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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

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  • Pod-Based Vaporizer
  • Refillable Pods
  • Magnetic Pods
  • Compatible With E-Juice, Oils, and Wax
  • Single Button Control
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Variable Voltage
  • 10 Sec Pre-Heat
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Level Window
  • Ceramic Coils For E-Juice and Oil Pods
  • Quartz Dual Coil For Wax
  • Slim and Sleek
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About Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

Please visit for frequently asked questions on wax vaporizer.

Your favorite Yocan vaporizer just got better. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is the newest Yocan vaporizer coming out of the Evolve line. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 runs on the pod-based system. Like most pod vaporizers, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 offers convenient and straightforward use. However, it offers functionalities you won’t find on other pod vapes.

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 can vaporize essential oils, e-liquid blends, as well as wax concentrates. It also boasts three preset heat settings so you can easily adjust the battery’s temperature level to suit the material you’re vaping. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 also boasts premium heating elements which include their iconic quartz dual coil (QDC) in pod form. The juice and oil pods sport ceramic coils for optimum vaporization. The pods can easily be connected to the battery, it locks the pods in place with magnetic connections. A 10-second pre-heat function is included on the Yocan Evolve 2.0, perfect for long drags. The Yocan Evolve Plus 2.0 features micro USB charging allowing you to easily charge your device.

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is an advanced pod-based vaporizer which lets you enjoy the convenience and portability of pod-based vapes while experiencing the benefits of conventional vaporizers.

Material-Specific Pods

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is a next-generation pod-based vaporizer that improves the current standard for the pod-based platform.

While most pod-based vaporizers stick to a single material, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 allows you to use 3 materials in one portable unit. It's an all-in-one vaporizer unit that can accommodate both runny and thick materials. This means that you won’t be limited to using a single material. Unlike the average vaporizer, you can enjoy a wide selection of concentrates with the all-new Yocan Evolve 2.0. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 has purposefully designed pods that can be refilled with your favorite materials.

The Evolve 2.0 kit includes three separate pods for each material variety. This design and engineering ensure that your materials won’t mix with one another which may result in the decrease in the overall quality of your materials. Mixing e-juice blends with oil or wax may affect the taste, the potency, and the freshness of your materials. Having a single pod to contain a specific material ensures that each material remains clean and unspoiled. Vaping different materials in one single pod may promote the accumulation of dirt which can contaminate your materials causing you to get sick. Each pod connects snugly to the battery with the use of strong magnetic connections. You’ll always be sure that the pods won’t fall off the battery.

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Yocan Evolve 2.0's Iconic Heating Elements

Each pod uses premium heating elements giving you optimum results and maintains the flavor and potency of your select materials.

Both the e-juice and essential oil pods are equipped with premium crafted ceramic coils. Ceramic has been known for its inert qualities making it a perfect heating element for runny concentrates like e-juice and oils. We carefully selected high-quality ceramic minerals that facilitate low and slow heating which amplifies the flavor of your favorite oils and e-juices. This means that you get to enjoy its natural taste as well as its distinct aromas for a fully immersive vaping experience. The vapors produced by both the e-juice and oil pods are smooth and flavorful, perfect for connoisseurs and everyday oil and e-juice consumers.

The wax concentrate pod, on the other hand, utilizes our signature quartz dual coils. These quartz heating elements are modified to fit the smaller pods of the Yocan Evolve 2.0. They may be smaller in size but they’re still designed to perform the same way as their full-sized counterparts. Having said that, you’re to expect the same high-quality vapors from the Evolve 2.0 concentrate pods. Because of quartz’s pure qualities, it can ramp up to high-temperature levels faster than ceramic without affecting the quality of your waxy oil concentrates. The concentrate pod provides lip-smacking vapors that have improved body and viscosity.

No other pod-based vaporizer offers a more convenient way of consuming oils, e-juices, and concentrates like the Evolve 2.0. Make sure to be the first to get one now!

Variable Voltage Battery

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is outfitted with a 650mAh battery that provides it with enough power your daily vaping needs.

Because the Yocan Evolve 2.0 was designed to be a multi-purpose pod vaporizer, it’s only befitting that it’s equipped with a powerful and versatile battery. Depending on the material you’re using, you can select between its fine-tuned temperature profiles. Low voltage level for subtly flavored clouds and thin wisps of vapor, the middle voltage level for a balanced production of decent flavor and vapor while the high voltage level amplifies all effects brought by your choice materials. Each voltage level is represented by a corresponding LED light. White for low, Blue for middle, and green for high.

