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Yocan Magneto Atomizer

Yocan Magneto Atomizer

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  • Magnetic Connection
  • With Pre-Installed Coils
  • Ceramic Coils
  • Compatible with Yocan Magneto Only
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About Yocan Magneto Atomizer

Designed for specific use with the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer, the Yocan Magneto Atomizer utilizes the advanced Magneto coils and focuses on faster and more convenient use of the vaporizer for on-the-go vaping. The magnets used in the Yocan Magneto Atomizer gives it a sturdy hold without having to sacrifice the overall performance of the vaporizer. Like it uses a combination of 510 threaded connections and magnetic connections for better functionality and added convenience.

The Yocan Magneto Atomizer uses ceramic heating elements for pure and tasty vapors. Ceramic is more porous in nature as compared to quartz. Although ceramic does not ramp as fast as quartz it somewhat facilitates a low and slow heating of materials which lets it absorb and vaporize concentrates better while heating. This results to thinner wisps of clouds that’s big on flavor and high in potency. The low heat provided by the ceramic heating element does not burn and destroy the active ingredients in your extracts. You can now achieve and enjoy all the benefits of your select strains and concentrates with the Yocan Magneto Atomizer. This makes for a totally efficient atomizer and lets you save money on materials so you don’t waste concentrates. The Yocan Magneto Atomizer is the best atomizer for those who like to enjoy you concentrates on the fly.

Functional Coil Cap

Like most Yocan atomizers, the Yocan Magneto Atomizer uses the hallmark Yocan coil caps to help prevent spit backs allowing you to enjoy your vaping sessions without the fear of burning your lips with spitting hot concentrate as your materials melt and sizzle on the heating element. This also prevents the mouthpiece from getting hot and creates a somewhat compact oven which enhances the heating capabilities of the ceramic coil without having to put too much stress on your batteries.

The coil caps are also one way of preventing leaks when using runny and liquefied extracts. Because of the coil caps, you can enjoy a worry-free experience when using the Yocan Magneto Atomizer.


  • 1 x Yocan Magneto Atomizer

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Yocan Magneto Atomizer FAQs

Question Is this atomizer 510 threaded?
Answer Yes. The base of Yocan Magneto Atomizer is 510 threaded.
Question Is the coil cap magnetic as well?
Answer Yes. Yocan Magneto Atomizer's coil cap is magnetic.
Question Does it come with a built-in coil?
Answer Yes. Yocan Magneto Atomizer comes with a built-in coil.

Yocan Magneto Atomizer Manual

Loading the Yocan Magneto Atomizer:

  1. Pull the mouthpiece from the base’s magnetic connection.
  2. Pull the coil cap from the coil's magnetic connection.
  3. Using the integrated dab tool in the coil cap, take a reasonable amount of wax concentrates.
  4. Replace the coil cap and wait for the magnets to snap back in place.
  5. Replace the magnetic mouthpiece to the atomizer base.

Replacing the Yocan Magneto Atomizer:

  1. Unscrew the atomizer from the battery by twisting it counterclockwise.
  2. Grab a clean and dry cotton swab to clean the metal contacts on the threaded connections.
  3. Take your replacement Yocan Magneto Atomizer and screw it onto the battery by twisting the atomizer clockwise.

Cleaning the Yocan Magneto Atomizer:

  1. Unscrew the Yocan Magneto Atomizer from the base by twisting it counterclockwise.
  2. Pull the mouthpiece from the base.
  3. Pull the coil cap from the coil.
  4. Get a small bowl and fill it with isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Soak the Yocan Magneto Atomizer’s components in the bowl with alcohol for several hours.
  6. Take the Yocan Magneto Atomizer parts and let it dry on a clean paper towel.
  7. Replace the Yocan Magneto Atomizer on the Yocan Magneto Battery.

Note: You can stir the atomizer while in the bowl of alcohol to help loosen any hardened buildup. You can also use a brush to lightly stroke the atomizer to remove any dirt or debris. Make sure to let the atomizer cool down before removing it from the battery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michael mooneyham

Love it only thing I'd change is I'd give it a type c charger

Great atomizer

Awesome atomizer

david simpson

I love the fact that there are no threads to get all Gummy and stuck together this is very convenient. Keep up the good work


Outstanding device

Chris Perks
Portable and easy

Love this wax vaporizer. Compact. The magnets are light years better then the threaded. Love the storage at bottom.
Only thing missing is battery indicator. Otherwise add wax. Hit button. Have fun. Keep it clean. That’s my only advice.