How Portable Should Your Portable Vaporizer Be?

by Paul P. August 18, 2017

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Living in a modern world, more vaping enthusiasts are investing in portable vaporizers than desktop vaporizers nowadays. However, some fail to evaluate the real portability of these devices before even buying them.

It is always important to make sure that you get a vaporizer that will definitely make a perfect buddy wherever you go; specially if you are a person who has a hectic schedule or maybe someone who is just into travelling. So, before you even spend your hard-earned money, take a look at the things that you have to consider.


Definitely. It is not enough that your vaporizer is lightweight and compact. As much as possible you want to get the most unrecognizable device that will make you comfortable to use even in public places. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to be too small, it just has to be discreet enough; like a key-chain or a small toy, or anything that will not catch other people's attention.


A portable vaporizer is a quality vaporizer. This does not only talk about the unit itself, but also the components that come with it. Every part should be thoroughly engineered and well-invested in terms of the materials used. The battery should be long lasting and high performance so you can enjoy uninterrupted yet extremely satisfying vaporization sessions on-the-go. You have to make sure that your device will not bring you down in the middle of a short break from a very busy day. Also, this will ensure that you are free from any harmful incidents. So, invest in a good-quality portable vaporizer. Don’t compromise a very important factor for any reason.


A great portable vaporizer should be very straightforward and easy to operate. Nobody wants a device that requires a lot of setup just to take a quick draw on a travel. So, here are the things that make a simple portable vaporizer.

  • Preset Temperatures - If your vaporizer has temperature presets, your on-the-go vaping will always be just a few clicks away. Just make sure to get a unit that features the temperatures that best work for you, and you will enjoy hassle-free sessions anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart Battery - Smart battery enables your device to remember the last level of heat you set. And this is, most of the time, your most preferred temperature. As soon as you switch your device on, it will instantly heat up to that level and let you quickly take a draw.  
  • Single-Button - Single-button operated vaporizers are the easiest to use that you won’t even have to use your eyes to operate them. That is perfectly convenient in any occasion.


Have Built-in Tools

Built-in tools will complete the portability of a vaporizer. Some manufacturers (such as Yocan) today, already make vaporizers that come with integrated tools such as a dab tool, a container or even a shredder. If you have this kind of vaporizer, you can forget about bringing an extra pouch with you; your pocket will be more than enough!


Go ahead and start doing your homework and make sure to get the best deal for a real user-friendly portable vaporizer.

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