly. Because it can easily reach temperature profiles that are ideal for the extraction of the potent active ingredients, it facilitates the production of face-melting vapors and lung-ripping hits.

A wax pen may come in many shapes and sizes, however, the average wax pen can be used and operated with a few simple steps. But first, the essentials.

Make sure to fully charge the battery.

Secure all connections.

Prepare your wax materials for easy loading.

To start your session, take a wax pen with a fully charged battery, press the power button five times to power the device on. If you’re using a dab pen with a variable voltage battery, press the power button three times to cycle through the preset temperature profiles. Next, open the wax atomizer by removing the mouthpiece. If your wax pen has a coil cap, remove the coil cap. Then, using a dab tool, load your select wax concentrates into your wax atomizer and replace the coil cap and the mouthpiece. Lastly, press and hold the power button to activate the heating element.

You can use your vaporizer cold of you can pre-heat the coils. When dabbing cold, load he wax concentrates first before firing up the vaporizer. Otherwise, make sure to pre-heat or prime the coils first before loading the wax into the atomizer.

The ideal temperature setting for vaping wax is typically around 3.8 volts. The average wax pen will often sport 3 temperature settings with 3.4 volts at the lowest temperature setting and 4.2 at the highest temperature profile. The lower profile will usually produce flavorful wisps and the higher temperature profiles can yield viscous and potent clouds of vapor. The middle temperature level can give you a balance between flavor and potency making it the sweet spot for vaping wax.

The industry has seen a slew of wax atomizers but one of the most popular varieties are rod and coil wax atomizers. These types of wax atomizers are usually characterized by a rod (usually of quartz) wrapped in a metal coil. These coils come in a single rod, usually found on cartridge-like atomizers. There are also the most common kind, the dual rod atomizer coils that are usually found on vaporizers with decent battery capacities. And lastly, the triple rod and quadruple rod atomizer coils that are compatible with a wax pen that has batteries with higher capacities. As one would expect, the more the rods and the coils on a wax atomizer, the more substantial the vapor production is.

Another variety are ceramic wax atomizers. They use high-grade ceramic minerals to create the ideal environment for your wax concentrates. Ceramic is known for its inert properties and its ability to faithfully preserve the flavors of your select wax concentrates making it the ideal wax atomizer for connoisseurs. There are touch-style coils, also known as vapor tips, that sport some ceramic in them. These coils are usually found on devices that are used as electronic honey straws or electronic nectar collectors.

Lastly, there are wax coils that are in the form of pods. These wax coils offer the same convenience of using pod vaporizers but is still compatible with wax concentrates.

Yocan Dab Pen FAQs

The Yocan Evolve dab pen is simple and easy to use. It powers on by pressing the button five times and the heating element is activated when you press and hold down the power button. Reloading the dab pen is also simple and straightforward, just unscrew the mouthpiece and the coil cap, place a dab before replacing the cap and the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

The Yocan B Smart is a battery-only device that’s compatible with a wide range of 510-threaded attachments. To use the Yocan B Smart, simply connect a compatible 510-threaded atomizer or cartridge, five clicks to turn the battery on, select the temperature setting by twisting the dial at the bottom of the battery, then press and hold the power button to activate the atomizer.

Like most Yocan vaporizers, the loaded can be used by powering the battery on with five clicks of the power button. Likewise, pressing and holding the power button activates the Yocan Loaded coils. However, the way you reload the Yocan Loaded is different because instead of a traditional threaded mouthpiece, it uses a window to house the atomizer which conveniently opens up for when you need to reload your vaporizer.

The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer uses the brand’s iconic Quartz Dual Coil and Quad Coils. To clean the coils, find a small container and fill it with isopropyl alcohol. Get your coils and soak them for a couple of hours in isopropyl alcohol while occasionally shaking the small container to help dislodge hardened material. Take the coils out and let it dry before using it.

