Yocan Wax Vaporizers/Dab Pens

Always in the forefront of innovation, Yocan has earned a reputation as a go to brand for wax concentrate lovers. Yocan dab pens and box mods are known for being compact and straightforward devices that gets the job done.

A Wax Vape For Everyone

Intended for optimum wax concentrate consumption, Yocan wax vapes range from portable handheld devices to unique attachments that go with your favorite bongs and waterpipes. Yocan wax pens like Yocan Regen and Yocan UNI Pro, cover a wide expanse of customer needs with a vaporizer model for every occasion. In terms of design, Yocan dab pens also offer vaporizers that are nondescript as well as those that are distinctive and uncommon. Yocan wax pens come in simple and minimalistic hues to bold and flashy limited-edition models. Yocan dab pens, like most vaporizers from Yocan also feature simple and straightforward operation. You don’t have to learn new combinations, vaping styles, or even get used to a series of steps in order to start using them. They're designed to function like the average vape pen. Yocan vapes speak your language, not the other way around. While other vaporizers will take a little getting used to, you’ll soon find that using Yocan wax pens will come naturally.

You can say that Yocan wax vapes such as Yocan Wit and Yocan Groote are wax vapes made for everyone. Unlike other vapes that attract a certain niche or a particular group of people, Yocan wax vaporizers were made for everyone.

So, if you’re in the market for a brand-new dab pen, you might want to look into Yocan’s wax vape models.

Yocan's Best-Selling Wax Vaporizers

For consumers who simply can’t decide what wax vape to get, Yocan suggests they go with one of their dab pen best-seller.

Yocan Evolve Plus 

Yocan Evolve Plus

Now the Yocan Evolve Plus has everything you’re looking for in a dab pen. It’s got a balanced build for flavor and vapor. The Evolve Plus is equipped with Yocan’s iconic quartz dual coils (QDC) which facilitates the ideal environment for wax concentrate vaporization. The QDC features two quartz rod crystals wrapped in premium heating elements to ensure purity while promoting larger vapor outputs. Yocan uses pure quartz crystals that serve as good conductors of heat allowing users to experience an almost on-demand response from the Yocan Evolve Plus. The quartz coils make for the perfect heating element to provide you with the right blend of vapor, flavor, and potency. The output is subtle but not lacking in substance. The vapor is not too harsh but is also not insubstantial that you feel like you have to take in more draws to get yourself satisfied. A few pulls from this wax pen would be enough especially for users with low tolerance. Regardless if you're after the psychoactive or the curative effects of vaping wax concentrates, you’d find that the Yocan Evolve Plus coils makes for the right amount of vapor without leaving you wanting more or making you full of vapors all at once. This wax pen’s kind of vapor output is best suited for beginners who are still getting used to vaping waxes and even for advanced consumers who are looking for a subtle and gentle hit. Quartz is naturally pure in essence, that’s why the vapor yield of the Yocan Evolve Plus is as pure as the vapor output of expensive devices. Furthermore, this wax pen has a functional coil cap which blocks any spit backs from your bubbling concentrates. You’ll no longer have to deal with burnt lips or a burnt tongue. Imagine, getting the same quality as devices twice or even thrice its price. This makes the Yocan Evolve Plus one of Yocan’s best-selling units.

Just like what it says on many Yocan Evolve Plus reviews, it draws its power from a hefty battery. It’s outfitted with a 1100mAh battery that’s more than capable of juicing up the quartz heating elements. It also ensures you’ll have enough firepower to last the day. Going to a party? Don’t worry, you won’t be embarrassed if you take this wax pen with you. The battery is capable of lasting several sessions, even if you pass the Evolve Plus around your friends there'll be enough battery when you get your Evolve Plus back. Now there’s no limit and you can share the fun with your friends while on parties. What’s more is that the Evolve Plus charges via a micro USB charger, you can simply bring a power bank with you and recharge the Evolve Plus while you’re on the go. There’s no need to complicate your charging habits with the Yocan Evolve Plus, just mak sure you bring a portable power source of maybe ask a friend if you can plug in your charging cable in one of their laptops or computers. The micro USB charging of the Yocan Evolve Plus makes replenishing lost juice from your batteries as easy as charging your smartphone.

