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Yocan has been known in the vaping industry as a brand that manufactures quality vapes at an affordable price such as the latest Yocan Hit. Yocan has become the go to band for consumers who want to experience and enjoy the same level of sensation as using a premium vaporizer without the premium price tag. Many of Yocan’s wax vapes are made to match and even better vaporizers in that platform. The same can be said for Yocan’s weed pens & dry herb vaporizers.

Let’s take a look at one of the world’s most driven vaporizer brad and what makes their weed pen & dry herb vaporizers the best in their class.

The People’s Dry Herb Vape

Yocan has always been about promoting a healthy lifestyle and providing consumers with more wholesome and beneficial options to enjoy their favorite botanical blends. Yocan’s weed dry herb vapes uses only high-grade heating elements to provide your dry herb strains the best environment for vaporization. This is true especially because herbs are more susceptible to combustion compared to wax concentrates. Herbs can almost burn quickly especially those that are dehydrated and parched. Inhaling burnt plant matter – be it tobacco or cannabis – can cause a wide array of chemical reactions. Once plant mater is burned it causes combustion and when it does it promotes the proliferation of toxic by-products like ammonia and other organic compounds that contain nitrogen. The burnt dried plant matter creates numerous chemical substances that make its way in its gaseous output. By burning the leaves, it allows the chemical bonds between the dried plant matter to break down causing by-products known as free radicals and these free radicals can be very toxic. With this knowledge Yocan aimed to improve the lives of smokers by manufacturing dry herb vapes that are affordable and are likewise reliable. Yocan believes that nobody has to turn away from vaporizers just because they can be expensive at the onset. By manufacturing vaporizers that are inexpensive but are competitive, Yocan gave smokers the chance to eschew the hazardous effects of traditional dry herb consumption and take up a healthier means of dry herb utilization.

What’s more is that since these dry herb vaporizers are manufactured to be affordable devices, they’re almost stripped of some of the technology that complicates the process of vaping. As a result, these dry herb devices turn out as simple and straightforward vaporizers that nearly anyone can use, there’s very little to no learning curve required when using Yocan dry herb vapes. Yocan has now amassed a wide collection of dry herb vaporizers that offer a wide variety of advantages and suitability depending on your requirement or need. For this very reason, you can easily say that Yocan dry herb vaporizers are the people’s dry herb vapes. Their product line encompasses niches, market segments, and targeted groups of individuals. People from all walks of life who need a reliable dry herb vape can rely on Yocan. Who else can you count on? So, if you’re in the market for a new dry her vape, or may be looking to improve your setup, or add to your arsenal, make sure to check out Yocan’s dry herb vape models.

Yocan Evolve-D: The Pioneer

Yocan Evolve-D

You can say that the Yocan Evolve D was the vaporizer that started it all – or the device which launched Yocan and placed their name into the map of reliable dry herb vapes. The Yocan Evolve D is a pen style vaporizer that uses a pancake style heating element. This pancake coil is known to provide even heating without burning the plant matter. Yocan took their knowledge on combustion and applied it to actual and practical technology which resulted in this intuitive design. The pancake coil was engineered to provide your herbs with a larger heating surface. Now you see, having a heating element that seems to have only a single heating spot can cause uneven burn. Above the chamber, the herbs might look like they’re not yet cooked while underneath they’re actually burning. That’s why most dry herb vapes must be constantly stirred in order to prevent this from happening. With the pancake style coils, the heat coming from the heating element is evenly distributed which allows your herbs to have a steady and a leveled burn. And while we’re in the topic of stirring, the Yocan Evolve D makes good use of its mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can be pressed down so as to push the herbs closer to the heating element. Because the action and the motion of the heat comes from the bottom up, the materials closest to the heating element are vaporized first. Once they’re vaporized, you can simply tamp the mouthpiece down to push the fresh herbs closer to the heating element. This brilliant design and engineering can cut down the process of removing the mouthpiece to stir the herbs inside the chamber and subsequently replacing it to vape it again (which takes minutes by the way) to simply pushing the mouthpiece down (which takes only seconds). This exact example makes Yocan as a brand and the Yocan Evolve D a much sought-after vaporizer amongst all types of consumers. The Yocan Evolve D seem to have pioneered Yocan’s competitive line of dry herb vaporizers where other later models seem to have followed suit.

Well, more on the Yocan Evolve D.

The Evolve D is outfitted with a standard 650mAh battery that supplies it with decent power and similarly decent battery life. It’s not the best but later dry herb vaporizer models seem to have picked up the need to have larger batteries with more robust capacities but for the specs of the Yocan Evolve D, the standard 650mAh battery is enough. The dry herb chamber on the Yocan Evolve D is spacious enough to let in a substantial amount which results to longer vaping sessions with fewer reloads. With its generous space you can pack a significant number of herbs that can put you down for a good amount of time (if you’re a recreational user) or can quickly address your requirements (if you’re a medicating patient). The construction of the Yocan Evolve D is simple and minimalistic. It only uses a single button making its operation fairly simple and straightforward. Beginners and newcomers will find that the Yocan Evolve D will never be daunting nor intimidating. In fact, the Yocan Evolve D’s simple operation makes vaping with this dry herb vaporizer even more inviting which makes it the perfect dry herb device for novices and rookies. In terms of size and overall dimensions, the Yocan Evolve D is super travel friendly and can easily fit in your pockets, bag, or pouches. It’s the perfect portable dry herb vaporizer, it’s got all the essentials you can ever ask for.

