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Yocan, Your Number One Vape Brand

The industry is littered with tons of vaporizer products from many vaporizer brands, but only one company can provide you with high-quality vaporizers at an affordable price.

It’s true that ten years ago, the words “affordable” and “high-quality” simply did not go hand in hand. The vaporizer industry did not have the right tools nor the right strategy to come up with a dependable vaporizer that’s quite reasonably inexpensive. This all changed when Yocan, a company based in Shenzhen, China, entered the vaporizer market. Yocan’s strategic sourcing allows them to get the best raw materials the industry has to offer – at the best price possible just like to they created their new masterpiece units: Yocan UNI Pro and Yocan Hit. A strong strategic planning coupled with stronger business ties with suppliers and developers give Yocan the ability to manufacture reliable products without the exorbitant price tags. For the longest time, vaporizers manufactured from their side of the world are seen as cheap and inferior products. With “top level craftsmanship” and strict quality standards, Yocan looks to change this unfair social stigma towards products made from this part of the globe.

Yocan strongly believes that everyone deserves a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. With Yocan’s affordable vaporizers like Yocan Wit and Yocan Groote, vape accessories, and other vape related products, smokers now have a more affordable option. Consumers of different material varieties no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Yocan’s product line covers vaporizers for dry herbs and other loose-leaf materials, concentrate vaporizers, as well as e-juice and e-liquid vaporizers. Yocan also manufactures atomizers, batteries, heating elements, and loading tools. Each product is designed to professional specifications and are geared to elevate your way of smoking as well as your thinking and living.

Why Yocan?

Yocan products have a lot to offer apart from having an insane price to performance ratio. Each product is designed by a professional R&D team. Vaporizers and other accessories are engineered to provide the purest vapors, eliminating the harmful toxins you otherwise consume through conventional smoking methods.

Each product is subjected to strict quality management. Yocan uses ISO9001 standards, known as an international model of high-quality management process. Companies all over the world use the ISO9001 management system to provide high-quality products and services known to meet customer and regulatory conditions. Every stage involved in the actual manufacturing process is developed with IPQC, LQC, IQC, and FQA in mind. Products from Yocan are CE "Conformité Européene," RoHS “Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive,” and FCC certified.

From raw material selection process to inspection before shipping, Yocan ensures that they pay close attention to the quality of their product. That’s why it’s one of the most retailed vaporizer brands on the market today. If you’re on the market for high-grade vaporizers that come at an affordable price, you know what brand to look for.

Yocan's Newest Products

Although Yocan has managed to manufacture and produce several of the industry’s most iconic devices, they know that times do change. What works now might not be the best for tomorrow. That’s why their capable and trusty dev teams are always researching best ways to improve your vaping experience. They know that newer products keep their brand relevant. Yocan has always been in the forefront of innovation and have been consistently coming up with newer products. Their newer vape devices bear a mixture of old and new design. Yocan took what customers loved about their original releases and added newer vape technology for better and improved models.

Here they are.

1. Yocan Evolve 2.0

Yocan Evolve 2


Derived from their original wax vape, the Evolve. Yocan Evolve 2.0 is a newer device that nothing like the original Evolve model. Its predecessors relied on conventional atomizers, the Evolve 2.0 uses something entirely new altogether. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 takes on the new pod-based platform and uses some of their proven vape models to the absolute ultimate test. The Evolve 2.0 has everything you’d want in a pod-based unit. It’s got refillable pods that are magnetic eliminating the need of a threaded design. Out of the box, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 comes with three pods, each for their respective concentrate varieties. There’s a pod for essential oils, a pod for e-juices and e-liquids, and there’s a pod for harder and more solid concentrates. Yocan went with this design because it’s an efficient and effective means of vaping multiple materials. Through years of experience, Yocan found that a single atomizer for all materials often run into contamination. Because you’re using different kinds of materials like e-liquids, concentrates, and sometimes even herbs, the single heating element becomes prone to material and residue buildup. Since there are several types of materials that make up the overall residue, the usual burn offs will no longer do the job. With pods that have dedicated purposes, Evolve 2.0 users will have an easier time cleaning and maintaining their device. This also saves you money since you won’t have to replace you pods that often, a single pod or atomizer has a higher likelihood of breaking compared to three different ones. Each pod uses carefully selected heating elements for better experience.

