Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils


  • 510 Threaded
  • Pure Ceramic
  • Coilless Atomizer
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yocan vaporizer features


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About The Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

One of Yocan’s greatest innovation when it comes to wax concentrate vaporization is the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils. This wax atomizer is made from 100% pure ceramic mineral which allows it to yield some of the purest and some of the cleanest vapors in the industry. Ceramic has been widely used in vaporizers because of its inert properties. It does not transfer heat as fast as other atomizer components and because of this, ceramic can slowly and progressively heat up your favorite wax concentrates. Ceramic creates the perfect environment for heating wax, its low and slow heating properties allow the wax to steadily simmer. Under low-temperature levels, wax concentrates release the most flavor which is why the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils gives the best-flavored vapors in the industry. Because of the process that wax concentrates go through, many of the rich flavonoids native to the botanical plant matter is stripped from the final product, therefore, making most wax concentrates lose the natural flavors of the plant from which they are derived from. By utilizing 100% pure ceramic, the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils can increase and emphasize the flavor left in the wax concentrates allowing you to enjoy a great vaping session that’s both potent and flavorful.

The Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils is the choice of connoisseurs and dab enthusiasts. So, if you’re on the market for a replacement coil for your Yocan Evolve Vaporizer, make sure to check out the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils and experience the best flavors your wax concentrates have to offer.

Easy to Maintain

While it’s true that coils and atomizers are bound to be replaced when they’re used up, it never hurt anyone to get as many uses from your atomizer as possible before you replace them. In many cases, atomizers will develop a certain amount of material build-up overtime. Atomizers that have rods and coils are often the subject of these build-ups and they usually lead to wasted materials or a bad experience. You sure don't want to inhale vapors from an atomizer full of gunk and residue, right? Well, Yocan has found a way to eliminate these issues with the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils. The Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils use a technology where it will not have the coils showing like one would when using a traditionally designed atomizer with a rod and a coil. By doing so, you won’t leave any place where wax can make its way and soon develop residue.

This allows many consumers to enjoy a seamless means of heating their concentrates and saving money from avoiding wastage of wax concentrates as well as having to replace their coils and atomizers early. The Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils allows you to get the most use before it needs replacing because you will experience lesser wax build-up making it an atomizer coil that’s easy to maintain. Furthermore, with the inert properties of ceramic, the Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils makes for a long-lasting investment for those who want to get the most out of their money and from their materials.


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Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Eric Quach
Durable and Flavorful coils

Product has better heat distribution, durability and is easier to clean than the dual quartz coils. Low maintenance, cost efficient Highly recommend!

charlie johnson

Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils

Pierce Kruse
Exactly what I was looking for

I've been running the Evolve 2020 edition for about 9-10 months, the entire time using the dual quartz coils. I like them, they're good for big chunks of crumble, but anything sticky and you gotta be careful not to touch the coil with your tool or it's ruined.

These are not the case. They heat much more evenly than the quartz, and it's almost always pure product flavor. I've only once had a hit that tasted bad, and that was because I hit it thinking it had a dab in it when it was really empty lol

The ceramic coil is so much more durable than the standard coils, I can touch them with my tool without worrying about a tiny wire being ruined and the coil being kaput. I've also already accidentally dropped my evolve with the ceramic coil onto the pavement, and there was no damage at all. I won't go so far as to say that it's indestructible or that you should try dropping them, but they are just so much stronger than the little baby wire quartz coils. I still have some old ones for emergencies, but I plan on sticking with these ceramic coils from now on.

All in all, this coil is much more durable, more efficient heat distribution-wise, and gives more and better taste than the quartz coils.
I'd buy more right now but I'm still only on my first coil out of a 5-pack after a month.

(Pro-tip: High-percentage rubbing alcohol will be your best friend to keeping any evolve product nice and fresh)

Warren Barber
Love it!

It works great! A lot cleaner than coils. I melted out the rest of the budder from my last coil and it tasted so much better without the cough

Erik Felde
Fast delivery, great accessory

Clean them with alcohol, works best with shatter, in my opinion

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