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  • Airflow Button
  • Micro USB Port
  • For Aromatherapy Use

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About Yocan Torch E-Nail

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

The Yocan Torch E-Nail Vaporizer is a revolutionary marvel especially for wax concentrate consumers, The Yocan Torch E-Nail allows simple and easy wax concentrate consumption without the use of a butane lighter that may otherwise be hazardous to the inexperienced. The Yocan Torch E-Nail can be connected to any bong, dabber, rig or bubbler. The Torch E-Nail is the perfect tool for those who want a torch-less way of heating their concentrates with their favorite water filtration device. Every dabbing enthusiast will absolutely love our Yocan Torch E-Nail. It was designed with a quartz dual coil to ensure your smoothest vapor. Its airflow button also gives you the option to enjoy a large amount of air. Unlike a traditional torch, this E-Nail can also be used with either an airflow tube or glass tube, making it definitely flexible.

Yocan Torch is an E-Nail that was designed to make your dabbing sessions so much easier. Since it is battery operated, you will no longer need to manually light your dab rig. By simply attaching this accessory to your device, you can instantly enjoy an amazing dabbing session.

Yocan Torch Enail Components

The Yocan Torch E-Nail, like most Yocan products, are made up of 3 main parts; the battery, the body, and the heating element. The Yocan Torch E-Nail seems to be missing a mouthpiece since it requires to be connected to a separate unit. It sports a weird looking body that looks like two poles connected to a single pillar.

The battery of the Yocan Torch has a capacity of 1100mAh that can easily vaporize concentrates and will last you more than the average casual vaping sessions. Don’t worry because the Yocan Torch battery can easily be charged through a micro USB charging cable if ever you run into demanding group sessions that may result to constant use. Charging only takes an hour or so which gives you and your crew enough time to rest and rehydrate after being put down by that big dab you just took. Though the Yocan Torch E-Nail battery lacks temperature display, it still lets you know what it's up to through the top light that glows when it’s turned on. The battery is the longer of the poles. Like other Yocan products, the battery can be turned on with a 5-click action and can also be turned off by performing the same steps.

yocan torch design

The Yocan Torch E-Nail heating material is the shorter of the two and has a cap and a splash guard to prevent any spit backs. The heating components feature several setups and vaping styles making the Yocan Torch E-Nail a uniquely flexible dabbing tool. The Yocan Torch can be used in conjunction with the Torch metal tube that features an airflow adjustment tool so you can easily alter the air intake during your sessions, the airflow attachment tool may seem small and insignificant though it greatly affects how you dab your concentrates as the amount of air the Yocan Torch takes determines the overall quality of the vapor output. A draw with a tighter airflow will most likely be more flavorful while yielding thin wisps while a looser airflow will provide your draws with more volume as well as increased density and visibility with decent flavor retention. In general, loose draws will tend to be cooler since more air travels through the chambers though it decreases the flavor factor of your vapors by giving the heating element less time to absorb the extracts. Conversely, a tight draw will tend to be more flavorful though it may sometimes yield warm vapors since air travels slower giving the heating element enough time to ramp up.

Uncompromised Durability

The Yocan Torch E-Nail is made out of high-quality metal making it tougher and robust even when compared to other e-nails on the market today. It’s the ideal tool for those long and demanding sessions and for occasions when you and your friends just have to grind it out.

The interior of the Yocan Torch E-Nail is made from medical-grade stainless steel. This means that your extracts will remain clean and pure inside the chamber of the Yocan Torch E-Nail and nothing can contaminate the concentrates you put in the Yocan Torch. The purity of your extracts is important when dabbing since the purer the materials the cleaner your highs are. Since the chamber itself does not chemically react to heat, the active ingredients in the extracts are conserved and are maintained. This means that no material goes to waste and that you get to maximize whatever benefit your materials have to offer to allow you to get the best value for your money both in vaporizers and in concentrates.

A Game Changer

Unlike the average e-nail, the Yocan Torch E-Nail connects to almost any dab rig or water pipe that has 14mm or 18mm diameter downstems and can accommodate both male and female downstems. Regardless how you connect it, the Yocan Torch E-Nail snugly fits your rig making for a secure way of dabbing without using a torch.

yocan torch battery

The Yocan Torch E-Nail also charges in about 1 to 2 hours and a single charge will last those who go solo, at the very least, 2 days’ worth of dabbing while those who partake in group sessions will experience shorter battery life. The Yocan Torch E-Nail leans towards the bulkier side though the seemingly large body provides the Yocan Torch the power and performance most users look for in a torch-less dabbing device.

You can never go wrong with the Yocan Torch, grab yours now and experience the difference.


  • 1 x Yocan Torch E-Nail
  • 1 x Quartz Dual Coil
  • 1 x Wax Tool
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Manual

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yocan vaporizer features

Yocan Torch FAQs

Question Can I use Yocan Torch for dry herb?
Answer Yocan Torch E-Nail can be used for dry herb with a pancake dual coil.
Question How many puffs can I take with Yocan Torch?
Answer Yocan Torch E-Nail can support up to 45 puffs with its battery full charged.
Question What is the preset temperature of Yocan Torch?
Answer Yocan Torch E-Nail's temperature ranges from 482F-536F when in use.

Yocan Torch Manual

Preparing the Yocan Torch Enail

  1. Ensure a fully charged battery with the Yocan Torch Enail before use for the best results.
  2. Once the battery is fully charged, turn the Yocan Torch Enail on by pressing the power button 5 times quickly in two seconds.

Note: The power button is the circular button located at the topmost part of the battery with the power icon.

Loading the Yocan Torch Enail

  1. Prepare your wax concentrates, use the inclusive dab tool to pick your extracts when loading the Torch Enail.
  2. Open the chamber by removing the metal tube away from the atomizer coils. Simply pull the mouthpiece away from the coils. The metal tube is connected to the base of the coil cap using O-rings.
  3. Carefully twist the coil caps and unscrew it from the coil.
  4. Load your extracts to the coil using the dab tool.
  5. Replace the coil cap.
  6. Replace the metal tube by pressing it against the base of the atomizer.

Note: Avoid touching the coils with the dab tool as it can get damaged if the coils are bumped out of place. Carefully place the wax concentrates above the dual quartz rods without touching the metal coils. Leftover wax on the dab tool can be scraped on the sides of the coils. This process is the same for both the quartz dual coils and the pancake dual coils (pancake dual coils not included).

Vaping with the Yocan Torch Enail

  1. Make sure that the Yocan Torch Enail is fully charged and is loaded with your select wax concentrates.
  2. After you have loaded the Yocan Torch Enail, press your lips near the mouthpiece of the atomizer or cartridge you’re using and prepare to inhale.
  3. Press the power button of the Yocan Torch Enail once and when the heating element creates vapors pull and draw from the mouthpiece.
  4. Repeat this process after your dabs are fully vaporized or you may stop after a full cycle.

Care and Maintenance of the Yocan Torch Enail

The Yocan Torch Enail is made only with few parts making it a solid device that is relatively easy to clean and maintain. The Yocan Torch Enail is a wax concentrate enail and requires only a few steps to clean. To clean your Yocan Torch Enail, follow the steps below.

  1. Wipe-off any residue on the battery with a dry paper towel and continue to reassemble the Yocan Torch Enail.
  2. Make sure to follow charging instructions and use the dedicated charger to avoid damaging the Yocan Torch Enail.

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Truly modern dabbing.
Eliminate the need for my banshee-like torch
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