Phaser Max E-Rig

Get ready to get your mind blown with the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig.


Yocan has made a name for itself as a company that produces good quality vaporizers with an affordable price tag. That said, many vape users came flocking to the brand not only to test what Yocan has to offer but also to find out if Yocan is the right brand for them. Since then, Yocan has retained the image of being the cheap and reliable vaporizer company that produces wax vapes, herb vapes, and oil vapes for cost conscious consumers.

But what if Yocan stepped up its game a little further? Enter Yocan Black.

What is Yocan Black?

Yocan Black is a sub-brand of Yocan that specializes in premium wax concentrate consumption. You will see later the features and the design of Yocan Black’s devices that reveal how elegant and posh they are compared to their standard Yocan counterparts.

In this sub division, Yocan has poured all of its skill in designing and manufacturing portable vaporizers and has finally jumped into the larger and mor premium segment of vaporizers. Through Yocan Black, you will see Yocan use more powerful batteries, heating elements that are higher in quality, better chipsets, and pack vaporizers with tons of features you will only see on devices that are more on the upmarket category.

Yocan Black is the brand’s attempt at seizing a chunk of the luxury vape segment as Yocan did with the standard vaporizer market.

Think of Yocan Black as the Lexus to Toyota, the Acura to Honda, and the Lincoln to Ford. Yocan Black is Yocan’s own interpretation of luxury and opulence — all without costing you a leg and an arm. Of course, products from this line will look better and will perform as such but trust us when we say that they’re still within reach.

Yocan Black is a luxury brand that will not break the bank. So, make sure to check Yocan Black today, only at the home of original and authentic Yocan produts, Yocan Vaporizer.

A Focus on Wax Vaporization

Yocan Black is a brand that focuses on wax concentrate consumption so you can see that all of the brand’s products are aimed towards wax concentrate use. While Yocan itself produces devices that are used for dry herbs, wax concentrates, oils, (they even make multi-purpose vaporizers) you will notice that all of Yocan Black’s products can only vaporize oils.

For purists, this is a great sign as Yocan seems to have placed all its efforts, budget, and energy in one thing and this usually results in the perfection of one’s craft. So, with a focus on wax vaporization, you can trust that the products that will be put out by the brand will be made with superior craftsmanship and with a goal of fine-tuning the way and the process of vaporizing wax concentrates and other extracts.

Instead of packing its vaporizer products with different features and components that will not help or contribute to the improvement of your experience in vaping wax concentrates, Yocan Black decided to pack its devices with things that will impart to the betterment of the process of vaping wax. So, by focusing in one goal, the brand was able to calibrate Yocan Black vaporizers into superior devices that can elevate their owners’ experiences.

Why Invest in Yocan Black?

If what we just told you is not enough, we’d be more happy to discuss other reasons why you should consider buying a Yocan Black vaporizer. Here are a few.

It’s Made by Yocan

Yocan Black is made by Yocan, a veteran vaporizer company that has a solid background in making portable vaporizers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Yocan is a brand you might have heard of as it has been raved by various vaping consumers from those pinching pennies to high rollers who are looking for alternatives to the uber expensive devices they keep in their collections.

Yocan, for the uninitiated, is based in Shenzhen China — the heart of the country’s tech hub. Here, Yocan has developed some of its best devices as it has access to some of the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies today’s industry can offer. Instead of figuring out how the wheel works, Yocan simply has to take a time tested pattern and add its own twists to what works. In Yocan’s case, its listening to its customers and providing them with reasonably priced products that perform better or similar to device twice their price.

With Yocan’s large library of vaporizers, you will know that they know what they’re doing as they have been putting out hit after hit that the vaping public has had a liking to. If it’s Yocan, you know it will be affordable, easy to use, and long lasting.

It’s Built Using High-quality Raw Materials

Like Yocan’s other products, Yocan Black vaporizers are made using some of the best raw materials on the market. That said, when browsing Yocan Black devices, you will often hear things like borosilicate glass, long-lasting battery, USB type-C charging technology, OLED displays, precision temperature control, and more.

These things are the building blocks that overall create better products as they all contribute to the superior performance of Yocan Black vaporizers. Yes, you are right if you are thinking that you hear them when looking at more expensive vaporizers as they are commonly used for their superior capabilities whether it’s about resisting heat, preserving the flavor of your wax concentrates, giving you better vision when looking at your vaporizer, or basically giving you long battery life, these lay the groundwork and provide vaporizer developers and engineers to build better devices overall.

Yocan Black also uses the S1 reactive chipset that overall improves the overall performance of Yocan Black vaporizers in terms of response time and their ability to execute more complex orders like precision temperature control, vaporizer ambient lighting, and other safety features.