The e-juice and oil pods use ceramic based heating elements since ceramic is best used for materials with runny consistency. Because ceramic in nature is inert, the pods can provide low and slow heating of materials. By steadily heating oils and e-liquids, you can extract the best flavors from your materials without having to worry about reaching the point of combustion. The wax pod takes the same principle as the earlier Evolve model and uses the quartz dual coil technology, redesigned and engineered to fit the compact pods. Below the pods sit a variable voltage battery. This smart vape battery has the capability of toggling through three preset temperature profiles. Because you’ll be using different kinds of materials, a single temperature setting (like the ones found on earlier models) might not exactly be the best. Furthermore, a variable voltage battery offers more versatility that it allows you to experience all the benefits of your selected materials. Wax and e-juice yield different effects when treated with different temperature levels. Lower temperatures result to subtle effects while heightened temperatures result to an increased potency. That’s why variable temperature settings have now been applied in newer models giving users unparalleled flexibility when vaping with their select materials. The Evolve 2.0 still features a single button control which allows users to experience the same kind of convenience they were used to with former Yocan products.

2. Yocan Evolve DeLux

Yocan Delux


Yocan DeLux is a combination of two vaporizers in one unique body. This creative and intuitive design allows you to enjoy different concentrates using a single device. The Yocan DeLux, like the Evolve 2.0, is a multifunctional vaporizer. However, unlike the Evolve 2.0, The Yocan DeLux can do more. While the Evolve 2.0 uses a standard 650mAh battery, the DeLux sports a robust 1500mAh batter, and to top that off, you’ll find a smaller 450mAh battery sitting inside the Yocan DeLux’s main battery. So, in total, you’ll have two separate batteries that’ll be used for two separate material varieties. The reason why The DeLux has two batteries is because the larger battery functions as a power bank and can charge the smaller one. The larger 1500mAh battery is used to vaporize concentrates and uses Yocan Evolve Plus’s atomizer technology. A quartz dual coil sits flush atop the bigger battery while a Hive atomizer its safely in the smaller oil and e-juice battery. You can expect the same quality of vapors you’re used to if you’ve been a long time Yocan user but you’ll also enjoy the flexibility of using variable voltage batteries that can be used even separately. That’s right, the smaller 450mAh juice and oil battery can be used remotely. When the situation calls for a stealthier vaporizer, you can rely on the smaller vape battery to keep you lifted using your favorite oils and e-liquids.

When the situation allows for you to use a more visible vape, then you can use the concentrate battery. Either way, the Yocan DeLux is a fun unit and is a must have especially for concentrate enthusiasts. You can even let your friends use the oil vape while you use the concentrate vape or vice versa. With the Yocan DeLux, vaping is made a more social experience. The Yocan DeLux comes as a complete kit you can use straight out of the box. You’ll still enjoy simple and straightforward operation since the DeLux still uses the single button controls allowing users to easily vape with it. Yocan puts users experience into perspective and complicating the procedures in order to vape will only cause misuse and unsatisfactory experience. You’ll find that especially in newer models, careful thought and consideration has been put into its design and engineering.

3. Yocan UNI

Yocan UNI


Finally, Yocan UNI is something most consumers have been looking and asking for. A universal vaporizer to address the need for a device that can cater to the wide variety of aftermarket cartridges. Most consumers have to stick with what their vape battery brand has to offer or they have to select a specific vape battery that conforms to the specifications of the vape cartridge they use. This stops the users to explore new tastes and new vape cartridge brands because using a new cartridge system means that they have to change their vaporizer altogether. This is where the Hive UNI comes into the picture; the UNI box mod is made to be a universal box mode that can cater to cartridges up to 12mm in diameter. You can virtually use all cartridges and the Yocan UNI won’t have your cartridges wobble inside the box mod because of its adjustment mechanism. You can adjust the size of the chamber as well as the height to conform to the cartridge you’re using.

