Yocan Torch Coil - 5 Pieces


  • Pure Glass Quartz
  • Dual Coil
yocan vaporizer features

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About Yocan Torch Coil

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

The Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces is the ideal atomizer coil component for your extracts and concentrates. This Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces is specifically designed for consumption of waxy materials and is made of pure quartz crystal with titanium coils. This makes your vaping sessions pure and clean, thanks to quartz’s inert properties, it does not rub off or affect your materials in any way even if it’s subjected to extreme levels of heat. The quartz mineral is complemented by the titanium coils which acts as the perfect conduit of heat.

This allows your materials to vaporize faster compared to any kind of atomizer component. The Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces provides an almost on-demand, instantaneous heating allowing you to take quick hits and get your fast fix of vape clouds on the fly. No other atomizer coil makes it possible, go grab yourself a Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces now!

Optimal Heating

Because titanium and quartz is an effective catalyst for heat, they can reach optimum vaporization levels without any difficulty. You no longer have to wait for minutes before your vaporizer and your material is prepared and is ready for ingestion. The Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces easily prepares your select materials for vaping giving you the convenience you need almost every single time.

The Yocan Torch Coil – 5 Pieces can provide the optimal heating temperature for your vaping sessions without putting stress to your batteries. This is made possible since quartz will heat up faster than any mineral, allowing you to use very minimal battery power which lets you save battery giving you longer vaping sessions. This means you’ll have fewer times recharging and more time vaping.

This torch atomizer from Yocan was also designed to heat larger quantities of your product.


  • 1 x 5 Pack Yocan Torch Coils

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yocan vaporizer features

Yocan Torch Coil FAQs

Question How do I replace my Yocan Torch's coil?

Here are the steps in replacing your coil:

1. Remove the metal tube to reveal the coil.

2. Unscrew the coil cap from the body of the coil.

3. Unscrew the old coil from the base.

4. Screw-in the new coil to the base.

5. Screw-in the coil cap.

6. Put the metal tube back. Enjoy!

Question Does it come with coil cap?
Answer No. However, we do sell coil caps separately.
Question What is the recommended temperature?
Answer The recommended temperature for Yocan Torch coil is 482F-536F.

Yocan Torch Coil - 5 Pieces Review

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Yocan Torch Coil - 5 Pieces


Fantastic company to deal with

Quick service

Great buy & service.

Great product

These are fantastic and I’m glad we can actually get replacements online because they’re nowhere to be found in stores!


So happy with my purchase. I need to know the size of the silicone o rings so I can get more.

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