Collection: Yocan Parts & Accessories

Yocan offers a wide selection of parts and accessories as a support system for their vaporizer products. This is just one of the advantages of being with the Yocan brand, the knowledge of knowing that there’s always going to be parts and accessories available whenever you need one. With Yocan, you’re always in a secure place knowing that when the parts wear out – as all vaporizer parts eventually will – you can always have somewhere to run to. Yocan aims to be a reliable brand allowing its users and customers to take advantage of the affordable replacement and upgrade parts.

Yocan: A One Stop Shop for All Your Vaping Needs

Here a Yocan, we pride ourselves to be a one stop shop everything that you need. Yocan knows how inconvenient it is to have to search through different websites and order from different avenues only to get what you need. We want to make your online shopping experience as well as your overall experience with the Yocan brand simply worthwhile. That’s why we have a stockpile of vape accessories as well as other vape gears that you might use on your daily vaping sessions.

Do you need a replacement atomizer? How about batteries? Mouthpieces maybe? Here, you’ll find a wide array of parts and accessories like charging cables, chargers, coils like the Yocan Evolve Plus Coils and coil caps, as well as loading tools, dab tools, and even lanyards. We’ve got endless selections of everything Yocan. Although most of Yocan vaporizers come outfitted with everything you want and need to have you all set up to start vaping, it’s almost inevitable to have to run into a bad coil, or maybe a burnt wick if you’re using pods. It may be entirely dependent on how you use it but having a backup for all your vaping needs. This is true especially if you’re using your favorite Yocan device as your daily driver as most individuals. That’s because Yocan vaporizes are simply reliable and dependable as they are inexpensive.

Yocan portable devices are compact and are small enough that you can bring them anywhere you go. However, it subjects them to a wide plethora of issues caused by daily use and carrying activity. Those who use their vaporizers on the go oftentimes put their portable Yocan vaporizers inside their pockets. This exposes the vaporizers to minor bumps and bruises and sometimes even to the damage of accidental drops and falls when you use them while you’re on your feet. That’s why atomizers, batteries, and mouthpieces are always available for sale on or website. So just in case you break something or lose something while you’re out and about, you know you can always have them replaced so you can go back to vaping your select materials and not have your Yocan device sitting in the drawers gathering dust.

In some cases, those who use their Yocan devices require parts and accessories such as our 1-pack or 5-pack atomizers to make sure they keep their devices running in peak condition. Let’s face it, Yocan atomizers can be extremely reusable, you can clean them and they can even surpass their estimated lifespan allowing you to get the most of your money. However, to ensure that your vapors are always clean and pure, it’s best to have your atomizers replaced with new ones regularly. You can also use new chargers and charging cables to ensure that your batteries are always charged using devices that are with the exact charging specifications as your batteries. Not only will his ensure that your batteries are charged but this also keeps the battery integrities at their best since they will not be damaged overtime unlike when you’re using chargers that allows higher voltages that could damage the batteries on your Yocan devices.

Aside from the batteries and chargers, there are also mouthpieces that may get dirty overtime. Some consumers and vape users take their portable Yocan vaporizers with them when they go to parties, concerts, large events, or other social gatherings where they may have to pass their vaporizers around with their friends or to those in the crowd that might want to partake. This is where having a replacement or an extra mouthpiece may come handy. You’ll soon find that it may be a good idea to bring extra mouthpieces since you might run out of sanitary wipes to wipe your mouthpiece every time you take a hit after you get your Yocan vaporizer back from the crowd.

Finally, some of your essential vaping accessories might get lost, especially loading tools and lanyards. You don’t want to go out without a loading tool for your wax and other concentrates. Make sure to stock on loading tools and dab tools to make sure you’re always ready and capable of reloading your Yocan vaporizer. In some situations, you will have to carry your vaporizer in an unconventional way. Having a lanyard means you can carry your Yocan vaporizer without using both hands. Imagine going to conventions, concerts, and similar events. A lanyard makes carrying your favorite Yocan Evolve Plus XL more convenient and keeps both of your hands free allowing you to do more without having to restrict yourself just because you need one hand for your vape in the event when your pockets may be full.

Always Here for You

We're always here for you. Yocan is only a tap away from your smartphones and keyboards. You can easily place an order and our trained personnel will handle your orders.

We know that parts and accessories are essential to your sessions regardless if you’re consuming casually or for medical use. Whether you’re a dry herb consumer, a wax concentrate user, or a fan of oils and other liquefied materials like e-juices and e-liquids, you can always find a compatible accessory for all your needs. Here at Yocan, we’re always ready to help. We're the brand that’s reliable and gives you the peace of mind you need. Why go with other vaporizer brands that you know you’re going to have a hard time getting parts and accessories? Go with the brand with the strongest presence in the market, go with Yocan.

About Vaporizer Accessories

These devices were intended for aromatherapy use only. 

All Yocan vaporizers come equipped with everything necessary for an awesome vaping experience. However, it is only normal that consistent use of your Yocan vaporizer will result to worn out mouthpieces, atomizers, and other components. When that does happen, there is nothing to worry about as replacements and other accessories are available with

Our catalog of vaporizer accessories consist of a wide variety that one can choose from. Our available accessories are all manufactured for Yocan vaporizers. This ensures that they all work and function as expected when attached to their respective units.

There is no better accessory for a Yocan vaporizer than one built and engineered for it.