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After the commercially successful launch of the Yocan Black sub-brand, the Chinese vaporizer manufacturer now created a new sub-line of products, dubbed Yocan Green.
While Yocan Black focused on the luxurious and high-tech side of vaping, the aptly-named Yocan Green is a new line of products that turns its attention to sustainability, discretion, and efficiency. The move to create a new branch for Yocan to reach environmentally-conscious vape users and smokers not only broadens the company’s range but also shows the vaping community that Yocan is not just about catering to the mainstream vaping and smoking communities but also to those who value nature and our environment in general.

Get to know more about Yocan Green, below.

What is Yocan Green?

As mentioned earlier, Yocan Green is a specialized division of the Yocan brand which focuses on products that care about the environment. Its products are rooted in the idea of not only being kind to nature but also being kind to other people surrounding the consumer.

On that note, Yocan Green’s initial release consists of a suite of “smoke filters” that can be used to clean the smoke one blows after one takes a long drag from a bowl or from a vaporizer. These smoke filters, according to Yocan Green, are ideal not only for filtering the actual smoke or vapor but also to allow discreet consumption of one’s favorite products like ground herbs, wax concentrates, and essential oils.

Yocan Green’s aim is to provide its customers with innovative smoking and vaping accessories that provide unique, personalized, and tailored experiences to its target market.

While there’s still no announced date, Yocan — through Yocan Green — will also release weed grinders on top of its recently-launched portable smoke filters.

All of Yocan Green’s products (both released and those still in the pipeline) are built with the idea of prioritizing sustainability through the use of earth-friendly and eco-friendly raw materials and by using processes that have lower impact on the brand’s carbon footprint.

In addition to that, Yocan Green also backs its products with its renowned customer support and services.

Greener is Better

Many of us will agree that greener is better. The more we care about our environment, the better it is not only for us but also for everyone in it: smokers, vapers, and those who are still yet to understand the benefits of consuming herbs, wax concentrates, and oils.

By branching out and creating a sub-company that specializes in creating “green” products, Yocan has extended its reach and has made a bold move to provide many consumers with vaping and smoking accessories that fit their lifestyle and their needs.

Many smokers and vaporizer users are actually advocates of caring about nature and loving the environment. These people are often lovers of nature and go on hikes and overall promote embracing the things that nature provides us and taking care of them — like the herbs that allow us to reap the healthy benefits we all love. If you would imagine, not taking care of nature means that the earth will turn into an inhospitable place to grow herbs and might eventually led to the demise and the extinction of the various strains that provide us the medicinal plant matter that we treat valuable.

In fact, many other vaporizer companies have pledged their support for such causes and it is only now that Yocan has done the same thing. Not because Yocan is slow to pick up on these trends or that Yocan does not care about such matters. Instead, Yocan is a company that always wants to do it right, a brand that carefully studies the landscape before it makes its move.

Instead of just saying that it supports relevant initiatives, donating to organizations, or even sponsoring said causes, Yocan decided that it can help further sustainability in the vaporizer industry in its own way — in a way that’s impactful and one that truly matters.

Why use Yocan Green?

While Yocan’s aim in launching Yocan Green is obviously to provide the smoking and vaping industry with products that are more sustainable and more eco-friendly, there are a lot of reasons why you should invest your money in the Yocan Green brand. Let’s check them out.

It can Help Dispel the Stigma

Anyone who has lit a smoke or has used a vaporizer in public is sure to have received the looks of disapproval and judgement of bystanders and onlookers. And that’s for a good reason.

For decades, they are only fed with information about the negative effects of smoking tobacco, vaping ground botanicals and wax concentrates, as well as consuming the oil extracts from buds and flowers. With that in mind, they tend to see only the bad side of consuming these materials and not the advantages that they give to the hardworking people, the recreational users, and even patients who are after their medicinal benefits.

Using Yocan Green products, like the Yocan Green air purifiers for example, will make them look at vapers and consumers in a different light.

That said, buying and using Yocan Green products can help push the positivity not only on how the general public look at people who use Yocan Green products but also on the vaping community in general.

Quality Guaranteed

Another reason to put your money on Yocan Green products is because these items offer guaranteed quality, quality that we have seen and experienced in using Yocan products.

For the uninitiated, Yocan is a vaporizer brand that has been on the market for quite some time now. In fact, Yocan has been with some of today’s most esteemed and established brands and have helped push vaping as a mainstream means of consuming herbs and wax concentrates. Decades ago, vaporizers were seen as substandard devices that are built with cheap materials and assembled in someone else’s backyard from the far side of the globe.

