Yocan Green: The Eco-friendly Difference

Yocan Green: The Eco-friendly Difference

Yocan Green is the newest sub-brand under the Yocan Vaporizer marque. This follows the Yocan Black sub-label, which focuses on premium wax concentrate consumption. Yocan Green, in comparison, is a line that focuses on eco-friendly accessories that have been tailored for smokers and vapers alike.

The Yocan Green sub-name is built on the idea that smoking dry herb strains and vaping wax concentrates can be enjoyed by those who want to reap its benefits without negatively affecting the people around them as well as the environment they live in.

It is true that smoking and vaping out in public — and even in confined private spaces — is frowned upon, due to the somewhat intrusive nature of the visible smoke or vapor one lets out after huffing or puffing from their spliff, cigarette, or vape.

On that note, the folks from Yocan decided it’s time to change things for the better and have developed products that can help herb and extract consumers become a part of the society again, without having to stop consuming their beloved materials.

So, if you feel like this message speaks to you, or if you, in some way, relate to this philosophy, then read on to find out more about Yocan Green and why its family of products should be on your list of what to buy next.

Yocan Green

As we’ve briefly discussed earlier, Yocan Green is a sub-brand of the famous Yocan trade name.

Yocan Green is the company’s attempt to make smoking herbs and vaping wax concentrates as well as oils somewhat bearable for everybody. The sub-brand features products that will not just allow you to reap the benefits of your favorite plant matter, but will let the people surrounding you enjoy your company while you’re at it.

Here are a few examples of what some people dislike when being around smokers or vapers:

  • Having smoke or vapor blown near them
  • Having to smell the stinky smoke
  • Having the musty smell stick to one’s clothes (or hair)
  • The fear of second-hand smoking
  • Acquiring health issues related to smoking

With the bullet points listed above, it’s understandable why some of your friends (or relatives for that matter) chose not to be around you when you whip up a cigarette or pull out your vaporizer.

But here’s the good part.

Yocan Green is a name that aims to erase those stigmas by way of smoking and vaping accessories that will help you eliminate the smell of smoke and reduce its negative effects on the people around you.

Yocan Green

In addition, Yocan Green’s products are also designed to help make your sessions discreet and efficient, so as to ensure that you can keep a low profile when consuming your preferred materials whether you’re cooped up at home, or when you’re out and about on a Saturday night.

To put it simply, Yocan Green is a promise to all smokers and vapers that you can lower your footprint not only on the people surrounding you but also on the environment in general. It’s doing your part as a responsible smoker or vaper and ensuring that those who are with you are not bothered by your favorite habit.

Why choose Yocan Green?

Now that you know what Yocan Green is, let’s talk about why you should strongly consider getting products from this sub-brand.

1. Yocan Green places sustainability first

Yocan Green is a company that places sustainability on the top of its priority. With that being said, products made by Yocan Green have been ethically sourced and are produced in a way to leave very little carbon footprint.

The goal is to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and one that allows smokers and vapers to eliminate some of the major stigmas that come with consuming herbs and wax concentrates by smoking or vaping. So, it is only right to manufacture goods that adhere to adopting ways and practices that will allow the company to show love to Mother Earth.

According to Yocan Green itself, the company uses eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that it does not heavily contribute to the residual waste the globe is looking to get rid of.

Yocan Green eco-friendly

Per a report published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas emissions from factories took up 23 percent of the overall emissions cited by the agency in 2021. Based on the same report, industrial greenhouse gas emissions ranked third, following transportation and electricity production, respectively.

On that note, Yocan Green’s move to place sustainability in the heart of the company falls in line with the brand’s motive, its meaning.

Let’s look at the filters Yocan Green uses as an example.

At the core of every Yocan Green smoke filter is an eco-friendly filter that is made up of natural ingredients, which not only make it a highly sustainable component but also one that is recyclable and biodegradable.

Further, Yocan Green designed these smoke filters to have reusable silicone shells so you don’t always have to buy and throw away silicone housings for their smoke filters — you can just simply use the same silicone shell again and again.

Yocan Green’s use of eco-friendly raw materials as well as its move to design its products in such a way that its customers will not have to constantly throw away pieces of plastic only shows its commitment to its goal and its steadfast dedication to change the way you smoke and the way you vape.

2. Yocan Green uses tested, reliable technology

You’ve heard it right, Yocan Green uses tested and reliable technology in developing and designing their products.

