Collection: Yocan Coils & Atomizers

Yocan Coils and Atomizers

Although the brand has made a name for itself through its affordable and high-quality vaporizers, much of its success was owed to the quality of its coils. Yocan has devoted itself to manufacturing affordable vaporizers and have since then explored the different kinds of materials and methodologies in using various heating elements. It only makes sense because a coil or an atomizer can make or break a vaporizer, being it directly involved in the process of vaporization. That said, they know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to coils and atomizers, especially when it comes to heating wax concentrates. But that’s not to say they slacked when it comes to coils used for botanical plant matter. On that note, the company has accumulated quite the collection of coils over the years and is one of the reasons many consumers keep coming back to Yocan, or rather Yocan coils.

Yocan’s formula for success isn’t exactly complicated. In fact, their approach to designing and developing Yocan coils is very rudimentary that they’ve learned to perfect their craft down to its core. The brand has had its fair share of fancy coils and atomizers but is known better for its coils that were basic in design. Not that they weren't innovative, they simply knew what worked and honed the technology.

Different Types of Yocan Coils

As we’ve briefly covered above, the brand honed the technology behind their coils and focused on two types of materials; ceramic and quartz – both of which are widely used for vaporizer coils. Each material offered its own unique properties which made them ideal subjects for developing Yocan’s coils. Let’s start with the ones they use for wax concentrates.

Quartz is one of the best conductors as it effectively transfers power, energy, and most importantly – heat. It only takes quartz five seconds to heat up which makes it an efficient catalyst when heating your select wax concentrates. That said, quartz requires only a low power output allowing users to preserve battery life for longer sessions on between charges. Yocan has used quartz extensively and is why you’d see that most Yocan coils are made out of quartz, just like the Yocan Evolve Plus Coils. Apart from its ability to quicky ramp up heat, quartz also has a few more benefits and is why it has been Yocan’s choice for wax coils.

Here are a few.

  • Burns clean
  • Dense vapor
  • Potent clouds

Because quartz heats fast, it can facilitate the right temperature profile to extract the potent active ingredients from your select wax concentrates. This makes quartz coils ideal for advanced consumers who have built quite the tolerance to the psychoactive effects of cannabis extracts. Its ability to achieve high temperature settings also allows quartz coils to create dense clouds that mimic the viscosity of actual smoke. This can be very pleasing for many consumers. 

With these in mind, Yocan developed wax concentrate coils that are now as iconic as the very vaporizers they’re used with. Let’s check them out. 

  1. Quartz Single Coil – Yocan has developed a single quartz coil wrapped in a metal heating element. These types of coils are used to heat wax concentrates and are found on Yocan Hive Coils, Yocan Evovle-C Coils, and Yocan Flick Coils. They’re great for small dabs that still provide you with a light body buzz.
  2. Quartz Dual Coil – Yocan also improved upon the standard dual quartz coil system and have used the now iconic quartz dual coil. With larger quartz rods and twice the heating element, it made for more decent cloud production and more potent rips. These coils are found on Yocan coils like the Yocan Evolve Atomizer, Yocan Pandon Quartz Dual Coil, Yocan Evovle Quartz Dual Coil, Yocan Apex Coil, and Yocan Armor Coil.
  3. Quartz Tri Coil – For those who are not satisfied with the ability of Yocan’s dual coils can rely on the brand’s quartz tri coils. These coils use three quartz rods wrapped in a coiled heating element. This means three times the power which allows one to experience a significant increase in potency as the triple quartz rods allow for better heating. These Yocan coils can be found in the Yocan Regen Quartz Coil and the Yocan Torch 2020 Coil.
  4. Quartz Quad Coil – This coil is not for the weak of heart. The quartz quad coil has four times the quartz rods and four times the metal coil. This means that it can deliver quite the punch and can really send you off your socks. These Yocan coils are found on the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil and Yocan Evolve Plus XL Coil. These Yocan coils deliver power and potency like packing a dab rig in your pocket.