Toggling between voltage levels is easy, once the Yocan Evolve 2.0 is powered on, simply tap the power button 3 times until you reach your desired temperature level.

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 battery can conveniently be charged via a micro USB charger. This eliminates the limitation of common vaporizers that have wall chargers. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 can easily be charged via your computer or your laptop and if you’re on-the-go, you can charge it using an external power bank.

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 offers unparalleled versatility in a compact and convenient pod vaporizer. A vaporizer to rival wax vapes and e-juice vapes in the industry. Get yours today!


  • 1 x Evolve 2.0 Battery
  • 1 x Oil Pod
  • 1 x Juice Pod
  • 1 x Concentrate Pod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Manual

Preparing the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

  1. Make sure that your Yocan Evolve 2.0 is fully charged.
  2. Connect the USB charging cable to a computer or a laptop and connect the micro USB to the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer.
  3. Once charged, remove the USB charging cable and power on the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer. Note: To power it on click the power button located at the middle of the battery 5 times. Performing the same action will turn the vaporizer off.

Loading the Yocan Evolve Plus 2.0 Vaporizer Concentrate Pod

  1. To load the concentrate pod, look for the one that has a solid black color.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece of the concentrate pod by pulling the top part apart from the bottom part.
  3. Load desired amount of concentrate onto the pod coil. Note: Make sure that the dab tool does not touch the coils as contact with another metal may cause the coils to break or get damaged. Simply drop the concentrates on the Yocan Evolve 2.0. Quartz Dual Coils.
  4. Replace the top cover and attach the pod back to the battery.

Loading the Yocan Evolve Plus 2.0 Vaporizer E-Juice Pod

  1. To load the e-juice pod, look for the one that’s translucent with white cover.
  2. Remove mouthpiece of the e-juice pod by pulling the top part apart from the bottom part.
  3. Lift the rubber cover that seals the pod and load your desired amount of material to the e-juice pod.
  4. Reseal the rubber cover and replace the mouthpiece atop the pod. Reattach the pod back to the battery.

Loading the Yocan Evolve Plus 2.0 Vaporizer Thick Oil Pod

  1. To load the thick oil pod, look for the one that is translucent with green cover.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece of the thick oil pod by pulling the top part apart from the bottom part.
  3. Lift the rubber cover that seals the pod and load your desired amount of material to the thick oil pod.
  4. Reseal the rubber cover and replace the mouthpiece atop the pod. Reattach the pod back to the battery.

Vaping with the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

  1. Ensure that your Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer is fully charged and is loaded with your choice of material before you begin your vaping session.
  2. Next, ensure that the pod of the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer is loaded and is seated on the battery correctly. To do this simply pull the pod away from the battery, slide it in, and wait for the clicking sound from the magnets as it makes contact. Press your lips onto the mouthpiece and prepare to draw or inhale.
  3. Press and hold the power button. Note: The power button is located at the middle of the battery, it is the circular, rubberized button that lights up when you press it.
  4. When the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer starts vaporizing your materials, inhale and pull from the mouthpiece.
  5. Repeat this process as necessary or as the concentrates are fully consumed.

Toggling Between the Preset Heat Settings

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer is equipped with three preset heat profiles. Below are the corresponding light indicators for each temperature profile.

  • White Light: Low Setting
  • Blue Light: Medium Setting
  • Green Light: Hight Setting

To toggle in between temperature settings, please follow the steps below.

  1. Power the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer on by clicking the power button 5 times.
  2. Toggle between the temperature profiles by clicking on the power button 3 times.
  3. To initiate the pre-heat mode, click the power button 2 times.
  4. Click the button twice again to stop the pre-heat function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Works great

Works great

Tony Kestner
Perfect size

The Evolve 2.0 is perfect for on the go use. It fits snugly in the pocket of my backpack and the pods are easy to fill, use, and replace. It’s great and takes up less room than other vaporizers, meaning more room in my pocket for other necessities.

Rachel Braden

Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

Tiffany Alston

Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

Michelle Dominguez
evolve 2.0 review

love it