Let’s go back to the aforementioned smoke filter and dissect it a bit so we can clearly see why purchasing a Yocan Green product might just be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Every Yocan Green smoke filter uses a four-stage high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, a technology used in a wide variety of industries from the automotive sector to hospitals, laboratories, and the food industry.

That said, the said technology is widely used and is trusted by a range of professionals due to its effectiveness and its ability to really sift through particles, contaminants, and irritants in the air. By employing HEPA filters in its products, Yocan Green ensures that its customers can rely on their smoke filters to do their job, which is basically significantly reducing the harmful effects of smoke or vapor, while still providing various advantages like eliminating the odor from the smoke blown into these products.

Yocan Green filters and technology

Yocan Green’s HEPA filters use a four-stage process to combat the unwanted effects of smoke. Once the gaseous output of most pipes and vaporizers are directed into the Yocan Green air filter, it is first greeted by a screen that sieves the smoke and serve as the product’s first line of filtering. Next, it passes a sponge, which also does an effective job of minimizing the smoke’s bad upshots. Further, it is faced with activated carbon. The activated carbon component is an effective tool which sucks away the bad odor from the smoke. Finally, it goes through a filter element that serves as the last layer of filtration to ultimately remove the unwanted stink and the unnecessary particles that might cause irritation in one’s throat or lungs.

By purchasing a Yocan Green air filter, one can enjoy the advantages of having a toll or an accessory that uses trusted and tested technology, in the form of the four-stage HEPA filter technology.

Unlike other products on the market, Yocan Green chose to stick to something that works, especially that the brand’s smoke filters are going to be used with the idea of sustainability and making smoking and vaping safe not only for the actual consumer, but for his or her friends and families.

One Yocan Green product that highlights this said feature is the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter.

3. The brand has some exciting plans

Yocan Green is not stopping with just offering a family of smoke filters. Yocan Green also has some exciting plans for the future, so it certainly is a brand worth investing in.

Upon checking Yocan Green’s website, the eco-friendly-oriented sub-brand of Yocan appears to have plans of launching its own line of herb grinders soon. While it’s still to be announced, the herb grinders that Yocan Green will launch will surely be something out of the ordinary.

By out of the ordinary, we mean that it could be made from sustainable materials too — like hemp.

Yocan Green soon

The majority of weed grinders on the market today is made up of either plastic or some kind of high-end (aerospace) metal. Some of the more premium herb grinder brands come up with devices that have various layers, so as to provide a way to slice the herbs into small pieces; catch the pollen; and even offer some sort of storage space for the ground botanical plant matter.

Hemp will also fall in line with Yocan Green’s initiative to create products from sustainable raw materials and designing items that are eco-friendly.

So, if you’re looking for a new name you want to be a part of, the Yocan Green sub-brand would be a great choice. Not only are you going to be a part of its inevitable growth. Also, you need not worry of the Yocan Green moniker flopping. It is backed by none other than Yocan, so it will definitely have staying power and the ability to produce simple, straightforward, and attainable products for the general smoking and vaping public.

4. It is made by Yocan

As we’ve mentioned above, Yocan Green is backed by none other than Yocan.

For the uninitiated, Yocan is a vaporizer company that has been around for as long as we know. It can even be seen as a vaporizer company that helped make vapes — dry herb vapes, wax vapes, and oil vapes — a mainstream thing, as before Yocan entered the industry, portable vaporizers were considered cheap and shady versions of their desktop counterparts.

Yocan’s technological and production knowhow allowed the production of high-quality vaporizers that do what they’re supposed to do. In addition, Yocan has been able to make devices that are sold with almost half the price of the so-called premium vapes on the market today.

Products like the Yocan Evolve, Yocan Evolve Plus, and Yocan Evolve Plus XL has placed the Yocan name on the map as they are reliable, durable, and affordable — a recipe that favored the majority of vape users.

And for those still in doubt about the quality of Yocan products such as Yocan Green, the Chinese vaporizer company is known not only for its dependable and attainable vaporizers but also for the level of the standard it implements in its factories.

For example, Yocan has earned various management certificates from various organizations. To name a few, Yocan has attained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 quality management system certification standards.

The Shenzhen-headquartered company also produces its vaporizers (as well as its smoke filters and herb grinders for that matter) with Individual Qualification Certification (IQC), Input Process Quality Control (IPQC), Line Quality Control (LQC), and Factory Quality Assessment (FQA) in mind.

Yocan Green - sub-brand of Yocan

Also, every Yocan product has said to have passed Conformité Européenne (CE), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements.