The Yocan UNI, like the newer models from the Yocan product line, sports a variable voltage battery. It has three temperature settings calibrated to ensure optimum oil vaporization. The system used in the cartridges and atomizers is the same as the principle used in earlier Hive models, a 510 threaded magnetic adapter is connected to the cartridge before it sits flush in the battery. The UNI from Yocan is the first and actual working universal cartridge vaporizer on the market. It’s a be all end all solution to all your cartridge problems, It’s the only vape you’ll ever need for all your cartridges. Now, the focus of the Yocan UNI isn’t exactly just making all cartridges fit. The development process involved making it a capable device that can activate the power of your essential oils, unlocking the potential of the terpenes and the active ingredients to help you maximize your materials. Yocan customers will have a good future ahead of them. Because of their drive to innovate and their passion to improve the lives of smokers, you’re sure to expect only the best ahead.

Yocan's Top Products

Through the years, Yocan has managed to provide the industry with dab pens that changed how consumers see and experience vaping altogether. The team behind the development and engineering of their devices have achieved great feats which led to several patented vaping technologies. That’s why some of the more iconic design and engineering of some of Yocan’s products aren’t exactly available on other dab pens from other vape companies and vape brands. As an example, the Yocan iShred, may be the world’s only dry herb vape that features a fully functional built-in grinder. The design and technology behind this unique device have been patented making it a distinctive product in Yocan’s collection of vaping devices.Speaking of their vape catalogue, Yocan also has manufactured some of today’s top-selling units. Below are some of Yocan’s best sellers.

1. Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan Evolve Plus


The Yocan Evolve Plus was born after Yocan saw the success of the first Evolve model. A befitting successor to the original Yocan Evolve. It boasts bigger batteries, larger chambers, and an integrated concentrate container – the first in the Evolve line to include this feature. The emphasis of the Evolve Plus was more on portability while still equally being a functional unit. The Evolve Plus's design leans towards Yocan’s aim to make the Evolve Plus a be all end all solution for on the go wax concentrate consumers. Imagine going out having to carry all your vaping essentials: your vape, your loading tool, spare batteries, and let’s not forget that concentrate jar. Carrying all these fundamental tools in vaping is a must but you’ll look like a camper carrying all these stuffs. That’s why Yocan came up with the idea of a compact dab pen that's able to cram all of these in a single portable unit. Yocan turned what everybody though was impossible into a reality. The Evolve Plus now made traveling with a vaporizer easy and worry free. The built-in concentrate jar even made on the go vaping all the more discreet and stealthier. The integrated storage compartment was later made a staple on Yocan vapes including the big daddy of the Evolve family – the Evolve Plus XL. While the original Evolve was equipped with a standard 650mAh battery, the Evolve Plus is outfitted with a beefy 1100mAh battery, the Evolve Plus XL carried an even beefier 1400mAh battery. This puts the Evolve Plus dab smack in the middle.

The Evolve Plus offered better battery life for longer vaping sessions. This means less frequent charging allowing you longer vape time outside. You’ll get to enjoy more time vaping than charging, Yocan knows that passing your dab pen over is inevitable when you bring your vaporizer with you during parties, video game sessions with friends, and even group sessions with your fellow vaper friends. The increased battery capacity helps those who like to vape on their feet get substantial battery life, something other vaporizers in its class don’t offer. Both the Yocan Evolve and the Yocan Evolve Plus comes with a standard dual quartz atomizer that offers the perfect combination of flavorful vapors and slightly visible vapor production. The Yocan Evolve Plus came out as a satisfying vaporizer that offered the best of both worlds not to mention its Yocan Evolve Plus coils. Consumers are now able to maximize their materials with flavorful and potent outputs and because of its medical grade atomizers your vapors come out without the toxic byproducts giving you wisps of clouds that are fit for medical use. Because of the Evolve and the Evolve Plus, Yocan became popular amongst vaping circles and wax concentrate consuming communities as a vaporizer that’s capable of performing equally to other vaporizers twice its price. This is why a lot of Yocan Evolve Plus reviews say nothing but great things about it. The Yocan Evolve Plus became the choice of both connoisseurs and daily consumers. It's the best companion you can have especially if you like to vape wax concentrates on the fly. The Evolve Plus from Yocan is the ideal partner for professionals who like to incorporate their medication to their busy day to day schedules. It’s the best way to get lifted and medicated.

