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Yocan has always been one of the most prolific vaporizer manufacturers in the business. The company has released products that did not only revolutionize the way we vaporize our favorite materials but also how we view and use our vaporizers. Yocan’s collection of wax pen, herb pen, and oil pen has been one of the most comprehensive offerings of vaporizers on the market. But that’s all about to change.

Yocan Nectar Collector

To the delight of many wax concentrate consumers, the Shenzhen-based vaporizer company has recently been releasing nectar collectors of various models. Their products range from manual nectar collectors to electric nectar collectors allowing consumers to try a wide selection of both conventional nectar collectors that lets them pick one that best suits their needs.

On that note, Yocan looks to expand its wax vape lineup and bolster its product range by also infiltrating the highly-competitive nectar collector segment. To help you get up to speed in Yocan nectar collectors, we’re going to give you quick rundown of what nectar collectors are and what Yocan has in store for you.

What are Nectar Collectors?

A nectar collector — also known as honey straw or dab straw — is a vaping device used to consume various types of wax concentrates. Compared to other vaporizers on the market, nectar collectors differentiate themselves primarily in the mode of how they are operated. Portable wax vapes, like dab pens and vape pens, use atomizers when vaping with wax. These atomizers are to be loaded with concentrates which are then heated and consumed. On the other hand, nectar collectors use heated tips that one dips into a wax jar or a wax container as opposed to actually loading the concentrates on or in an atomizer.

That said, those who use nectar collectors get the benefit of larger dabs or consuming more concentrates at a given time. See, when you use a portable vaporizer for wax vaping, the amount of dabs you can consume at a given time is limited to the capacity of the atomizer or of the wax chamber. And while you can always reload until you satisfy your cravings, doing it in one go is always often more convenient.

Having said that, many consumers — especially heavy wax users — tend to choose nectar collectors over conventional and traditional portable wax vapes.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

Nowadays nectar collectors can be classified into two major categories: traditional nectar collector and electric nectar collector. The former, as its name suggests, use traditional means of heating up and vaporizing your select wax concentrates. The latter, on the other hand, uses more modern ways to bring the heating tip to vaping temperature allowing you to consume your materials.

Let’s go and look at conventional nectar collectors first.

Traditional Nectar Collector

For the sake of differentiating the two, we’ll call traditional nectar collectors manual nectar collectors. Manual nectar collectors, as we’ve briefly covered above, use conventional means of heating to bring the wax concentrates to dabbing temp. These means are achieved usually by using torch lighters which quickly heat the tips, often made of titanium, to temperatures suited to vaporize various types of wax concentrates.
This technology can be seen in one of Yocan’s previous multi-purpose vapes — the Yocan The One.

The Yocan The One is a dab pen fitted with a glass bubbler that adds the element of, albeit only slightly, water filtration and moisture conditioning. The device used a 650mAh battery that sent power to its dual quartz coils to vaporize the wax concentrates that pass through the water in the bubbler filtering minor impurities and ever so slightly cooling down the vapor. It was, at that time, mind blowing.

That said, the glass bubbler can also be connected to a grade 2 titanium nail that can be screwed fit onto the water piece. The nail is then heated using a torch and is dipped on a wax container to vaporize the waxy extracts. This feature is also available on the Yocan Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector which comes with a titanium bar straight out of the box.

For a time, nectar collectors were used as such. Consumers were accustomed to heating the tips and the nails on their devices and even mastered various techniques to tell just when exactly to dip the nail or the tip onto the wax container to vaporize the concentrates to get their desired results.

However, the advancements in technology allowed these traditional nectar collectors to evolve.

Electric Nectar Collector

Pretty much like modern devices, electric nectar collectors use battery-powered systems to bring the tips of these devices to suitably heated profiles which extracts specific cannabinoids from the wax concentrates, a feature which we’ll get to in a few. For now, let’s look at how these devices use electricity to vaporize your wax concentrates.

An electric nectar collector functions similarly to a battery-operated wax vaporizer or an eRig. The battery, responsible for powering the circuit board — which is responsible for triggering the pre-determined heat profiles (voltage levels) — effectively eliminates the use of torch lighters. As effective as they were, torch lighters can be dangerous, especially when the one using them has had too much dab that he or she can handle.

