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Yocan Vaporizer's affiliate program gives you the opportunity to make extra income without exerting too much effort, especially on your free time. By simply telling people about us and our products, you will get a 10% commission which will be paid every time you hit a $50 commission!

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Note: Advertisements via Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising, or Bing Ads are not allowed!


What is the goal of Yocan Vaporizer's Affiliate Program?

Our goal is not only to make more website visitors and get more sales but also to help people make easy money online. Hence, both parties will benefit.

How does it work?

As soon as the affiliate gets registered, they can start creating their own means of advertisements such as banners that will be directed to our website. This is where they can link their referral URL. Every time a sale is generated, it is tracked by the affiliate's link.

Who can become affiliates?

Any one can sign up as an affiliate. Simply register on our affiliate form and login. After that, you may start making money from the sales you generate.

How much can an affiliate earn?

10% of every affiliate's sale is given to them every time they reach a $50 commission. This means the more sale they make, the more income they get.

When will the affiliate be paid?

Affiliates will be paid once a month provided that they meet a $50 commission threshold. If not, their total earned commission will be carried over to the next month’s total.

When will the affiliate be paid?

What are the payment methods? Affiliates will be paid via Paypal.

What are the payment methods?

Affiliates will be paid via Paypal.

Can an affiliate monitor their sales and commission?

Affiliates can always login to their affiliate account where they have access to reports on their sales, commissions and number of clicks they generate.

Can affiliates run ads via paid advertisements such as AdWords?

Paid advertisements such as Google AdWords, Yahoo advertising, or Bing Ads are strictly not allowed.

When you are ready to become one of our partners, feel free to click on the button below to get started!

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