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Yocan Wax Vaporizers/Dab Pens

Always in the forefront of innovation, Yocan has earned a reputation as a go to brand for wax concentrate lovers. Yocan dab pens and box mods are known for being compact and straightforward devices that gets the job done.

Why Wax Pen?

Using a wax pen has become more popular because of the many benefits it offers. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a wax pen.

1. It’s small and portable.

Compared to a dab rig, a wax pen is small and portable. It was meant to resemble the humble office pen, hence, it’s something you can take with you almost anywhere you go. You can just slide it in your pocket or in your bag which also makes it a discreet device.

2. It’s user-friendly.

A wax pen is often designed and engineered with convenience in mind. That said, it’s one of the most user-friendly devices on the market today making it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced consumers. Whether you’re a medicating patient struggling to find your footing with using a wax pen or if you’re an advanced consumer just looking to enjoy a quick and easy session, using a wax pen offers an easier alternative.

3. It’s safer.

Using a wax pen offers a safer means of dabbing or consuming wax concentrates. Other than dab pens, there are different ways of consuming wax concentrates. However, they typically require the use of a torch to heat the banger or the nail. A wax pen on the other hand, uses a battery and an atomizer to heat the wax concentrates. Because it offers a torch-less means of dabbing your wax concentrates, it makes for a safer substitute in reaping the benefits of your select wax concentrates.

4. It’s accurate.

When it comes to consuming concentrates, temperature is important and using a wax pen can help you get the accuracy you need. Some dab pens will have a single heat setting while others will have preset temperature profiles that you can use depending on your preference. While hovering your palm over a heated banger to tell the temperature has been a common practice for dab rig users, precision is never certain. It's always better to rely on measured temperature profiles so you can achieve the results you need.

5. It’s easy to maintain.

Maintenance is key to keeping your dab pens pristine. Your wax pen will typically be made of three components; a battery, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. With fewer parts to work with, maintenance will prove to be simpler and easier. There are also a lot of replacement parts for your wax pen so you can easily remove and replace parts to keep it working in optimal condition.

6. It’s potent.

Finally, one of the main reasons why many consumers are hooked into using a wax pen is because of the material it’s compatible with. As you would expect, a wax pen is designed to vaporize wax concentrates that are usually packed with the plant matter’s psychoactive components. On that note, a wax pen can get you medicated with only a small amount of material and with only a few puffs of vapor.

So, there you have it. Some of the most popular reasons why many consumers have switched to using a dab pen and why you yourself should consider using one, especially one from Yocan.

10 Best Wax Pens from Yocan

A wax pen offers you a means of consuming a variety of wax concentrates and other extracts in a small and compact device. Nevertheless, not all wax pens and dab pens are made equal. So, we’ve curated some more tips to help you find the right wax pen for you.

1. Battery capacity.

One of the few things you should consider when looking for a wax pen is its battery capacity. This translates to hoe much power it can hold and how long it can stay functional in between charges. The average wax pen typically gets around 500 to 650mAh of battery capacity. More powerful devices are outfitted with somewhere around 900 to 1100mAh of battery capacity.

2. Build quality.

Because for the most part you’ll be carrying your wax pen with you, finding one that offers superior build quality is a must. There's nothing wrong with a wax pen housed in a plastic body but make sure that all the parts are properly fitted and there are no loose screws and buttons on it. Poor workmanship can result to unnecessary problems in the future. Avoid buying a wax pen that has loose buttons that rattle when you shake it.

3. Heating element.

Your dab pen’s heating element can directly influence the quality of the vapors your dab pen can produce. Depending on your preference, get a wax pen that either has a ceramic or a quartz heating element. Ceramic is great for flavors while quartz is ideal for potency.

4. Price.

Contrary to the common belief, just because a wax pen is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. Yocan is a brand that specializes in manufacturing affordable but reliable vaporizers. The folks behind the brand believes that no one should sacrifice quality over affordability thus doing their best in manufacturing high-quality devices that sport an affordable price. Yocan is here to prove that you don’t always have to buy the most expensive wax pen to get the best result.