The use of electric power, in this case, made electric nectar collectors to become a safer means of wax consumption. And subsequently, this attracted more users who now find nectar collectors less daunting for wax vaping. If the conventional nectar collector technology was displayed on the Yocan The One and the Yocan Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector, the modern heating technology of electric nectar collectors were seen on many of Yocan’s later devices such as the Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer, Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer, Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer, and the Yocan Evolve Wulf Maxxx 3 in 1 Vaporizer.

Another benefit of using electric nectar collectors is its ability to offer pre-set voltage settings. Like most of Yocan’s dab pen, wax pen, and wax vape in general, an electric nectar collector can be, and often is, equipped by a set or pre-set voltage levels. The Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer, for example, offers three voltage settings: 3.2 volts, 3.7 volts, and 4.2 volts. Other electric nectar collectors, like the Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer, were even given additional features such as a pre-heat setting.

Pre-set temperature settings allow owners of such electric nectar collectors to personalize their sessions and enjoy their select wax concentrates based on their needs.

As a result, many consumers have switched to using an electric nectar collector over a traditional nectar collector. The former proved to be more functional and convenient over the other.

Best-selling Yocan Nectar Collector

1. Yocan Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector Vaporizer.

The Yocan Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector Vaporizer is a great wax vaporizer not only for those who like to use nectar collectors but also for those who like to use dab pens as it is equipped with a next-gen USB-C equipped dab pen battery. This vape pen battery can power the Yocan quartz dual coils and the Yocan XTAL coils.

Out of the nectar collectors in this collection, the Yocan Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector Vaporizer is the only one that is equipped with a manually-heated titanium tip. This only shows that the Flame Multi-Functional Nectar Collector Vaporizer is one of Yocan’s earlier creations as it did not yet apply the said technology it uses in its later offerings of electric nectar collectors.

The titanium bar connects to the glass piece by way of strong magnetic connections which removes the hassle of twisting the titanium bar when switching to nectar collector mode and also aids cleaning and maintenance of the device.

2. Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer.

The Falcon is one of the first electric nectar collector conjured by the Chinese vape company. It is equipped with a decent 1000mAh dab pen battery that can send power to its inclusive quartz triple coil atomizer for wax, pancake coil atomizer for herbs, and of course, the XTAL tip for wax concentrates.

When connected to the vape pen battery, the XTAL tip allows the vaporization of wax concentrates and produces clean vapors that have high flavor retention values. Thanks to the unique build of the XTAL (probably a wordplay on “crystal”) tips, many consumers get to taste the terps unique to their select wax concentrates making vaporizers like the Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer an instant fan favorite.

3. Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer.

The Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer continues the tradition of using the XTAL tips. However, the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer raises the bar higher with its special XTAL tip build. The XTAL tips found on these electric nectar collectors are made with a gold-plated stainless steel with a five airhole design. What this does is that it allows better heat distribution, promotes better longevity, and ultimately improves airflow.

The actual XTAL tips also feature both ceramic and quartz materials which offers the perfect blend of flavor and potency when vaping with wax. In fact, many consumers report that they use the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer now more often than the eRig they have at home as it is a true multi-functional device in all sense of the word.
Powering the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer is a decent 650mAh battery covered in an aluminum alloy body.

4. Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer.

The Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer is one of the brand’s latest offerings and features the same gold-plated XTAL tip as the abovementioned Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer. However, what makes this electric nectar collector stand out is its ability to provide its owners the so-called “session mode.”

In session mode, the Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer constantly heats the XTAL tip for 15 seconds straight resulting to superior vaporization of your select wax concentrates and eventually allowing to owners to experience the full spectrum of effects they can get from their materials.

In addition to this feature, the Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer also connects its components by way of magnetic links which makes usage and operation of the nectar collector seamless and straightforward.

5. Yocan Evolve Wulf Maxxx 3 in 1 Vaporizer.

This electric nectar collector is the latest addition to Yocan’s arsenal of products in the segment. However, it’s equipped with a more traditional iteration of the XTAL tip. Still, it delivers good vapor production and is a must-have for anyone looking for a capable multi-functional vaporizer.

Why Yocan Nectar Collector?

There are many nectar collectors on the market today, and the number of products one can choose from continue to grow even at the time of writing. However, when purchasing either a manual nectar collector or an electric nectar collector for vaping with wax, make sure that you invest your money on a device made by a company that is considered an expert in its field — a company like Yocan.

Yocan’s nectar collectors are made only with some of the best raw materials on the market and are manufactured under the highest standards. Don’t waste your money in buying a nectar collector that’s cheaply made. Make sure to invest in a good quality nectar collector that’s as capable as it is affordable, choose only Yocan nectar collectors.