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Yocan Wit Box Mod

Yocan Wit Box Mod

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  • Palm-Sized
  • Extremely Compact
  • Made for 510-Threaded Cartridges
  • With Indicator Lights
  • Oil Level Window
  • Hanging Hole
  • Micro USB Charging
  • 500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Three Voltage Levels
  • Pre-Heat Settings
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About Yocan Wit Box Mod

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find a small and compact vaporizer when you just need a smart cartridge battery you can take anywhere you go? Well, now you have an answer for all your cartridge vaping needs when you need a stealthy vaporizer that can fit the palm of your hands. Because modern problems require modern solutions, Yocan has developed and designed what appears to be the world’s most reliable compact cartridge battery – the Yocan Wit Box Mod.

The Yocan Wit Box Mod is your best option for a portable cartridge vaporizer because it offers a generous amount of battery to help you achieve longer vaping sessions without having to sacrifice the quality of vapor. The Yocan Wit Box Mod uses a rechargeable battery with 500mAh capacity. This only means that the larger the battery capacity the longer it can last when in use. This translates to you enjoying more time with your vaporizer instead of having to wait while the vaporizer battery recharges. Moreover, the design and engineering of the Yocan Wit Box Mod show how much it’s intended for on-the-go use because of its micro USB charging features. With micro USB charging, you can use the inclusive micro USB charging cable and plug it in any kind of port that accepts a USB connection. Nowadays, it’s surprisingly easy to find. Desktop computers have it, laptops have it, even video game consoles and portable power banks have it as well. You can also find hotels and lodgings that have USB charging slots built-in on the walls of the building where standard electric outlets can be found. How convenient!

The Yocan Wit Box Mod also comes with an oil level window where you can check the amount of extract or oil inside the cartridge so you no longer have to experience burnt coils that is just a pain since burnt coils immediately render your cartridges useless because the smell and taste of the oil inside the cartridge will taste burn and will no longer be fit for consumption. The Yocan Wit Box Mod is the ultimate cartridge box mod for all occasions. Make sure to check out the Yocan Wit Box Mod now!

Compact and Portable

The Yocan With Box Mod is made to be one of the best, if not the very best, cartridge battery in the industry. It’s small and compact size allows you to carry it with ease and take it with you almost anywhere you go. The Yocan Wit Box Mod measures only at around 46 mm in height and 37 mm in width. It’s also just 14.3 mm thick which means it can fit in any pocket, be it your pants or even a simple shirt pocket. What this means is that you can easily and stealthily consume your essential oils via the use of cartridges. All you need to do is slip the Yocan Wit Box Mod in your pocket and you’d be good to go. What’s more, is that the Yocan Wit Box Mod does not only fit inside your pocket but also inside the palm of your hands. Because of its size, the Yocan Wit Box Mod makes for a concealable unit so you can hide it in your hands just in case you don’t want people to see your vaporizer and you don’t want people to know that you’re vaping. However, if you just want to flaunt your Yocan Wit Box Mod, you can always wear it around your neck. The Yocan Wit Box Mod is built with a hanging hole. The hanging hole is basically a hole where you can insert the end of a lanyard so you can conveniently carry the Yocan Wit Box Mod. People who do not like putting their vaporizers inside their pockets in fear of getting their cartridge batteries scratched and dented by coins and keys can always hang the Yocan Wit Box Mod around their necks.

yocan wit portable

In addition to its stealth factor, the Yocan Wit Box Mod effectively and efficiently hides the cartridges inside the cartridge battery instead of having them pop out of the vaporizer entirely like what you would with other cartridge batteries with an average build. Also, instead of having bright and flashy lights like what you would find on other devices, the Yocan Wit Box Mod only uses slightly visible LED light indicators to it won’t easily give you away when you are vaping under the cover of darkness.

Versatile and Adjustable

The adjustability doesn’t always have to be seen physically. One of the best examples is the Yocan Wit Box Mod’s carriable voltage settings. Like with other Yocan devices, the Yocan Wit Box Mod also features simple and easy to understand heating cycles. These temperature levels are represented by low, medium, and high settings. These temperature levels will allow you to experience versatile results from your favorite extracts. This makes the Yocan Wit Box Mod ideal for people who want to experience more than the usual results from their select cartridges. When you go low, you’re going to get flavorful clouds that are smooth and cool. High-temperature levels will produce clouds that are warm and that are potent while tuning in the middle-temperature settings provide you with a more balanced output.

yocan wit adjustable temp

The Yocan Wit Box Mod also shows off its versatility by allowing you to engage a 10-second pre-heat mode allowing you to warm up the cartridges before using it. This allows you to use less battery power in the long run and to experience better airflow in the event that the extracts in the cartridge harden or solidifies.

