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Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps

Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps

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  • Threaded Connections
  • Prevents Spit Backs
  • Keeps Vaporizer Clean
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About Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps

The Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps is the official replacement coil cap for the Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer. The Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps features threaded designs that allow it to securely fit on the coils allowing it to do a better job when it comes to preventing spit backs and keep your vaporizer clean. The Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps are easy install and remove having now redesigned knurled edges allowing you to easily twist the coils and turn them with just your hands. While the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps boasts new found convenience, it still is a coil cap at heart. When connected to the coil, the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps prevents spit backs that can harm your lips and your tongue during your session. Spit backs happen when your wax concentrates are heated at a high temperature level that they end up bubbling and spitting back towards you. The hot spew of wax concentrates can burn your lips and your tongue making your sessions less appealing. At the same time these spit backs can be really tough to clean. Melted wax gets into every nook and cranny which when hardens becomes resinous buildups. Not only do they make your vaporizer dirty but they can also harbor dirt and other unwanted microorganisms in the process. Using the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps is a great way to ensure that these spit backs will not get into hard to reach surfaces therefore keeping your vaporizer clean.

Heat and Flavor Retention

Amongst the other benefits of using a coil cap is improved heat and flavor retention. By capping the atomizer, the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps helps by trapping the heat making the process of heating your wax concentrates more effective and taking less power from the battery because the chamber stays heated for longer using less power and therefore extends the lifespan of the battery. By trapping the heat, the Yocan Apex Mini makes for a more viable means of vaping a wide variety of wax concentrates with different consistencies from budder, shatter, wax, and crumble. Flavor of your favorite wax concentrates are also faithfully preserved by capping the coils. That's because the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps helps in regulating the airflow which directs the vaporized product straight to the mouthpiece instead of having been scattered all around. This makes the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps a valuable feature to the Yocan Apex Mini allowing you to maximize your experience with it.

The Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps are modeled from the previous coil caps used by Yocan with its other devices. The Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps however are redesigned with a smaller circumference and a textured edge which makes it a great accessory that’s specifically designed and engineered for the Yocan Apex Mini dab pen. Make sure not to use your vaporizer without the Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps and stock up on these products by buying yours directly here at Yocan Vaporizer.

What’s in the box:

  • Yocan Apex Mini Coil Caps - 5 Pieces/10 Pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great coil caps

Awesome coil caps

Mike Muscarella
Nice and small and hot.....

It's nice and small. Wish there was a holding tank. Also it gets kinda hot. Not for the heavy hitter, you'll burn you lips.

Paige Cuccaro
Good price fast delivery

New ones make all the difference.

Handy to Have

Definitely handy to have when also purchasing coils. To be honest, though, I wish you could buy them as a combo.

Josh Conti
Great buy

100% worth not cleaning them unless you want to. So nice to be able to clean them another time by having spares.