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Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil

Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil

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  • Ceramic Coils
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About Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil

The Yocan Stix Vaporizer was a great success not only for Yocan as a brand manufacturer but also for the vaping industry in general because the Yocan Stix was a proof that two ideas and two different platforms can be merged to create a functional and practical way to vape e-juice and other e-liquid blends. The Yocan Stix Vaporizer allowed consumers to enjoy the benefits of using a variable voltage battery while experiencing the advantage of using a pod-like material receptacle. The pods or what Yocan wanted to call, the independent storage system, were refillable receptacles that allowed consumers the freedom to use whatever e-liquid brand they wanted. And, what’s more is that they provided users with a means of enjoying the best of whatever their materials could offer especially in terms of flavor.

The secret behind this is the ceramic heating element used in the Yocan Stix. Yocan has had a long experience in manufacturing devices and they knew what minerals work best with what type of material. Their knowledge in this area of manufacturing vape products gave them the edge and the right tools to make the Yocan Stix a force to be reckoned with. Ceramic is an inert material that takes long to heat up, especially at low-temperature levels, ceramic is capable of facilitating low and slow heating which lets the thin liquefied material to saturate the ceramic atomizer before the process of vaporization begins. This translates to thin wisps of clouds with higher flavor retention. The Yocan Stix allowed consumers to experience more flavor-packed vapors in a small and compact unit. Should these ceramic coils reach and end of life cycle, you need not worry because Yocan manufactures replacement parts for these Yocan coils.

Original and Authentic Replacement Parts

Because today’s industry is littered with clones and copies of some of the most successful vaporizer brands, it’s no surprise that you may come across reproduced copies of Yocan parts and accessories. Replacement parts like the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coils are vital and integral in the overall function of the device and should you use a reproduced copy of the original, overall performance may be affected and the quality of the vapors may be reduced. Make sure you always get original and authentic replacement pieces for your devices and buy only original Yocan Stix Ceramic Coils. The Yocan Stix Ceramic Coils are important in the overall functionality of the Yocan Stix since they are responsible for the flavors you can get by using the Yocan Stix. Each ceramic coil is carefully outfitted with high-quality ceramic minerals that facilitate even and uniform heating for your liquefied e-liquid blends.

Original Yocan Stix Ceramic Coils are made using only the best materials the industry can offer. Yocan has been able to leverage its business connections and buy premium raw materials at the lowest cost which is why Yocan can produce and manufacture products that can be sold at a competitive price point. So, if you are using a Yocan Stix Vaporizer, make sure you buy replacement pieces for the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coils today.


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Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil Manual

Loading the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil:

  1. Remove the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil from the Stix Battery by twisting the Yocan Stix Coil and Reservoir counterclockwise.
  2. Separate the reservoir from the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil by twisting it counterclockwise.
  3. Fill the reservoir with your select oils using a dropper or a unicorn bottle. Keep the reservoir upside down.
  4. Turn the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil upside down and marry it onto the reservoir.

Note: The Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil needs the Yocan Stix Reservoir to function. You may check the Yocan Stix Coil and Reservoir Manual for further instructions in using the Yocan Stix Coil and Reservoir.

Replacing the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil:

  1. Remove the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil from the Yocan Stix Battery by twisting it counterclockwise.
  2. Use a cotton swab to clean the metal contacts that connect the Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil and the battery.
  3. Get your replacement Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil and connect it to the battery by twisting it clockwise.

Note: The Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil uses 510-threaded connections. Avoid overtightening the battery and the coil and stop twisting it clockwise as soon as you feel any resistance.

Customer Reviews

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Great coils

Awesome coils

David Wagner
Good customer service

The first Yocan Vaporizer I ordered was defective contacted customer service sent them a picture of the problem and they sent out a replacement.

Ben Chu

Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil

Stacy Santilli
Got them

Well I received them in the mail and that’s all I can tell you I haven’t had to change out anything yet and expect you to do a review on something you haven’t used yet so it’s only right now I have no idea how good this is or if it works I just know that I received it thanks

Nathan Shook

Yocan Stix Ceramic Coil