It’s Sleek and Modern-looking

Each Yocan Black vaporizer flaunts a sleek design that looks modern and stylish. Through years of consistently developing vaporizers for everyday use, Yocan has understood the needs of its customers in terms of style.

Instead of giving its products a unique look, Yocan went for something sleek and discreet and goes with the brand’s overall design language. So, you will see Yocan Black devices that are painted in beautiful black color and sport metallic appliques that go well with the available RGB lighting offered by the said devices. Additionally, they all sport beautifully crafted glass pieces that are built for both aesthetic purposes and for the device’s actual longevity.

Even the accessories made by Yocan Black — yes, they sell accessories — come in this sleek and modern black look. It keeps with the overall theme that Yocan Black has going and overall gives all Yocan Black products a uniform look. So, if you are going for different products from the brand, you can be sure that you will get a seamless looking collection when you grow your vaporizer arsenal with Yocan Black.

Now that you know what makes Yocan Black products worth checking out, it’s time we take a good look at their products. Here are the top Yocan Black items you need right now!

First Yocan Black Products

1. Yocan Black Phaser Ace Wax Vaporizer

The Yocan Black Phaser Ace Wax Vaporizer is a solid starter vaporizer from Yocan Black. Some of the features this portable wax vaporizer boasts include a solid 1800mAh battery which supports long sessions whether you’re going solo or if you are looking to partake in a group session. The battery can be recharged using USB type-C technology so you can be sure that it will last longer and will help preserve the overall longevity of your battery.

Additionally, the Yocan Black Phaser Ace Wax Vaporizer comes with precision temperature control so you can be on top of your every session. Instead of just going with preset temperature levels determined by the brand, you can go pro and dial down to the temperature profile of your choice and get the most out of your wax concentrates.

Other notable features offered by the Yocan Black Phaser Ace Wax Vaporizer include the Yocan Black Line of Sight display screen and the advanced dual coil system that was designed for superior wax concentrate vaporization.

2. Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector

The Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector is a wax vaporizer for consumers who are ready to take their sessions to the next level. The Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector ditches the vape pen style of the abovementioned Yocan Black Phaser Ace Wax Vaporizer and replaces the heating element with one that can be used for honey straw consumption. This means that you are no longer limited to the capacity of the wax coil but instead dab to your heart’s content by dipping the actual coil into your wax jar.

The Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector also introduces the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your sessions so you can enjoy smoother hits when you dab. The water further sifts the vapors from impurities and irritants that might cause discomfort when you use your vaporizer.

You may also find that the Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector have features like a borosilicate glass component, an ergonomic handle, and an advanced coil tip system.

3. Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is a solid electronic dab rig or e-rig from Yocan Black. Some of its notable features include its dual coil system and lab-grade glass piece that consists of the bubler and the actual mouthpiece. See, glass offers great benefits when used in vaping. Compared to using cheap plastic and pot metal, glass can faithfully preserve the overall quality of your wax concentrates as these components will not leave your sessions with a weird taste or smell. This way, you can perfectly enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of your favorite wax concentrates.

Likewise, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig has a long-lasting 1800mAh battery that can be charged using USB type-C technology which ensures fast charging and battery longevity. Not only will your battery charge fast but it also means that the battery fitted on the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig will not be damaged due to power inconsistency as USB type-C is known for its consistent and stable power delivery, making it a great choice for a daily driver that gets charged almost everyday.

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig also has other features like the Yocan precision temperature setting, the S1 reactive chipset, and its 15-second safety shut-off feature.

4. Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig

Arguably the highlight and possibly the eye candy of the Yocan Black lineup, the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig is a great choice if you are just beginning your wax concentrate journey as it is a powerful device that is not intimidating to use.

The Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig is great for beginners as it has preset temperature controls. And while most professional vape users may shun the idea of seeing an e-rig with preset temperature settings, it ensures that its owners will not have to spend a lot of time in studying and practicing just how to use the device. With preset temperature profile, all you need to do is to select one and vape on.

Similarly, the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig does not have a digital display screen. In theme with easy and straightforward use, the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig only has RGB lighting that will tell its owners relevant dabbing information to keep them looped in.

It packs a rather powerful battery at 2500mAh.

5. Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer

The Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer is not actually a vaporizer but an accessory that has more than one use. The Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer is a hot knife that can help you cut through stubborn wax concentrates as then heated knife can cut though hard wax like butter.

It also has a built-in temperature reader so you can also use it if you are dabbing manually with a blowtorch operated rig. It even has a convenient snap cap design so dirt and dust will not make its way to the components that touch your wax concentrates.