Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip

Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip

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  • XTAL Coil Technology
  • Nectar Collector Style Coil
  • Threaded Connections
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About Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip

For those who want to enjoy a different experience we recommend using the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip. The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip offers a unique experience you don’t typically see with most dab pens on the market. Well, the Yocan Falcon is no ordinary dab pen. The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip allows consumers to consume their select wax concentrates without having to transfer wax from the container to an atomizer. The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip is inspired by the XTAL Coils used in the Yocan Dive Mini which takes after the idea of using a torchless nectar collector. What this means is that you can cut to the chase and instead of having to scoop up wax from your jar and load them onto the coils, you just go straight to the jar and dab the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip onto it. This makes the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip an ideal wax heating element for consumers who are used to vaping large amounts of dabs. The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip lets you dab to your heart’s content and enjoy the benefits your wax concentrates. The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip also makes dabbing a more convenient and economical means of vaping. When you transfer or load your wax concentrates using a dab tool, some of the wax concentrates are left over on the dab tool. Unless heated, the wax concentrates you leave on the dab tool is wasted. When you dab straight from the jar, you’re leaving no room for waste saving more material for actual use.

Threaded Connections

The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip also use threaded connections to link it with the Yocan Falcon’s battery. The threaded connections allow for easy and simple means of removal and replacement of the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip. Almost everyone knows how to work a threaded connection, it’s just righty tighty lefty loosey. The threaded connections Yocan uses on the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip allows many consumers to easily remove and replace the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip especially because it’s not the only atomizer coil the Yocan Falcon Vaporizer is. Having threaded connections makes it so that you have one uniform way of having to change and replace all the available coils that the Yocan Falcon is compatible with.

The Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip’s threaded connections are also a way for the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip to enjoy a secure and stable connection which ensures that it does not get knocked off its place which gives its users a sense of security when using the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip. You're sure that the threaded connections will provide you with a reliable platform that the Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip can sit on. And while magnetic connections offer a seamless and convenient way of removing and replacing the coils, having a threaded connection is still one of the most reliable way of seating the coil on the battery so it doesn’t really have to wriggle and wobble in its place.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 or 5 Yocan Falcon XTAL Tip (quantity depends on your choice) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Britnee Cox
The best

Will never use any other nectar collector again

Josh Farmer
About the Falcon xtal tip

I’ve had my falcon for 3 years now still the best product ever
Rather you use the xtal tip or the coil can’t go wrong
Just keep it clean and you’ll vape forever lol thank you YoCan

Nelson Adolfo
Best purchase

Works GREAT!! Love the versatility and all the options!! I can easily take it anywhere or enjoy it at home with the water attachment!! 👍

Charrisa Shockley
Falcon xl tip

Fits and works perfectly on my Yocan Falcon.

Phillip Boisvert
Love these

great product for the job! definitely buy extra tips and coils! falcon FTW!