If you’re interested to see what the company has to offer, check out this collection of wax pen vaporizers from Yocan.

1. Yocan Evolve Plus

Now the Yocan Evolve Plus has everything you’re looking for in a wax pen. It’s got a balanced build for flavor and vapor. The Evolve Plus is equipped with Yocan’s iconic quartz dual coils (QDC) which facilitates the ideal environment for wax concentrate vaporization. The QDC features two quartz rod crystals wrapped in premium heating elements to ensure purity while promoting decent vapor outputs. Yocan uses pure quartz crystals that serve as good conductors of heat allowing users to experience an almost on-demand response from the Yocan Evolve Plus. The quartz coils make for the perfect heating element to provide you with the right blend of vapor, flavor, and potency. The output is subtle but not lacking in substance. The vapor is not too harsh but is also not insubstantial that you feel like you have to take in more draws to get yourself satisfied. A few pulls from this wax pen would be enough especially for users with low tolerance. Regardless if you're after the psychoactive or the curative effects of vaping wax concentrates, you’d find that the Yocan Evolve Plus coils makes for the right amount of vapor without leaving you wanting more or making you full of vapors all at once. This wax pen’s kind of vapor output is best suited for beginners who are still getting used to vaping waxes and even for advanced consumers who are looking for a subtle and gentle hit. Quartz is naturally pure in essence, that’s why the vapor yield of the Yocan Evolve Plus is as pure as the vapor output of expensive devices. Furthermore, this wax pen has a functional coil cap which blocks any spit backs from your bubbling concentrates. You’ll no longer have to deal with burnt lips or a burnt tongue. Imagine, getting the same quality as devices twice or even thrice its price. This makes the Yocan Evolve Plus one of Yocan’s best-selling units.


  • Integrated wax jar.

  • Decent battery capacity.

  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Single temperature setting.

2. Yocan Loaded

The Yocan Loaded is a little bigger than the Evolve Plus it boasts more power than the Evolve Plus. It boasts better vapor production with more potent rips. The more robust battery allows for more power with every press of the button. It’s also outfitted with the quartz dual coil system so you can expect the same pure and clean hit you might have gotten used to with the earlier evolve models. This wax pen is also geared towards providing its users with convenient means of loading their units. Instead of a combination of magnetic and threaded connections that secure the atomizer in place, the Yocan Loaded applies a seemingly intuitive technology allowing you to open the atomizer chamber via a window which means that there’s no need to expose the entirety of the vaporizer when you’re reloading and even when changing coils. It made reloading easier and a whole lot fun. Gone are the days when you deal with the pressure of loading your vape too quickly since onlookers and bystanders give you that ogling look. It’s true that people condemn what they don’t understand and Yocan knows this especially for medical consumers who use wax concentrates for their daily medication. You no longer have to spend minutes in removal and assembly of the parts and pieces of your vaporizer. This wax pen allows you to reload and dump your concentrates on the atomizer in mere seconds. If you find that the dual quartz coils aren’t enough, you can use the quad coils that come with the Yocan Loaded right out of the box. The quad coils have four quartz rods wrapped with premium coils. Essentially twice the potency and vapor production you’d get from the dual quartz coils. This wax pen allows you to extend the length of the mouthpiece at will, not only does it hide and extend the mouthpiece but it also gives you an extended path for your vapor to travel. By extending the vapor path you give your vapors more time to cool down, which results to more pleasurable vapor outputs.


  • Powerful battery.

  • Retractable mouthpiece.

  • Unique coil chamber.

  • Preset temperature settings.


  • May leak if you overpack it.