2. The Yocan Evolve

Yocan Evolve


Practical and functional, these are the words that best describe the Evolve pens. Yocan Evolve Vaporizer features a minimalist design that’s discreet yet stylish. It boasts a balance of sophistication and simplicity. Operation is equally simple and straightforward, you literally can pick up one of these dab pens and start vaping even if you have no prior experience with vaporizers at all. With little to no learning curve, the Evolve Vaporizer from Yocan became the first choice for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. The Yocan Evolve Vaporizer is made up of three basic parts: a battery, a heating element, and an atomizer. This three-part design became the foundation for later Evolve models and other Yocan vaporizers. The Evolve Vaporizer features an all-threaded design making the Evolve a solid and a robust device. The threads gave the Evolve unparalleled resilience to daily wear and tear. You can say that the Yocan Evolve Vaporizer is the ideal daily driver.

The Evolve Vaporizer measures only at around 120mm long, a little over 4 inches. Its length makes the Evolve Vaporizer easy to hold and a device that’s comfortable to the hand. You don’t need to force your palm to hold the Evolve Plus like other dab pens that cause discomfort during prolonged use. Your hand assumes a natural position eliminating stress and twinges when vaping. It features a single button at the battery of the device. It’s one button operation made it so that you won’t have to learn a new style when vaping. The button is located at the side of the battery instead of the traditional design where the firing button is placed at the bottom of the battery. This makes pushing the buttons more comfortable where your hands are more relaxed. It’s obvious that the Evolve Vaporizer was designed to be a rudimentary unit. It’s stripped off of all the unnecessary features to highlight and accentuate the indispensable elements of a vaporizer. Vape newcomers who see wax concentrate consumption a daunting task were able to enjoy vaping through the help of the Evolve Vaporizer. Consumers have loved the Yocan Evolve’s quartz dual coil atomizers (QDC) and have cherished its capability of yielding tasty vapors that are relatively satisfying to the eyes. The quartz dual coil system uses pure quartz crystal rods with premium titanium coils wounded through the quartz rods. Quartz can react faster to heat unlike other minerals like ceramic. This gives the Yocan Evolve faster ramp times. Each quartz dual coils use medical grade components giving you the purest output possible. The Evolve Vaporizer placed the Yocan brand on the map. After the Evolve came other models that were similarly practical and functional. However, amidst the newer vaporizer models we come to see, the Evolve remained a staple for wax concentrate consumers who have learned to live with the Evolve’s promise of functionality and practicality.

3. Yocan Hive

Yocan Hive


Another product which became an instant hit was the Yocan Hive. The Yocan Hive was a revolutionary vaporizer that combined the functionality of a wax vape and an oil vape. Vape users no longer have to switch in between devices in order to experience the best of both worlds. The Yocan Hive featured a boxy body that housed and protected an atomizer with a cartridge like loading system. It also changed the way consumers reloaded their vaporizers since the Yocan Hive introduced a new way of reloading your vaporizer with the use of magnetic attachments. This all the more simplifies the reloading process while increasing the lifespan of the device. While threaded connections provided extreme stability, they are prone to wear and tear. Since the Yocan Hive is a pretty compact unit, the folks at Yocan’s R&D team have expected that frequent users might have to reload the Hive more frequently. To address this, they developed a system in which the atomizers can be connected to a magnetic link. The magnets are still threaded to allow proper maintenance and cleaning it is the link between the battery and the atomizer that is magnetic which allows easy removal and replacement of the magnetic atomizer system.