Also, speaking of versatility, the Yocan Wit Box Mod comes in various color options which will allow you to make the right choice and use the right color that reflects your mood and your vibe. Do you like the aesthetics of subtle hues? Get the ones in subtle colors. If you want to be loud and proud, make sure you get the flashier versions. There’s always a Yocan Wit Box Mod for everyone so make sure to grab yours now!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Wit Box Mod
  • 1 x 510-Threaded Magnetic Link
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Yocan Wit Manual

Preparing the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer

  1. Make sure that your Yocan Wit Box Mod is fully charged before attempting to use for ideal results.
  2. After securing a fully charged battery, turn the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer on by tapping on the power button 5 times quickly. Note: The power button is located at the upper center part of the battery just right above the diamond cut marking on the center of the device. The power button is the diamond-shaped button above the larger diamond marking.

Loading the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer

  1. Prepare your cartridges, make sure to place them somewhere where there’s a leveled platform so the cartridges will remain safely in place and won’t break due to accidentally falling from the table.
  2. Connect your cartridge to the included 510-threaded magnetic adapter.
  3. Place the 510-threaded attachment of your cartridge to meet the receiving end of the magnetic adapter. Twist the magnetic adapter until you feel slight resistance. Note: Do not over tighten the magnetic adapter as it may cause the threads to get loose. This may cause other cartridges to experience a loose connection affecting the flow of electricity and the overall performance of the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer.
  4. Once the adapter is securely connected to the cartridge, you may insert the cartridge down to the Yocan Wit Box Mod Chamber until you hear a snap which means that the magnets have securely locked together.

Vaping with the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer

  1. Make sure that the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer is charged and is properly loaded with your select cartridge before you start your session.
  2. Make sure that the Yocan Wit Box Mod is powered on by tapping the power button 5 times quickly.
  3. After you have loaded the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer, press your lips near the mouthpiece of the cartridge and prepare to inhale.
  4. Press and hold the power button of the Yocan Wit Box Mod and once the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer generates vapors pull and draw from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
  5. Repeat this process as necessary or until the extracts inside the cartridge is fully consumed.

Switching Through the Temperature Settings

  1. Power the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer on by clicking the power button 5 times.
  2. Tap the power button three times rapidly to toggle in between temperature settings.
  3. Release the power button to allow the selected heat setting to take effect on the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer.

Below are the corresponding heat settings and their respective voltage levels. Each voltage level is represented by the amount of green light that is lit on the LED panel.

  • One Light: Low Setting
  • Two Lights: Medium Setting
  • Three Lights: High Setting

The Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer is also outfitted with a 10-second preheat function. To activate the preheat setting, follow the steps below.

  • Click the power button twice.
  • Click the power button twice again to stop preheat.

Care and Maintenance of the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer

The Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer was made to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges that measure up from 9 – 11.5 mm in diameter. The Yocan Wit Box Mod in itself is only a Box Mod with no atomizers on it and it does not come with any cartridge out of the box. To ensure your Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer stays in good working condition, follow the steps below.

  1. Wipe-off any liquid residue or resin from extracts on the vaporizer with a dry paper towel and continue with cleaning the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer with a dry paper towel.
  2. You can also wipe the magnetic contacts to wipe off the smudges and the dirt that may cause unstable flow of electricity.
  3. Make sure to follow charging instructions and use the dedicated charger to avoid damaging the Wit Box Mod.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Marc Rintz
Great lil vape

I love this lil vape it is awesome. Small compact and holds a great charge to it. Definitely buying another

Jaime Gonzales

It rocks the new design is beautiful and efficient it’s a must have for any every day smoker good job boys 👍🏽 I can’t afford to buy batteries every other day so getting box mod was a good investment I normally burn 🔥 the life out of a battery in two to three day and I’m not talking about it’s charge 🔋 I put this two batteries through hell every day and they work like new over all really good batteries supports most all cartridges wax / oils /live R and has a smooth drag

Hiram Mesa

solid little box. works great! love the lanyard hole so it's not dropped!

Jamesdean Perdue

Great item the wit I have 2 of them the black an white one they heat great got a pre settting an great for travel

Perfect small device

Fits in my pants watch pocket it's so small, battery last more than enough and the magnet is really strong.
The 3 settings are perfect for me to switch around with my moods.
Great product here I highly recommend it.