3. Yocan Dive Mini

The Yocan Dive Mini is the predecessor of the Yocan Dive Vaporizer. It’s a wax pen that also doubles as a nectar collector and offers four modes of use allowing you to really customize your sessions. The Dive mini is outfitted with a decent battery that can hold 400mAh capacity and is perfect for daily use. It also has a unique mouthpiece that allows you to experience water filtration and moisture conditioning and is something rare to see on a wax pen. This allows the Yocan Dive Mini to produce smooth vapors right off the bat. The Yocan Dive Mini is also outfitted with the brand’s XTAL coils that helps make the vapors smooth and flavorful. As we’ve briefly covered above, the Yocan Dive Mini cab be used as a wax pen or as a nectar collector. This means that you can enjoy smaller doses of wax concentrates when you use the Dive Mini as a wax pen or experience dabbing in large amounts when you use it as an electronic honey straw. And while we’re still in the topic of customization, the Yocan Dive Mini offers preset temperature settings that allow you to personalize your sessions depending on your personal preference. It’s currently the best on-the-go wax pen on the market and there’s no denying why. It's small and measures only at around to only over 8 inches with the glass attachment and only over 5 inches with the standard mouthpiece attached. It’s a device you can definitely take with you almost anywhere you go and experience impeccable personalization at the palm of your hands. You can even say that it delivers dab rig-like vapor production in a small and compact body. The Yocan Dive Mini is surprisingly way better than its larger predecessor, the original Yocan Dive Vaporizer.


  • Small and compact build.

  • Functional glass attachment.

  • Dual-purpose vaporizer.


  • May require a bit of assembly.

4. Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer

The Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer is a wax pen designed and engineered to let you explore the terpenes and the flavonoids native to your wax concentrates. The (R)Evolve is a wax pen intended to provide your select materials with a low temperature profile that allows the extraction of flavorful clouds of vapor. In doing so, the Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer has earned the nickname the connoisseur’s pen because of its smooth and flavorful vapor production that will satisfy even the pickiest of wax consumers. Because of its low power requirement, the (R)Evolve packs only a decent amount of battery at around 650mAh which is enough for long and significant vaping sessions in between charges. The battery can be recharged almost anywhere using a travel-friendly USB charging cable that’s compatible with a wide range of USB ports in both desktop computers and laptop computers. Another feature that separates the (R)Evolve wax pen from its distant Evolve cousins is its 10-second continuous heating function. This wax pen can ramp up heat for 10 seconds before it cuts off power. Its short but sweet cycles allow it to yield vapors that will not irritate your lungs and your throat so you won’t end up barking for minutes after you’ve taken your first draw. This makes the Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer an ideal wax pen not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients. While the (R)Evolve is a clear variation of the Evolve pens, it definitely carves its own name as a one of the smoothest wax pens in Yocan’s lineup. It uses the brand’s iconic quartz dual coil atomizers so it can provide you with just the right amount of flavor and potency in every draw. So, if you’re looking for a device that can deliver smooth vapor production without breaking the bank, the Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer is your best bet.


  • Low temp dabs.
  • Lasting battery.
  • 10-second sessions.


  • Not suited for heavy consumers.

5. Yocan Apex Vaporizer

The Yocan Apex Vaporizer attempts something unusual for a wax pen. It offers heating in ripples or rather in waves. What that does is that it heats your select wax concentrates in rippling highs and lows. It does so by heating your extracts using the temperature profile you’ve selected (yes, it has a variable voltage battery) and switching the temperature level to a constant 2.5 volts after every 4 seconds. This means that while the Yocan Apex Vaporizer does heat your wax concentrates using your preferred voltage level, it does rock the temperature back and forth. It’s Yocan’s answer to the common practice of wax concentrate consumers of pressing the power button in various patterns of pulses to help regulate the temperature level. This time, you don’t have to manually press and release the button while dabbing because the Yocan Apex Vaporizer is designed to do that automatically on its own. As we’ve covered above, the Apex has a variable voltage battery that allows you to heat your extracts using a low temperature setting (3.4 volts), medium temperature setting (3.8 volts), and a high temperature setting (4.2 volts). Each temperature level allows you to enjoy a unique experience with your select wax concentrate and is coupled with the Yocan Apex’s ability to heat your materials in waves. The Yocan Apex also shares the same heating element as the Yocan Armor Vaporizer using a quartz dual coil atomizer capable of putting out flavorful yet potent clouds of vapor. This easily complements the rippling effect of the Yocan Apex and allows you to enjoy all the benefits your select materials have to offer. The Yocan Apex is a great portable wax pen for people who are always out and about and for those who pay close attention to the taste and the flavor of their select wax concentrates. You’ll surely hit the Apex of your sessions with this small and compact wax pen from Yocan.


