About Wax Vaporizers

These devices were intended for aromatherapy use only. 

A wax vaporizer is a portable vape unit that heats up wax concentrates and turns them into vapor. There are different types with different heating chambers and technology but all are manufactured to work very well with wax.

Yocan manufactures a wide selection of high-performance and top of the line wax vaporizers. Their vape wax pen (Dab Pens) are made from durable and high-quality materials and are engineered to turn wax into vapors optimally, ensuring that none go to waste and that every hit packs a whopper. In addition, the heating technology employed in their products guarantees only the purest and best-tasting flavor in the vapor produced.

The portability in Yocan wax vaporizers allow you to enjoy your wax concentrate even while on the go which is compromised in desktop wax rigs. And with their compact design, you can rest assure discreet sessions every time.

Choose our selection of Yocan’s wax pen vaporizers such as the Pandon with its dual chamber QUAD coil technology, the compact Evolve and its bigger brothers Evolve Plus and Evolve Plus XL if you’re looking for stronger sessions, and the digital box-type Explore which can also be used to consume dry herb.

Whatever the need or preference, you are sure that Yocan will have a portable wax vaporizer to match.