On the other hand, there’s ceramic. Ceramic is quite the exact opposite of quartz. It facilitates a low and slow pace when it comes to heating your select extracts which makes it ideal for consumers who are looking for flavorful results. Ceramic is a pool conductor of heat and therefore uses up a lot of power from your batteries to heat the concentrates. Nevertheless, the higher demand of power of ceramic coils allows it to yield mild vapors that are as smooth as they are flavorful. Here are some of the reasons why Yocan has seen potential in using it for their coils. 

  • Heat retention
  • Easy to maintain
  • Discreet clouds

Ceramic is great for consumers who like to be discreet. Its ability to heat your extracts with a low temperature level allows it to produce thin wisps of clouds perfect for when you like to dab when you’re out and about. Yocan has banked on ceramic as a medium not only for flavorful vapors but also the kind that does not irritate the throat and the lungs. This makes their ceramic coils ideal for patients who use their wax pens to medicate. 

Yocan’s ceramic coils are quite unique, here are some of them. 

  1. Yocan Magneto Coil – This ceramic coil is unlike any other. It offers a two-step heating process with its two-part ceramic heating element. It's designed and engineered with the first layer of ceramic to heat and melt the wax concentrates while the second layer to vaporize the wax concentrates. These coils allow the extraction of the flavonoids and the terpenes in the wax which makes for easy hits.
  2. Yocan Stix Coil – The Stix ceramic coils are made not for wax but for essential oils. They're pretty much like liquid dabs and the Stix coils are great for enjoying tasty flavors from your favorite THC or CBD-rich oils.

Yocan also manufactures a type of coil that use a combination of quartz and ceramic. The Yocan Cerum Atomizer uses a ceramic body but uses a quart heating element. The combination of ceramic and quartz balances off the effects of each material if not improve the overall vapor quality. The Cerum Atomizer can be connected to a wide variety of 510-threaded batteries which is great if you're always on-the-go. You just swap batteries and still get the same experience with the Yocan Cerum Atomizer. The experience you get delivers potent but flavorful draws as the quartz coils help give you fast and almost instantaneous vaporization while the ceramic housing improves flavor retention and helps preserve the quality of your material. This way the vapors do not taste like metal or plastic, just the authentic aroma and taste of the botanical plant matter from which your extracts are derived from. The Cerum is truly a unique addition to the many Yocan coils the brand has successfully put out.

Yocan has also developed their own coils that are outfitted in reusable pods. These types of Yocan coils are found in products like the Yocan X Replacement Pod, Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods, Yocan Trio Pod, and Yocan Evovle 2.0 Pod. They’re also quite the unique kind as pods are typically used with a runnier substance and Yocan was one of the first few companies that used the pod technology in conjunction with highly viscous wax concentrates. Let’s break these pod systems down.

  • First, the Yocan X Replacement Pod. This pod system uses the brand’s iconic quartz dual coils allowing one to reap the benefits of their select wax concentrates using a convenient pod system. Convenient because the pods slide right in on the battery and not require one to twist and turn various layers and components of an atomizer with a threaded dab pen. The dual quartz coils are made to fit in the pods so you’re going to deal with a smaller version of the iconic quartz heating element. They may be small but they still pack quite the punch.
  • Next, are the Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods. As if the name of these Yocan coils aren’t a dead giveaway, these pods are outfitted with coils designed for the vaporization of thick oils. Usually CBD dominant but there are also thick oils that have a higher concentration of THC in them. Pods were initially made for runnier extracts and the Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods easily fit the bill.
  • Lastly are the Yocan Trio Pod and the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Pod. What makes these pod systems so special is that aside from the fact that they’re refillable and reusable, they can be used in conjunction with three of the most popular extracts on the market today. These are e-juices, thick oils, and wax concentrates.

The aforementioned quartz dual coils are shrunken down and are outfitted on a refillable pod system allowing one to consume their select wax concentrates in a pod system. In the same way, you can also consume your select e-juices and thick oils using a ceramic-based heating element with varying resistances to help you vaporize these extracts of varying consistencies. These types of coils have become a popular fixture for many extract consumers as they have become a practical means of consuming wax, oils, and e-juices.