  • Unique heating.
  • Adjustable voltage.
  • Compatible coil with Yocan Armor.


  • Decent battery life.

6. Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer

Yet another high-quality wax pen from Yocan, the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer lives up to its name by delivering advanced vaping technology in a small and compact unit. The Regen offers some of the best features Yocan’s Evolve line of dab pens have to offer. For starters, it’s outfitted with a rather reliable 1100mAh battery that ensures long and substantial performance in between sessions. This powerful battery works in conjunction with a relatively powerful heating element. The Regen is equipped with two coils, a quartz dual coil and a quartz triple coil. Both heating elements harnesses the power of quartz which allows it to deliver fast and quite potent vapors. Quartz is known as a great catalyst for energy, power, and heat making it the perfect material for a coil intended to quickly vaporize your select wax concentrates. And because quartz can easily reach high temperature levels, it can easily reach heat profiles that can extract the more potent psychoactive compounds in your wax concentrates. This makes the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer an ideal tool for both recreational consumers and patients who want to experience quick relief from their medical conditions. The coils are connected to the battery using a 510-threaded connection providing it a simple and stable platform where it won’t get easily knocked off its place. And because the Yocan Regen wax pen is designed and engineered as an on-the-go device; it also has a bottom wax compartment that lets you store a good amount of extracts for that on-the-go sesh. This way you can have access to your favorite wax concentrates without having to lug around large wax jars and bringing in an extra pouch for your vape paraphernalia. And the best thing about it is that it’s connected to the battery using magnetic connections which makes dabbing on your feet a more convenient experience.


  • Magnetic connections.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Comes with 2 coils.


  • Mouthpiece cab get hot.

7. Yocan Evolve Plus XL

No one can make a list of Yocan’s best dab pens without even taking about the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. It’s the Yocan Evolve Plus evolved. Our aforementioned devices only had two or three coils at best, the Yocan Evolve Plus XL uses four. Yep, that’s four quartz rods wrapped in the same fast-heating coils. When it gets down to business, the Evolve Plus XL delivers four times the vapor density and four times the potency making it chug out clouds like a dab rig at the palm of your hands. A lot of consumers actually find the Evolve Plus XL a bit daunting because of its powerful vapor production. It unleashes the full potential of your extracts and lets you enjoy a face-melting experience with just a few clicks of a button. This wax pen is perfect for consumers who’s built up quite the tolerance and is no longer satisfied with just a few dabs. It’s for the hard-core enthusiasts that really want to get knocked off their socks. Truly the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer is a tier above the average wax pen. To support the quad quartz coils, this wax pen uses a whopping 1400mAh of battery which allows you long dab sessions and powerful vapor production in between charges. It has a base that does not only support the coils but also allows you to adjust the airflow. Yocan lets this wax pen harness what would only appear quite an insignificant element in dabbing but can surprise you with how it impacts your sessions. The more airflow there is, the cooler and the denser your vapors become. On the same note, if you tighten up the airflow, you’ll get flavorful and more potent product that’s quite thin and less visible. This level of customization makes up for the Yocan Evolve Plus XL’s lack of a proper temperature control as this device only has a single heat setting.


  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Powerful coils.
  • Powerful battery.


  • Single heat setting.
  • Has substantial weight.

8. Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate

Compared to the aforementioned Yocan Evolve Plus XL, the Yocan Armor offers quite the tiny and dainty performance and form factor. It offers a decent vapor production that can still give you a light body buzz. Thanks to the Yocan Armor’s quartz dual coils and 380mAh battery, it allows you to venture more on the flavorful side of dabbing and less of the numbing and time-stopping effects offered by your wax concentrates. That said, it’s great for medicating patients who still need to be functional despite consuming their favorite extracts. The low battery capacity and low coil capability of this wax pen allows you to experience the flavors native to your select extracts. Nevertheless, yo9u still get three preset temperature profiles with the Yocan Armor at around 3.0 volts at low, 3.5 volte at medium, and 4.0 volts at high respectively. You can toggle the temperature settings by pressing the power button three times when the device is on. Because the vapor production does not smack you in the face, the Yocan Armor wax pen is often the choice of beginners and individuals who would like to see if wax concentrate consumption is for them. It’s an ideal entry-level device not only because of how it performs but also because of how it measures up. A perfect dimension, the Yocan Armor only stands at around over four inches tall making it extremely discreet and portable. You can slide this wax pen in your pocket or even just carry it in the palm of your hands. It’s a unique wax pen that’s great if you’re just starting out on your dabbing journey or a side unit when you just want a break from all that heavy dabbing using your dab rig or your eRig. It can be used both as a daily driver or as a wax pen when you’re not around your main vaporizer.


  • Easy to use.
  • Coil compatible with other Yocan devices.
  • Preset temperature profiles.
  • 10-second pre-heat setting.


  • Small battery capacity.

9. Yocan Zeus Vaporizer

The Yocan Zeus Vaporizer is a wax pen that earns a hundred points for being stylish. In an industry where dab pens were made discreet and inconspicuous, the Yocan Zeus boasts of stunning style and sophistication in a durable and reliable wax pen. The Zeus is developed using the Evolve Plus platform which means it shares some striking similarities to the brand’s more iconic wax pen. Nevertheless, it still shines on its own sporting a few features that make the Yocan Zeus wax pen step away from its Evolve lineage. First is its magnetic snap-on mouthpiece and is something unique to the Zeus wax pen. The magnetic snap-on mouthpiece allows you to access the coils faster which makes loading your wax pen easier. What this does is that it ensures that you can scoop up your wax concentrates and dump them straight into the coil without having to screw the mouthpiece on and off the battery. This means that you no longer have to keep on twisting your device while in use which could be a pain. This also minimizes material buildup as it avoids melted wax concentrates to get into the cracks and crevices of the threaded connections. Another addition to Zeus’s arsenal is the ceramic donut coils. Ceramic is known for its ability to simply facilitate a low and slow temperature buildup so it does not burn the extracts and helps in the faithful preservation of your material’s properties, especially in terms of flavor. The ceramic donut coils also help in making sure that no extract goes to waste. That’s because while the traditional rod and coil design offers an effective means of vaporization. Overtime, your coils can develop material buildup and this resinous matter can clog and render the coils useless – plus it wastes your wax. The coil-less design of the ceramic donut coils allows for better vaporization and less waste.


  • Durable housing.
  • Magnetic connections.
  • Additional coil option.


  • Can be heavy.