The Yocan Hive uses two kinds of atomizers for materials of different consistencies. Out of the box, you’ll get a CBD atomizer that’s compatible with oils and other liquefied concentrates with thin and runny consistency. On the other hand, another atomizer is used for more solid concentrates like wax, budder, or shatter. The former has a resistance of 1.8 ohms while the latter has a resistance of 1.0 ohms. Both atomizers boast a leak-proof design making the Yocan Hive an extremely travel-friendly unit. Not only does the leak proof design allows for worry-free carrying but it also keeps the essence of your concentrates locked in. This means that the flavor of each material placed in the Hive atomizers are preserved giving you the best experience possible. The Yocan Hive is also outfitted with a smarted battery. The Yocan Hive uses an industry standard 13450 battery that has a 650mAh capacity. It's also equipped with an LED light that tells you the battery level of the Hive. No more guessing how much battery you have left, the Yocan Hive talks to you through the color-coded battery level indicator and tells you when it’s time to charge to make sure you’re always notified and in the know of the battery status. The Yocan Hive battery produces 12 Watts of power at 4.2 Volts. The battery can also be charged via a micro USB charger. This means that you can always charge your device regardless where you are, just bring a portable power bank and connect your Yocan Hive into it whenever you’re running low on power. As you can see, the Yocan Hive is geared towards convenience giving its users a more practical and handy method of vaping their select waxy oil concentrates.

4. Yocan Torch

Yocan Torch


The Yocan Torch is an e-nail that’s used in conjunction with bongs and water pipes. It offers a torch-less means of vaporizing your favorite concentrates allowing you to enjoy its benefits without having to endure the risks of wielding a lighter or a blow torch. Those use water pipes know the struggle of lighting up with an overpowered lighter. Having one lying around also puts you and your friends in danger of catching fire should it get into contact with flammable materials in your house. Like all Yocan products, the Yocan Torch is made from durable components allowing it to endure the toils of daily use. High-quality metals are used in construction of the Torch’s body to give it a more robust housing since it’ll mostly end up atop vaping rigs. Yocan’s dev team knows that bongs and water pipes call for more demanding sessions with more than the usual participants. The Yocan Torch is the perfect e-nail to bring in group sessions where several individuals might partake in vaping. Using medical grade stainless steel, Yocan was able to give the Torch similar purity as its brethren. It also uses the same quartz dual coil system which gave Yocan its reputation in terms of vapor production.

The Torch from Yocan have since been the go-to unit of concentrate consumers who have developed a liking to water filtered vapors. Those who use water pipes may be confined to home use since most water pipes aren’t exactly what you’d call portable. But there’s an advantage to using bongs and similar rigs. Moisture conditioned vapors are smoother and at the very least are filtered from any possible irritants the initial vapor might carry. That’s why Yocan placed utmost care in developing the Yocan Torch because they know that water pipe users place purity above all else. The reason why it uses medical grade components especially in the heating element is because these kinds of materials do not chemically react to heat. This means that even when subjected to extremely high levels of temperature, your concentrates will remain pure, unadulterated and uncontaminated by any metal or plastic parts that will otherwise spoil and cause all sorts of toxic byproducts. The concentrates are kept pure and the active ingredients in the concentrates are extracted without and hint of contamination. The Yocan Torch also offers flexibility to users who prefer different vapor outputs. One of its most significant, yet oftentimes overlooked, is the airflow attachment tool. It allows users to alter the flow of air into the heating element which also influences the overall quality of the Yocan Torch’s yield. By creating a tighter draw, users let in regulated air into the heating element which then gives the concentrates more flavors since the gaseous output will most likely be made up of actual vapors out of the wax. A loose draw means that users have let in substantial amount of air which then increases the density and the visibility of the vapors. The latter still carries a decent amount of flavor however the former offers more of a fuller taste than the latter. The Yocan Torch is equipped with a compact battery that’s capable of yielding 45 hits at the very least in a single charge. It’s arguable one of the most practical and affordable alternatives to lighting up your rigs the traditional way.