Yocan Evolve-D Plus: The Successor

Yocan Evolve-D Plus

While the Yocan Evolve D is already a great dry herb vape, Yocan was definitely challenged to come up with an even better iteration of the Evolve D vaporizer. Something that’s more robust, something more powerful and something more capable.

Let me introduce you to the Yocan Evolve D Plus.

The Yocan Evolve D Plus – in every sense of the word – is head and shoulders above its predecessor. The Yocan Evolve D Plus has more juice in it making it more capable of producing more potent clouds of vapor. It can easily enhance the potency and the effects of the active ingredients found on your favorite botanical plant matter. Moreover, since it can extract more active compounds from the herbs, it makes for a more efficient vaporizer that the earlier Evolve D model. The Evolve D Plus from Yocan can give you the most out of every ground material you put in it. You can maximize your herbs and stretch the yield out of every session using the Yocan Evolve D Plus Vaporizer. See, the higher temperature setting you use on your herbs the more potent it becomes because the cannabinoids from the herbs are further extracted. While the throat hit from higher temperatures may be harsh and warm, it will pay off since one draw can set you down for a good amount of time. Now that’s for casuals. For medical consumers this means that the higher the temperature level and the more powerful the battery is the more effective their medication will be. While the Yocan Evolve D Plus only has one temperature setting, you can easily play with the intensity by pressing the button long enough that it generates enough heat to reach intense temperature levels. The Yocan Evolve D Plus is outfitted with an 1100mAh battery while the Yocan Evolve D only has a standard 650mAh battery. This allows the Evolve D Plus to last longer than any other vaporizers playing in this level.

The Yocan Evolve D Plus also has some improved features from its predecessor. While everything may look the same it’s not hard to notice that the Yocan Evolve D Plus is actually just a larger version of the Evolve D. Here’s why. Like the original Evolve D model, the Yocan Evolve D Plus also has a large heating chamber with a functional mouthpiece. The same technology can be found in the Yocan Evolve D Plus. The mouthpiece still can be tamped down to fix the arrangement of your herbs while it offers even larger rooms for your herbs. However, the Yocan Evolve D Plus now uses dry herb dual coils instead of the old pancake style coils. These coils function even without the use of a catalyst. Another new feature is the Yocan Evolve D Plus’s smart battery. It can now turn itself off after 10 seconds of inactivity. If your vape has been sitting idle for 10 seconds it will turn itself off to prevent accidental firings that could eventually lead to larger and more serious concerns. The Yocan Evolve D Plus also has a functional storage jar where you can keep a portion of your favorite herbs when you go out and about. No more lugging around big and clunky ground maternal container, just the actual vaporizer will do because it lets you store herbs and use them on the go. The Yocan Evolve D Plus sets you up with everything you need and is the solution to all your on he go dry herb vaping problems.

The Future of Dry Herb Vaping

Yocan has always been a company that looks forward into the future. As a result, they’ve come up with some inventive devices for dry herb vaping. One good example is the iShred. Dubbed as the world’s first and only dry herb vaporizer with a built-in grinder. This is the kind of future Yocan customers can expect with their dry herb vape line. More products that mesh together convenience and ingenuity which is all the more geared towards improving the lives of smokers and those around them. This is true since vapors do not affect our surroundings and our loved ones the way cigarette smoke does. Second hand and third hand smoke are real. Smoke is extremely dense so it can leave residue on your clothes, your hair, and even on the furniture which can other be inhaled by our loved ones which can often cause health problems from inhaling toxic substances. This can be prevented by using vaporizers instead. Yocan continues to aim to be the world’s number one brand especially in the dry herb vaporizer industry. This means that the same team that came up with Yocan’s best dry herb vaporizer pens will be back in the drawing room to brainstorm and arrive at the best device considering the latest technological advances and the trends.

Yocan’s strong desire to be the leader in manufacturing vaporizers led them to several patented devices. That is why some of Yocan’s most popular brand can’t be seen in other vaporizers because the design and technology has already been patented by Yocan. Truly, the best there is in both concentrate vaporization, e-liquid vaporization, and especially dry herb vaporization. Always trust Yocan because Yocan is the name you can count on.

About Dry Herb Vaporizers

These devices were intended for aromatherapy use only. 

Herb vaporizers, also known as dry herb vaporizers or herbal vaporizers, are one type of vaping unit and is quite a popular choice among vape enthusiasts.

Traditionally, dry herb is burned with the produced smoke inhaled. Dry herb vaporizers are designed to prevent combustion, doing away with burning your dry herb and inhaling the smoke that is created. This is one of the health benefits of using dry herb vaporizers as you are not consuming harmful toxins like carcinogens and tar via the smoke.

The heating technology that Yocan employs in their dry herb vaporizers turns your material into vapor safely and in its purest and most potent form, making for an awesome vaping experience.

Yocan offers only high-quality dry herb vaporizers. Choose from our selection which includes the wax vaporizer Evolve’s cousin Evolve-D and its big brother Evolve-D Plus, the iShred with its digital display, and the dual-use digital box-type Explore.