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Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece

Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece

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  • Strong Magnetic Connection
  • Durable Materials
  • With Detachable Ceramic Filter
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About Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece

The Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece is the official mouthpiece for the Wulf Mods Flora Dry Herb Vaporizer. This component will allow owners to maintain their devices and change their mouthpiece should it get too dirty or if they lose it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in the Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece.

Durable Magnetic Connection

The Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece boasts strong magnetic connections, which makes it a secure mouthpiece to have even when you’re out and about. One of the common complaints of vaporizer owners with magnetic components is that these parts tend to fall off their places easily. We’re talking about batteries, wax jars, and mouthpieces that have magnetic connections.

However, the Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece offers a strong enough hold on the base that it does not easily get knocked out of place even if you are keeping it inside your bag, on your pocket, and even of you are strolling around town with it in the palm of your hands.

Further, Wulf Mods know that creating a strong magnetic bond between the base and the mouthpiece is important as a loose connection could cause the vapor produced by the Wulf Mods Flora Dry Herb Vaporizer to escape from the loose cracks. Since its magnetic connection is strong, owners of this dry herb vaporizer need not worry about wasting their previous vapors.

Made with Durable Materials

The Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece was built using durable materials. Even if the mouthpiece is exposed to constant heat, it does not get weak overtime and it does not create unwanted taste or smell.

Many vaporizer owners complain that cheaply-made products usually leave a bad taste and unwanted smell on the vapor. On that note, some vaporizer owners are turned off by the bad smell and the weird taste of the vapors they get from cheap devices.

Conversely, the Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece is made using materials that are durable so it allows for the faithful preservation of the flavor and the aroma of your botanical plant matter.

Easy to Clean

Having a magnetic mouthpiece means that cleaning and maintenance is made simple and straightforward.

A mouthpiece with threaded connections has grooves and crevices that can collect fine dust, small ground herbs, and even residual waste. A mouthpiece with magnetic connections, on the other hand, has smooth surfaces and fine edges, which means that no unwanted materials — and microorganisms for that matter — can get trapped in the mouthpiece.

Moreover, cleaning only entails wiping the mouthpiece with a clean cloth instead of having to brush and carefully remove leftover herbs inside the nooks and crannies of a threaded mouthpiece.

Therefore, the Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece is perfect for herb consumers who are conscious about their health and do not want to inhale dirty and contaminated vapor.

It is a great choice not only for recreational consumers but also for those who medicate with their vaporizers.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece

Customer Reviews

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Wulf Mods Flora Replacement Mouthpiece

Landen Lamberth

Great product

Susan Bare

I wish the mouthpieces were designed a little bit stronger, because I always seem to have problems with the cap breaking before device does. Other than that I absolutely love the product.

Great Product

My go to Herb Vaper