10. Yocan Magneto Vaporizer

Last but not the least is the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer. Like the Zeus, the Magneto wax pen uses a unique atomizer and was therefore one of the most sought-after devices on the market at some point. Not only did it revolutionize on-the-go dabbing when it was released but it also changed the game for portable vaporizers for the most part. First, the Yocan Magneto uses a distinct heating element, one that also harnesses the power and capability of ceramic. It offers a multi-layered ceramic atomizer that facilitates a two-part process in heating your materials. The first layer of the Yocan Magneto’s ceramic coil is responsible for heating and melting the wax while the second, bottom-most layer is tasked with extracting the active ingredients of your wax concentrates into the vapor. This two-step process is great for vapors that are packed with flavor as the time it takes to heat the wax allows the flavonoids and the terpenes to be released into the vapor which makes it great for people who likes to medicate with tasty clouds of vapor. The final vapor product is light and is easy on the throat and the lungs. The ceramic coil also has an integrated dab tool so you don’t have to carry around a small poking device and all you need is the actual Magneto wax pen. Another breakthrough that the Mageto wax pen introduced into the industry is its all-magnetic connections. With the exception of the 510-threaded coils, every component that this wax pen uses are connected by durable magnets. And where there’s magnets, the device it supports will usually be simple and straightforward. The magnetic connections cut the trouble of having to operate threaded links and makes loading and usage of the Yocan Magneto wax pen fast and effective. It's a great wax pen that can definitely satisfy both beginners and advanced users.


  • Magnetic connections.
  • Integrated dab tool.
  • Integrated wax container.


  • Coil may be hard to clean.

A Wax Vape For Everyone

Intended for optimum wax concentrate consumption, Yocan wax vapes range from portable handheld devices to unique attachments that go with your favorite bongs and waterpipes. Yocan wax pens like Yocan Regen and Yocan UNI Pro, cover a wide expanse of customer needs with a vaporizer model for every occasion. In terms of design, Yocan dab pens also offer vaporizers that are nondescript as well as those that are distinctive and uncommon. Yocan wax pens come in simple and minimalistic hues to bold and flashy limited-edition models. Yocan dab pens, like most vaporizers from Yocan also feature simple and straightforward operation. You don’t have to learn new combinations, vaping styles, or even get used to a series of steps in order to start using them. They're designed to function like the average vape pen. Yocan vapes speak your language, not the other way around. While other vaporizers will take a little getting used to, you’ll soon find that using Yocan wax pens will come naturally.

You can say that Yocan wax vapes such as Yocan Wit and Yocan Groote are wax vapes made for everyone. Unlike other vapes that attract a certain niche or a particular group of people, Yocan wax vaporizers were made for everyone.

So, if you’re in the market for a brand-new dab pen, you might want to look into Yocan’s wax vape models.

Wax Pen & Dab Pen Tips and Tricks

Are you just getting to know your wax pen or are you just someone who wants to make the most out of your dab pen? Regardless of your reasons, we’re here to give you tips and tricks so you can vape like a pro.

1. Leave it upright.

Especially after a session, make sure to leave your wax pen standing upright. That’s because you don’t want the melted wax to drip and spill all over your wax pen. Leaving it upright means that the heated wax goes right where it should go – at the bottom of your coil. Doing so also allows you to save up the liquefied extracts where they can be reheated when you reload your coil.

Leaving your wax pen lying around can cause the wax to make its way outside of the coil and into the corners of your wax pen. This will make the threads and the buttons sticky as the melted wax hardens and develops into a resinous substance. What's more, it can potentially make its way into the battery where it can get inside the electrical circuitry of your wax pen and cause irreversible damage.

2. Avoid overpacking the coil.

Another cause of leaks and spills is basically overpacking the coils with extracts. Heating the wax concentrates can sometimes cause the extracts to bubble up. For obvious reasons, loading your coil with a big dab will cause hot wax to spurt and touch your lips. Often referred to as a spit back, this is one of the reasons why your wax pen can get messy and can develop resinous buildup. Furthermore, overpacking the coil, especially beyond its capacity can cause the coils to get clogged and not work in its optimal condition. One good practice is to slowly dose your dabs until you find an amount that suits you best.

3. Pre-packing is a crime.

If you could see a pattern here, most of the tips we’re giving out is to help you prevent your wax pen to leak. On that note, avoid packing your wax pen especially if you have no plans of using it. This will only cause the wax to melt (if you’re living in a warm climate) and clog the coils. It will also keep your chamber clean allowing you to enjoy smooth sessions every time you dab. Your wax pen should not double as a container and that’s why many dab pens have integrated wax containers in them. If you’re pre-packing your coils because you want a quick session, use a wax pen that has an integrated dab tool on the coil cap or in the mouthpiece so you can just dip and dab when you’re out and about.

