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Yocan Cylo Coils

Yocan Cylo Coils

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  • Ceramic and DE materials
  • 510-threaded connection
  • Good heat dissipation and airflow
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About Yocan Cylo Coils

Having trouble finding a replacement coil for your Yocan Cyclo Wax Vaporizer? Fret not because the Yocan Cyclo Coils are here. These are original and authentic replacement coils for the Yocan Cycle Wax Vaporizer, which means that they perform as well as the actual coils that came with the vaporizer out of the box.

If you’re looking for the right coils for your Yocan Cyclo Wax Vaporizer, the you came to the right place. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider stocking up on Yocan Cyclo Coils.

Ceramic and DE materials

The Yocan Cyclo Coils are made with ceramic and DE materials making them the ideal heating element when consuming wax concentrates. For those who have been in the practice of dabbing, ceramic has been one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to wax vaporization. That’s because ceramic is capable of slowly and increasingly transferring heat.

By doing so, ceramic heating elements became popular as they can hit all the possible effects and extract all the possible active ingredients a wax concentrate has to offer. At the beginning, a ceramic heating element will activate the flavonoids responsible for the aromatic and flavorful characteristics of the extract. Finally, when it reaches its peak temperature profile, a ceramic heating element is able to unlock the psychoactive effects of your select wax concentrates. In between, it can allow owners to feel and enjoy the other effects your strains have to offer.

As a result, consumers are able to enjoy the full spectrum of effects in a single session.
The diatomaceous earth (DE) in the Yocan Cyclo Coils, on the other hand, aids the heat retention capabilities of the coil — therefore requiring only less power from the battery but allows better heating overall.

510-threaded coils

The Yocan Cyclo Coils have 510-threaded connections, which means that it can be used and will most likely be compatible with other Yocan vaporizers with 510-threaded links.

In addition to being cross compatible with other Yocan products, the Yocan Cyclo Coils’ 510-threaded connections ensure a safe and secure hold on the device’s battery.

Unlike those with magnetic links that may easily get knocked off the battery, having a 510-threaded connection means that the coil will remain snug and safe in the base. It will stay in its place despite being placed in your pocket, your bag, and other untoward movement against the Yocan Cyclo Vaporizer Pen.

Having a 510-threaded coil also means that the Yocan Cyclo Coils are easy and simple to operate. Since threaded links have been a part of our lives, one does not require to learn a new skill or practice a new trick just to be able to remove and replace the Yocan Cyclo Coils. It is very straightforward and is basically self-explanatory allowing you to basically tighten it by twisting it clockwise and loosening it by twisting it counter clockwise.

Better airflow

Another advantage of using the Yocan Cyclo Coils is that it allows better airflow compared to other coils in the market today. Unlike wax coils with quartz rods blocking the flow of air, the Yocan Cyclo Coils have an open cup-like structure allowing air to freely pass by, which means that pulling from the Yocan Cyclo Wax Vaporizer will not feel restricted.

What’s in the box:

  • 5 x Yocan Cyclo Coils

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Alexander Jensen

Use to use puffco peak and their coils are 3 for 90$ granted they last longer but not longe enough to make it worth it and also the cylo imo literally hits better and harder than the puffco peak. So yocan is amazing

Erik Andrade
Good shipping

I was not expecting to arrive but it did thank you

Great coils

Great coils

Mark Reid
Works great!!

My new favorite device!!

Marc Woolley

Great taste