So, you can be sure about the quality of Yocan Green products since it being backed by an institution in the vaping industry.

How to use a Yocan Green air filter

Since we’ve been talking about Yocan Green’s air filters, you might be wondering “how does one actually use a smoke filter?”

Well, the good thing about it is that Yocan Green’s air filters are pretty simple and straightforward. And like any other Yocan product, the smoke filters available under the Yocan Green sub-brand requires no training, no reviewing, and using it all comes naturally.

To use it, you simply inhale from your pipe, blunt, cigarette, or vaporizer and just blow the smoke or vapor into the filter. The effect — as Yocan Green puts it — is “huge clouds in, clean air out.”

It’s just a matter of puffing smoke or vapor right into the mouth of the air filter and seeing the magic happen as the aforementioned four-stage HEPA filter system does all the work for you. No more blowing smoke or vapor in some direction just to make your sessions discreet and to avoid the judging looks of gapers and onlookers, Yocan Green’s air filters will work its wonders for you.

As we’ve mentioned, all you need to do is inhale all the goodness your favorite materials have to offer and let all the smoke and vapor loose on the Yocan Green smoke filter.

Yocan Green product must-haves

Now that you know Yocan Green — as a company — better, it’s time for us to look into its must-have products so you can check out the popular Yocan Green items you need to consider on your next purchase.

1. Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter is definitely an accessory any smoker or vaper must purchase.

On the outside, the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter offers a sleek and sexy look, one you wouldn’t mistake for as a portable smoke filter. It is available in colors such as glossy black, white with speck, purple with speck, green with speck, and pink with speck.

That being said, the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter is easy to hide due to its discreet design. Conversely, it can be used as an accompanying accessory to your vaping or smoking setup since its plain yet classy-looking exterior can be used to match a wide variety of items.

Yocan Green Cloak

Inside, the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter is equipped with the aforementioned four-stage HEPA filter, which means that you can expect it to function perfectly when it comes to cutting down the negative effects of second-hand smoke as well as to totally eliminate the stink one hates when smelling cigarette or other forms of smoke.

What’s even better is that the four-stage HEPA filter on the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter is 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable. That means that when you have used up the filter, all you need to do is to dump it in a biodegradable bin. Doing so allows the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter to not contribute to the growing amount of trash on our landfills.

One can get up to more than 1,000 uses from the Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Personal Air Filter. Just in case you’re wondering.

2. Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter is another Yocan Green product you might want to add to your arsenal.

The Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter belongs to a family of smoke filters, which include the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter, Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter, Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter, and Yocan Green Mushroom Personal Air Filter.

All of the aforementioned products showcase a silicone case with various shapes. As you might imagine, the said shapes are a flying saucer, a pinecone, a penguin, a whale, and a mushroom. Now what that does is that it allows the owner to basically carry a personal smoke filter that looks nothing like a smoke filter.

Yocan Green Flying Saucer

Instead, onlookers and passersby will only see cute-looking toy-like figures that can easily be mistaken as a collectible figure.

On that note, Yocan Green smoke filters like the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter can help make one’s sessions more discreet. Imagine having to light up your vaporizer in a public place, with people looking at you. You simply pull out your Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter and voila! Your smoke or vapor becomes less visible and the odor is removed.

The thing with smoking or vaping in public is that despite blowing out thin wisps of clouds, other people may still catch you since they can still follow the smell of burnt dry herb strains or the smell of vaporized wax concentrates.

With the Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter, you can eliminate that and still be able to reap the benefits offered by your favorite herbs and extracts.

Should you buy from Yocan Green?

Given want we’ve talked about above, the answer is yes. You should definitely consider buying products from Yocan Green, especially its personal smoke filters. If you are a smoker or a vaper, you should positively add one of Yocan Green’s products into your arsenal.

Not only will it allow you to enjoy reaping the benefits of your select dry herbs and wax concentrates, but you can do so knowing that you are not being an inconvenience to other and you are not affecting Mother Nature in a negative way.

That said, Yocan Green is the perfect brand for those who want to get elevated without bringing the environment down.

On that note, we strongly suggest you checking out Yocan Green products from Yocan’s authorized dealers. To make matters simple, you might want to try picking up your product at Yocan Vaporizers, the home of original and authentic Yocan products where you are assured of their quality every time you spend your money.
In the future, when Yocan Green releases its line of grinders, you are sure to find these products at Yocan Vaporizers too.

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