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Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer

Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer

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  • Ceramic Cartridge
  • Threaded Connection
  • Draw Activated Technology
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About Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer

About the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer

The Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer is the official atomizer made specifically for the Yocan Stix 2.0 Vaporizer Pen. This atomizer brings superior vaporization through the use of an all-ceramic build while still making it simple and straightforward for owners of the device thanks to its threaded connections. If you own a Yocan Stix 2.0 Vaporizer Pen, then this replacement part is a necessity. Make sure to grab the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer now!

Ceramic Build

Those who have been vaping on oils will now just how well ceramic handles these materials. Ceramic is known for its slow and steady heating which facilitates the ideal environment for essential oils to extract their natural active ingredients. Not only does ceramic give consumers the most out of their oils but it also vaporizes them without having to reach the point of combustion. The result is a combination of flavorful vapors that simply hit the spot.

The Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer’s all-ceramic build involves ceramic components on the replacement atomizer’s mouthpiece and central post. Using ceramic on the mouthpiece ensures that this part of the atomizer does not get too hot too quickly. As for the central post, this means that it helps maintain the intactness of oil quality and deliver delectable vapor production along the way to the last drop.

The non-ceramic parts in this component include the glass shell and the base. The former was specifically selected to help preserve the overall quality of the oils as glass does not have any immediate effect on the aforementioned material — even when constantly exposed to heat. In addition, the use of glass ensures that the users of the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer can see the oil level allowing them to reload when needed.

Threaded Connection

The Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer has threaded connections making the use and operation of the replacement atomizer simple and straightforward — a hallmark Yocan feature. This means that even those who do not often use vaporizers will be familiar with how to remove and replace the atomizer.

As you may know, threaded connections are a part of everyday life. You can find it in bottle caps and even in bolts of various devices. This means that even if you’re half baked, you can still manage to change the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer if necessary. Also, you don’t have to learn any new technique to make sure that you are using a fresh and clean atomizer.

Furthermore, a threaded connection ensures that the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer is securely seated on the battery and will not fall immediately when it gets bumped. Compared to atomizers linked using a different connection, like magnet perhaps, the Yocan Stix 2.0 Atomizer makes for a reliable connection that you can depend on.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Coil or 5 x Coils (depending on choice selected above)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nathine Goldenthal
Yocan stix 2.0

Convenient and easy to use. refillable blank atomizers are great. However the charge seems to last less than 24 hours. So keeping them charged is required. Recharging is usually less than 30 minutes and they turn off when charged.

Marta Vidrine

very easy to handle & awesome hits you can slide it in your pocket


I just bought a cart and battery at my local vape store. I love it. My only question is how many times can I fill it before I need a new tank?

Bion Porzio
Great just don’t drop it!

Decent product. I broke the first one rolled off table. So put a little bump on the side…now it doesn’t lol.

Reviewer avatar
Colton Burnette
Great Tanks, Worth the Price

I really wish that there were more affordable simply because I don't have much money. Regardless, these tanks are awesome. So far, ∆8 oils burn smoothly and vaporizes well in the ceramic tank. These are much easier to fill up compared to the much cheaper tanks I have previously been using, which is something that makes these worth the money. Although, upon arrival, all of the tanks must have been really hot because the silicon ring that's supposed to stay on the tank was stuck on the inside of the glass. Upon removing the top, the silicon ring stayed stuck to the glass. I had to use a tool to peel them off the glass and put them back on the cap. If anyone else has this issue then just simply remove it and put it back on the cap where it's supposed to go. After that, they were easily filled and so far so good. I would definitely recommend these and I'd recommend getting the ten pack to save the most money.