4. Use a variable voltage pen.

A variable voltage battery allows you to enjoy various experiences because it lets you expose your extracts to different temperature profiles. In doing so, you can influence how the wax concentrates react to heat and therefore influence the outcome of the vapor. It's not to say that variable voltage batteries are always superior than dab pens that use a single heat setting but a variable voltage wax pen can give you more options for customization and personalization and that is important.

What’s in It for Yocan Customers?

Yocan customers can always rely on Yocan’s strict production ethics. All Yocan vaporizers are made with caution and precision. That's why Yocan vaporizers are trusted by consumers from all walks of life, not only by casual consumers but also by medicating patients. Yocan vaporizers are manufactured using the best raw materials the company can afford and what the current industry has to offer. Those who follow and patronize Yocan products can expect only the best from Yocan. This is true in both in innovative technology as well as having a good price point that almost any vaporizer product on the market. They have a strong R&D team backing them up and coming up with unique ideas to improve your vaping experience. They also exercise the sternest standards in production to keep things in check, from raw material selection to the actual product production, you can always bank on Yocan to deliver.

Those who have just recently heard of Yocan are sure to love the experience. They do not complicate the process of vaping both wax and other concentrates giving you the same quality of vapor from your select materials without having to go through the complex procedures other vaporizers require before you get to the good part. With Yocan, you get to skip all that and enjoy vaping in a straightforward approach.

A Wide Collection of Wax Vapes 

Apart from the above products, Yocan boasts a wide collection of vaporizers for wax concentrates including one of their most popular: Yocan Magneto. You’ll find ones that are made for stealth to ones that are made for show. Vaporizers in many shapes and sizes, from those that have specific vaping style to that of multi-vaping styles. If you’re used to vaping from a concentrate jar, Yocan also has a vaporizer that doubles as a nectar collector. Yocan also has a vaporizer that can be connected atop your rig, your bong, or your water pipe. Shopping for a wax vape has never been his easy and affordable, you can also search for limited edition colors and patterns if you like to have a vaporizer worthy to be in a collector's shelf.

Yocan knows how exactly wax vaporization works. They’ve devoted their time and resources to improving the means of turning such gooey substances into vapor and getting the most of it at the same time. Their iconic quartz dual coils as well as the robust quad coils give consumers the option to go low and slow or to get high in a fly. Other atomizers include an atomizer with an all ceramic build (Yocan Cerum) that’s made to generate more flavorful vapors. You can find the vaporizer that suits you best with Yocan’s vast wax vape catalogue. Get more with Yocan wax vaporizers.

About Wax Vaporizers

These devices were intended for aromatherapy use only. 

A wax vaporizer is a portable vape unit that heats up wax concentrates and turns them into vapor. There are different types with different heating chambers and technology but all are manufactured to work very well with wax.

Yocan manufactures a wide selection of high-performance and top of the line wax vaporizers. Their vape wax pen (Dab Pens) are made from durable and high-quality materials and are engineered to turn wax into vapors optimally, ensuring that none go to waste and that every hit packs a whopper. In addition, the heating technology employed in their products guarantees only the purest and best-tasting flavor in the vapor produced.

The portability in Yocan wax vaporizers allow you to enjoy your wax concentrate even while on the go which is compromised in desktop wax rigs. And with their compact design, you can rest assure discreet sessions every time.

Choose our selection of Yocan’s wax pen vaporizers such as the Pandon with its dual chamber QUAD coil technology, the compact Evolve and its bigger brothers Yocan Evolve Plus and Yocan Evolve Plus XL if you’re looking for stronger sessions, and the digital box-type Explore which can also be used to consume dry herb.

Whatever the need or preference, you are sure that Yocan will have a portable wax vaporizer to match.