Benefits of a Multi-Use Vaporizer for Wax, Oil, or Dry Herb

Benefits of a Multi-Use Vaporizer for Wax, Oil, or Dry Herb

Everyone likes choices and everyone likes to save money; a multi-use vaporizer is the perfect combination of those two virtues. So, should everyone get a multi-use vaporizer? If you have a specific preference, then no, however, multi-use vapes are great for a wide variety of vaping people.

They’re perfect for people who might prefer different marijuana ingestion methods depending on their mood or needs. For example, medical patients may enjoy a strong, concentrated THC concentrate initially, and then can vary intensity with dry herb throughout the course of treatment (this also may be the case for recreational users too!) Or maybe, someone may prefer the intense hit of wax one day and the relaxed vibe of dry weed flower the next. A multi-use vape will always accommodate these needs. Here are some other benefits a multi-use vaporizer can have to a variety of people.

Multi-use Weed Vapes are Beginner Friendly

New users may not be sure what type of marijuana method they like, the short, intense sessions you get from wax or the longer chilled out weed sessions. A multi-use vaporizer is a good way for them to experiment and discover which method suits them best. If they end up liking both methods, well, they already own the vaporizer that’s perfect for them.

Discreet or Conspicuous Vaporizer? You Decide.

Certain situations allow you to vape loud and proud, in other situations you might have to be delicate and discreet. A multi-use vaporizer will let you decide. If you like big clouds then you can take advantage of the vapor production of a wax pen---particularly when using the quartz coil. If you’re in a situation where discretion is required, you can opt for the smaller clouds produced by dry herb. With a multi-use device, you can vape how you want, when you want.

Dual Use Vapes for Flower + Wax are Great Peacemakers

No more fighting with your friend/room-mate/BF/GF about what type of vaporizer to get because you each vape different substances. A multi-use vape will deliver peace in our time, at least where marijuana is concerned. Getting a multi-use vaporizer like the Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 that can vape wax, dry herb, and oil will resolve all conflicts.

When you can Vape Anything, You’re Ready for Everything

If you’re taking a journey and don’t know what the cannabis situation will be like where you end up, a multi-use vaporizer will have you prepared for anything. Is herb the word where you are? Maybe wax is where it’s at? No matter the circumstance, with a multi-use vape like the aptly named Yocan Explore you’ll always be prepared.

As you can see vaporizers that are compatible with different substances are great for different people and different situations. If you’re in the market for a multi-use vaporizer then Yocan is the place to be.

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