Speaking of on the go use, the Yocan Evolve Plus was designed to specifically give you the essentials should you be vaping while on your feet. It’s got a built-in wax container so you can bring extra concentrates with you on your trips. No need to lug around separate bags while you go out, you’ll no longer look like a hippie camper when you go out with your vape. This makes this wax pen such a block-buster especially amongst daily wax consumers, those who simply can’t live without their favorite waxes and concentrates. These include medical consumers who require the therapeutic and corrective properties of waxes and concentrates. These types of consumers require immediate results – something that the Evolve Plus can deliver. The Yocan Evolve Plus has always been intended to cater to a wide variety of wax concentrate consumers, that’s why the Evolve Plus uses a simplified approach to vaping.

The Future

Although the Evolve Plus looks to remain a crowd favorite, a newer model rises to the occasion with improved design but still a deeply rooted technology that’s reminiscent of the Evolve Plus.

Yocan Loaded Vaporizer

Yocan Loaded

The Yocan Loaded is a little bigger than the Evolve Plus it boasts more power than the Evolve Plus. It boasts better vapor production with more potent rips. The more robust battery allows for more power with every press of the button. It’s also outfitted with the quartz dual coil system so you can expect the same pure and clean hit you might have gotten used to with the earlier evolve models. This wax pen is also geared towards providing its users with convenient means of loading their units. Instead of a combination of magnetic and threaded connections that secure the atomizer in place, the Yocan Loaded applies a seemingly intuitive technology allowing you to open the atomizer chamber via a window which means that there’s no need to expose the entirety of the vaporizer when you’re reloading and even when changing coils. It made reloading easier and a whole lot fun. Gone are the days when you deal with the pressure of loading your vape too quickly since onlookers and bystanders give you that ogling look. It’s true that people condemn what they don’t understand and Yocan knows this especially for medical consumers who use wax concentrates for their daily medication. You no longer have to spend minutes in removal and assembly of the parts and pieces of your vaporizer. This wax pen allows you to reload and dump your concentrates on the atomizer in mere seconds. If you find that the dual quartz coils aren’t enough, you can use the quad coils that come with the Yocan Loaded right out of the box. The quad coils have four quartz rods wrapped with premium coils. Essentially twice the potency and vapor production you’d get from the dual quartz coils.

In terms of battery capacity, the Yocan Loaded boasts a whopping 1400mAh battery. This is more than enough for your casual vaping sessions and is even more than capable of powering up those quartz dual coils for more potent rips. The hotter the atomizer gets the more active ingredients are extracted out of your concentrates, that’s why higher temperature profiles make for a more knock out experience if you know what I mean. Larger battery capacities and higher temperatures always go hand in hand especially in vaporizers. Yocan made sure that its users will be able to wield such advantageous features to their advantage – and what’s good about it is that it all comes at a low cost.

The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer also has another trick up its sleeve. This wax pen is outfitted with a retractable mouthpiece allowing you to maintain cleanliness even if you take your vaporizer outside of maybe stash it in your bag or in your pocket. While most wax vaporizers have mouthpieces that attract other living organisms like magnet, the Yocan Loaded prevents germs, molds, and mildew from building up on your mouthpiece keeping you safe from bacteria and other organisms that may affect your health when ingested. The mouthpiece can easily be extended or retracted by twisting the cap. This wax pen allows you to extend the length of the mouthpiece at will, not only does it hide and extend the mouthpiece but it also gives you an extended path for your vapor to travel. By extending the vapor path you give your vapors more time to cool down, which results to more pleasurable vapor outputs.

What’s in It for Yocan Customers?

Yocan customers can always rely on Yocan’s strict production ethics. All Yocan vaporizers are made with caution and precision. That's why Yocan vaporizers are trusted by consumers from all walks of life, not only by casual consumers but also by medicating patients. Yocan vaporizers are manufactured using the best raw materials the company can afford and what the current industry has to offer. Those who follow and patronize Yocan products can expect only the best from Yocan. This is true in both in innovative technology as well as having a good price point that almost any vaporizer product on the market. They have a strong R&D team backing them up and coming up with unique ideas to improve your vaping experience. They also exercise the sternest standards in production to keep things in check, from raw material selection to the actual product production, you can always bank on Yocan to deliver.