And while we’re still in the topic of unconventional coil technology, another type of Yocan coils are the ones used in conjunction with electric nectar collectors and electric honey straws. Some examples are Yocan Dive Replacement Coils and the Yocan Dive Mini Replacement Coils. These can be attached to the battery of their respective devices where they are used by dabbing the coil straight into the wax jar, parchment paper, dab tool, or your dab mat. Using these types of coils are rather ideal for advanced consumers because they let you enjoy larger dabs compared to any of the brand’s wax concentrate coils.

Yocan also values their dry herb consuming customers and while their selection of dry herb coils isn’t as many as its wax concentrate counterpart, they are still as reliable and as dependable as they are. A good example is the Yocan Evolve-D Coils. These Yocan coils are built with a pancake design which evenly distributes the heat for an even burn. This is important when you’re consuming dry herb strains.

These are just a part of Yocan’s collection of coils. Looking at these Yocan coils, you’d know that they pretty much have mastered the art of making coils. The company has become good at it that they’ve managed to make atomizers and coils that are interchangeable with most of their products creating an entire ecosystem where their batteries and coils can work interchangeably. And now that you’re acquainted with these Yocan coils, you might want to know how to maintain them.

How to Clean your Yocan Coils

A large part of maintaining your coils is cleaning them. Keeping them clean will not only make your vapors clean and fresh. You don’t want to be inhaling leftover wax or herbs. Here’s a quick step by step process you can do to clean your Yocan coils. 

  1. Turn the battery off – It's important that you turn the battery off before you do any cleaning – coils included. At this point, you’d also want your vaporizer to cool down just in case you’ve just used it. Let it rest for a few minutes before you take the coils apart.
  2. Remove the coil from the vaporizer – If you’re using a threaded battery, unscrew the mouthpiece first so you can access the coils inside. Once exposed, unscrew the coils from the battery. If there are any resinous extracts that might have spilled out of the coil, simply wipe it dry. It’s also a good idea to check the contact of the coil and the battery and wipe it clean if there is any dirt or debris in it.
  3. Soak the coil in alcohol – At this point, you can get a small bowl and fill it with isopropyl alcohol. Take the coils you just removed and soak the Yocan coils in the small bowl. Let it sit there for several hours while stirring or shaking them occasionally. This will loosen up any hardened resin on the coil. Follow it up by giving each coil a light brush in between. Avoid pushing too much pressure when brushing the coils as it can damage the heating element.
  4. Scrape any hardened extracts – Using your dab tool, lightly scrape off any remaining buildup that was not removed by brushing the coil. Remember to apply just the right amount of pressure and avoid damaging the coil.
  5. Let the coil dry – The last part of this process is letting the coil dry out. Do this to avoid inhaling alcohol when you use your vaporizer. Let it air dry for a few hours before connecting the components back together.

Aside from these thorough steps, you can also give your Yocan coils a quick clean by burning off any leftover material. Simply press and hold the power button to burn off any residue.

How to Make your Yocan Coils Last

As we’ve briefly covered above, maintenance is key to making your coils last. However, there are certain practices that you can do to help you make your Yocan coils last.

  • Avoid overloading – One way to prevent your coils from working hard is to load them with the right amount of material, be it wax or herbs. Not only will your Yocan coils have to work harder to vaporize your concentrates but they also are at risk of spilling the materials all over the battery. Especially if you’re consuming wax or other kinds of extracts, overpacking is not going to be a good idea.
  • Do not bump the coils – This often happens when you load your coils, especially with wax concentrates. That's because it’s usually done with a dab tool and if you’re not careful, you can easily bump or knock the heating element out of place. This can damage the coils which can cause the heating element to stop working.
  • Use the right material – Another way to make your Yocan coils last is to use the right kind of material. That means if your coil was made for wax, use the right kind of wax either shatter, budder, wax, or crumble. If the coil you’re using is made for dry herbs, make sure to use ground botanical plant matter. If it’s for thick oils and e-liquids do so.