Yocan Wit Atomizer


  • Cross Compatible with Yocan Groote & Yocan Kodo
  • 510-Threaded
  • Magnetic Connection
yocan vaporizer features


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About Yocan Wit Atomizer

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

The Yocan Wit Atomizer is the ideal atomizer to use with the Yocan Wit. It’s an atomizer made by Yocan which is why its specifications are built around its existing products like the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer. It has two varieties that allow you to enjoy and reap the benefits of both wax concentrates and thick oil extracts. Each variety boasts its own advantages but have almost similar performance. In terms of the overall build, the Yocan Wit Atomizer is an ideal atomizer of choice for those who like to use their vaporizers frequently because they are made using the best raw materials available to Yocan and they use the latest technology and strictest manufacturing standards to ensure overall quality.

Yocan is one of the best vaporizer manufacturers in the industry and they’re known for delivering high-quality vaporizers at such an affordable price. Their atomizers and vape attachments are no different, they are made with the utmost quality and are sold at a reasonable price point. This is one of the major draws of Yocan products to consumers of all levels which is why the Yocan Wit Atomizer is a great option for those wanting to consume extracts using their Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer.

The Yocan Wit Atomizer is a refillable atomizer that allows you to fill it up with your select extracts. You no longer have to bear with manufacturer-based extracts just because it’s the only blend and the only type of concentrate available to a particular atomizer, the Yocan Wit Atomizer ensures that you can consume your favorite materials without sacrificing performance. You can even use your own brew as long as it fits the required density and viscosity.

Made with Superior Technology

Yocan has also been known and famous for its coil game. Products like the Yocan Quad Coil and the Yocan Dual Quartz Coils placed the Yocan brand on the map of some of the best manufacturers in the business. This is why you’d find specs of this technology on the Yocan Wit Atomizer. On the wax atomizer, Yocan has used a downsized version of their quartz coil and is pegged to have an almost similar performance. The Yocan Wit Atomizer is outfitted with a high-quality quartz mineral that immediately conducts heat for fast and almost on-demand vaporization of your wax concentrates. The coils are of likewise good quality and can provide superior performance. The thick oil atomizers are made to accommodate a wide variety of dense oils and are a top fill unit. The wax atomizer runs at 1.0 ohms while the thick oil atomizer runs at 1.8 ohms.

Each atomizer can connect to the Yocan Wit Box Mod via a 510-threaded magnetic adapter allowing you to enjoy a seamless experience when removing and replacing the coils. The magnetic links allow you to simply pull the atomizer from the cartridge box mod and just slide it in when you’re about to use it.

The Yocan Wit Atomizer is a great option for those who want to enjoy superior vaporization at a low price point.


  • 1.0-Ohm Wit Atomizers OR 1.8-Ohm Wit Atomizers (Quantity depends on your selection above)


  • Magnet Connector not included.
  • Package does not come with both types.

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yocan vaporizer features

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