Those who have just recently heard of Yocan are sure to love the experience. They do not complicate the process of vaping both wax and other concentrates giving you the same quality of vapor from your select materials without having to go through the complex procedures other vaporizers require before you get to the good part. With Yocan, you get to skip all that and enjoy vaping in a straightforward approach.

A Wide Collection of Wax Vapes 

Apart from the above products, Yocan boasts a wide collection of vaporizers for wax concentrates including one of their most popular: Yocan Magneto. You’ll find ones that are made for stealth to ones that are made for show. Vaporizers in many shapes and sizes, from those that have specific vaping style to that of multi-vaping styles. If you’re used to vaping from a concentrate jar, Yocan also has a vaporizer that doubles as a nectar collector. Yocan also has a vaporizer that can be connected atop your rig, your bong, or your water pipe. Shopping for a wax vape has never been his easy and affordable, you can also search for limited edition colors and patterns if you like to have a vaporizer worthy to be in a collector's shelf.

Yocan knows how exactly wax vaporization works. They’ve devoted their time and resources to improving the means of turning such gooey substances into vapor and getting the most of it at the same time. Their iconic quartz dual coils as well as the robust quad coils give consumers the option to go low and slow or to get high in a fly. Other atomizers include an atomizer with an all ceramic build (Yocan Cerum) that’s made to generate more flavorful vapors. You can find the vaporizer that suits you best with Yocan’s vast wax vape catalogue. Get more with Yocan wax vaporizers.

About Wax Vaporizers

These devices were intended for aromatherapy use only. 

A wax vaporizer is a portable vape unit that heats up wax concentrates and turns them into vapor. There are different types with different heating chambers and technology but all are manufactured to work very well with wax.

Yocan manufactures a wide selection of high-performance and top of the line wax vaporizers. Their vape wax pen (Dab Pens) are made from durable and high-quality materials and are engineered to turn wax into vapors optimally, ensuring that none go to waste and that every hit packs a whopper. In addition, the heating technology employed in their products guarantees only the purest and best-tasting flavor in the vapor produced.

The portability in Yocan wax vaporizers allow you to enjoy your wax concentrate even while on the go which is compromised in desktop wax rigs. And with their compact design, you can rest assure discreet sessions every time.

Choose our selection of Yocan’s wax pen vaporizers such as the Pandon with its dual chamber QUAD coil technology, the compact Evolve and its bigger brothers Yocan Evolve Plus and Yocan Evolve Plus XL if you’re looking for stronger sessions, and the digital box-type Explore which can also be used to consume dry herb.

Whatever the need or preference, you are sure that Yocan will have a portable wax vaporizer to match.

Yocan Dab Pen FAQs

The Yocan Evolve dab pen is simple and easy to use. It powers on by pressing the button five times and the heating element is activated when you press and hold down the power button. Reloading the dab pen is also simple and straightforward, just unscrew the mouthpiece and the coil cap, place a dab before replacing the cap and the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

The Yocan B Smart is a battery-only device that’s compatible with a wide range of 510-threaded attachments. To use the Yocan B Smart, simply connect a compatible 510-threaded atomizer or cartridge, five clicks to turn the battery on, select the temperature setting by twisting the dial at the bottom of the battery, then press and hold the power button to activate the atomizer.

Like most Yocan vaporizers, the loaded can be used by powering the battery on with five clicks of the power button. Likewise, pressing and holding the power button activates the Yocan Loaded coils. However, the way you reload the Yocan Loaded is different because instead of a traditional threaded mouthpiece, it uses a window to house the atomizer which conveniently opens up for when you need to reload your vaporizer.

The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer uses the brand’s iconic Quartz Dual Coil and Quad Coils. To clean the coils, find a small container and fill it with isopropyl alcohol. Get your coils and soak them for a couple of hours in isopropyl alcohol while occasionally shaking the small container to help dislodge hardened material. Take the coils out and let it dry before using it.