Yocan changed the way people see vaporizers as it makes devices using high-quality raw materials. Devices like the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen, Yocan Cubex Vaporizer, and Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer, are all made using high-grade materials such as an aluminum body, magnetic connections, digital OLED screens, precision temperature control, and USB type-C charging technology.

In addition, vaporizers like the Yocan Uni Pro 2.0 Box Mod, Yocan Lux 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery, and Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer are built in the company’s Shenzhen factory that has been International Organization for Certification (ISO) certified. There the Chinese vaporizer company implements the strictest manufacturing standards through its ISO9001 quality management system.

Every step of the manufacturing process — Yocan pointed out — is carried out with Incoming Quality Control (IQC), Input Process Quality Control (IPQC), Laboratory Quality Control (LQC), and Factory Quality Assessment (FQA) in mind.

Further, all of Yocan’s products are sure to have passed Conformité Européenne (CE), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards with their respective certifications.

With all of the above considered in the production of all of Yocan’s products — Yocan Green included — it’s only understandable that many consumers are drawn into the quality of products offered by the brand.

Affordability Meets Quality

On top of the outstanding quality put forward by Yocan’s products, their devices, vaporizers, and accessories are relatively affordable. Compared to other products on the market that compete in the same segment as Yocan’s devices, they are usually a fraction of the price of the said overpriced items.

That’s because Yocan can access various raw materials at lower prices by buying them in bulk, and therefore pass these savings to its customers, who then reap the benefits of buying a reasonably priced vaporizer or accessories. The same thing can be expected from Yocan Green’s accessories.

In doing so, Yocan also brings sustainability into a level where it can meet affordability. For those who are aware of “sustainably sourced” or "sustainably made” products know that they are often more expensive than the regular ones. On that note, many have even called sustainability as the new luxury with prices of sustainably built cars, gadgets, and even food soaring in prices.

Yocan will bring about a revolution in the vaping industry as it now offers smoking and vaping accessories that are sustainably made using materials and processes while still maintaining the low price that make them more accessible to the general vaping and smoking public.

Top Yocan Green Products

Now that you know what Yocan Green is and why you should be investing in items produced by the company, let’s look at some of its best-selling products.

To note, Yocan Green was just launched and its product portfolio is still small, but has the promise to grow. At the time of writing, Yocan Green products consist only of air purifiers but herb grinders are positioned to come out next. No other products have been revealed to be in the pipeline but since Yocan is Yocan, we can expect more and more environmentally friendly products to come out soon.

1. Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air filter is a small and compact air purifier that allows smokers and vaporizer users to help clean the vapor or smoke they puff out after taking a draw. As we all know, smoke or sometimes vapor can have unwanted downsides that may affect the health of the people surrounding the consumer. On that note, having to blow smoke or vapor onto the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter can help reduce the impurities and harmful effects of secondhand smoking and vaping.
Thus, smoking or vaping with people around you can be a little safer and you can also protect mother nature in the process.

2. Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter

Pretty much like the aforementioned Pinecone variant, the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter was also made to have the same clean effect when you blow smoke or vapor into it. To achieve this, Yocan Green has equipped the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter with a four stage high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. The filter effectively reduces the unwanted particles and components that may be brought by the smoke or vapor.

In addition, the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter also has activated coconut carbon that only helps to strengthen its purifying abilities. By equipping these products with such modern filtering technology, the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter can be considered a must for all vaporizer users and smokers.

3. Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter

Another benefit of using Yocan Green’s personal air purifiers like the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter is that it allows for a more discreet way of consuming your favorite herbs, wax concentrates, and oil extracts.

That’s because the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter also eliminates the odor when your smoke or vapor passes through the filter. This means that you can stealthily consume your favorite ground botanicals or your select extracts without having to raise the red flag when you are out in public. We all know that there’s no hiding the smell of smoke, so blowing through the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter might be the solution we all need to take our sessions when we’re out and about without having to inconvenience the people surrounding us.

Thanks to the said HEPA filter, the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter comes in as a great solution for smoking or vaping in a confined public area without everyone raising their eyebrows when you begin huffing and puffing.

4. Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter, like other personal air purifiers in Yocan Green’s arsenal, is also an affordable solution to constantly keeping your sessions clean.

Through the air purifier’s reusable silicone case, its owners no longer have to keep on buying the same product over and over again. All there is to do is to buy the actual filter as one can constantly reuse the case. The case also protects the filter from getting crumpled or from getting damaged by water.

According to Yocan, the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter’s cartridges are also 100 percent decomposable so having to discard them after their lifespan will also not damage the environment. Natural paper is used for the filter cartridge so it is not going to do much harm to mother earth.