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Yocan Zen Coils

Yocan Zen Coils

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  • Ceramic and Diatomaceous Build
  • Threaded Connections
  • Knurled Edges
  • Good for Flavor
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About Yocan Zen Coils

The Yocan Zen Coils is the official replacement coil for the Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer. It is made with ceramic and diatomaceous earth allowing it to produce flavorful vapors but can also do so in record-fast time. It is a great choice not only for Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer owners but also for those looking for an experience that can ensure good sessions fast.

Advanced Coil Build

Yocan is always a spearheading brand — one who is not afraid of trying new stuff and introducing new technologies to its customers. The perfect example is the Advanced C4-DE Coil offered in the Yocan Zen Coils.

Compared to traditional coils, the Yocan Zen Coils use advanced ceramic as well as food-grade diatomaceous earth, which means that it can still produce similarly flavorful vapors as traditional ceramic coils but will not have you waiting for several seconds.

Those who have been vaping for some time now will know that traditional ceramic coil is popular for creating smooth and flavorful vapors. However, it is known not to be the fastest heating element due to the fact the actual ceramic is inert and does not transmit heat as fast as other materials do, like quartz or titanium.

That said, you are getting the best of both worlds when you get the Yocan Zen Coils.

Threaded Connections

To connect the Yocan Zen Coils to the actual Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer, one has to connect the 510-threaded attachment to the base. That said, the coil itself — despite the device’s mouthpiece sporting magnetic links — still use a threaded design.

Nevertheless, threaded connections are not entirely bad. For the uninitiated, threaded connections on coils are just some of the most durable links there is on the market. Having a good threaded connection ensures that the coil will not get knocked out of place when you use it. This is true for the Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer, most especially because it is a portable vaporizer.

The threaded links also allow for a simple and straightforward means of removing and replacing the coil as owners of the Yocan Zen Coils will not have to learn new tricks just so they can maintain the Yocan Zen Coils.

All there is to remember is lefty loosey righty tighty.

Yocan Zen Coils Maintenance

Like most devices and their respective parts, the Yocan Zen Coils can also be maintained.

According to Yocan, owners must be careful not to use any hard objects on the Yocan Zen Coils. Doing so might damage the heating element. Yocan warns Yocan Zen Coils users not to continue using the coil and go for a new one should the actual coil be tampered with.

However, taking good care of the Yocan Zen Coils basically means you do not overuse or abuse it. Take regular hits from your device and just be careful not to burn the heating element as it may cause damage overtime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great coils

Great coils and last long

James Stephens

They ok it works well I like the evolve D better the mine has wire coils not rock the rock don't seem to do as well for me

Larry Powell
The C4-DE Xtra coil s

They are great coils, great flavor from the dabs!