Yocan in 2020: Latest About Yocan Vaporizers

Yocan in 2020: Latest About Yocan Vaporizers

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Yocan has been in the business for as long as we can remember. They have been the go-to brand for both beginners and advanced consumers and have manufactured devices that are capable and affordable – two words that were never found on the same sentence when describing vaporizers. Well, at least not until the brand entered the market.

It’s no secret.

The brand’s allure lies in its ability to balance affordability and reliability. For years they have been manufacturing dependable devices with simple and rudimentary technology and has been their secret to delivering products with a lower price tag but are reliable nonetheless.

This approach to manufacturing vaporizers has worked for the company in its previous years, but how well does Yocan fare against other brands that pack their vaporizers with more advanced technology?

The Yocan Company in 2020

Apart from providing consumers with affordable devices, Yocan has been associated with innovation and the ability to reinvent, if not revolutionize, the way we see vaporizers.

In the past years, Yocan has helped shape the landscape by manufacturing vaporizers that are better than the conventional and the traditional products we see on the market. From cheap multi-purpose vape pens to reasonably priced pod vaporizers and dab pen hybrids, the brand seems to have done it all.

Let’s see what the company has to offer in 2020.

Relevant Technology

As a part of their move to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry, Yocan has started offering next-gen products that are outfitted with likewise, forward-looking technologies.

Here are a few.

1. USB-C Technology

For years Yocan has used reliable, but now dated, charging technologies. These include the likes of the 510-threaded USB chargers and the micro USB chargers. While they definitely recharge your batteries, they pose several downsides.

First, it’s hard to find replacements should your original charger break. Second, you’d have to lug around additional chargers or charging cables if you need to travel with your vaporizer. Third, charging does take a while.

Fortunately, their most recent vaporizers, like the Yocan X Concentrate Pod Vaporizer, have used USB type-C technology. USB-C charging offers better features like reversibility and faster data and power transfer. You can connect the charging cable to the battery without worrying about damaging the teeth of the tip when you’ve connected the cable to the port incorrectly. This literally eliminates this problem. Furthermore, batteries with at least 500mAh capacity can be fully charged in 40 minutes.

2. Precision Temperature Settings

For the longest time, products from Yocan have almost only offered preset temperature settings. They’ve revamped their line of devices by equipping them with precision temperature control.

For the uninitiated, precision temperature settings allow you to “precisely” select the temperature level you will use to heat your select materials. Regardless if you’re vaping ground herbs, dabbing wax concentrates, or consuming thick oils, the ability to select the temperature level allows you to directly influence your sessions.

Precision temperature vaporizers, like the Yocan UNI Pro, allow you to accurately heat your materials so you can achieve targeted results.

Speaking of which...

3. Digital Display

When you talk about precision control vaporizers, you’d have to talk about digital displays. Vaporizers with crisp digital displays like the Yocan Vane, use display screens to help you keep track of the running temperature level of the device.

In classic Yocan fashion, their display screens are minimal and display only the most important features and information. This is so that you won’t get flooded with details that can cause confusion. Their digital display screens are easy to understand and are user-friendly encouraging even those with very little to no experience with vaporizers to use one with a digital control.

Manuals and Other Information

We're now living in the golden age of technology where information matters more than ever. The folks at Yocan saw the need for to add decent manuals to help their customers understand how to use and operate their devices.

Because their products are often seen as entry-level vaporizers, their costumer-base often consist of beginners. While the vaporizers manufactured and released by Yocan are designed to be simple and straightforward devices, the inclusion of manuals that can help guide customers get the best from their devices.

Apart from the manuals, Yocan has also began providing consumers with the actual temperature range for devices with preset temperature settings. Instead of saying low, medium, and high, customers are now treated to accurate temperature readouts from the actual devices. No more guessing the temperature level.

Modern Colorways

Aside from updating the technology that powers their products, Yocan has updated their color options for 2020. This marks the refreshed look of their vaporizers with updated palettes.

Here are some of the refreshed colors.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Sakura Pink
  • Champagne Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Sea Blue
  • Apple Green
  • Azure Green

While these new color options don’t exactly add anything to the device’s functionality, they do give it a better aesthetic quality. This only proves that the company is moving forward to rethinking not only the way their devices work but also how they look.

Wanting to further increase their presence and gain a better foothold of the portable vaporizer market, Yocan improved their lineup with vaporizers that look to remain relevant in the years to come in both technology and aesthetic quality.

You can’t say no to a vaporizer that works as good as it looks.

It goes without saying that we’re not the only ones who are happy to see Yocan’s products get a much-needed face-lift. On that note, let me interest you with the brand’s old vaporizers treated to a new paint.

Yocan 2020 Colors

As we’ve briefly covered above, part of the company’s move in updating their lineup is giving their products a new look. While we’re not getting overhauled exteriors, we’re getting the next best thing – new paint.

Some of the brand’s flagship products got new colors as the company steps into a new age. While the new color options look lively and vibrant, they are also subtle and delicate at the same time. They emanate a fun and cheerful spirit but also isn’t as loud and flashy as the previous offerings. Gone are the ostentatious colors like rainbow and gold, the colors Yocan used are soft and subtle shades that perfectly define the sound character of the models.

Let’s check them out.

1. Yocan Evolve

The first on our list is the device that put the brand on the map. The Yocan Evolve is as iconic as Yocan products can get.

It offered simple and straightforward features like the brand’s quartz dual coils (QDC), 510-threaded connections, a single heat setting, a 650mAh battery, and a functional coil cap. The Yocan Evolve represented and captured everything the brand had to offer.

And what are those you may ask?

Simplicity and affordability.

The stuff that makes consumers want to use the Yocan Evolve more because it helps build their confidence and allow them to use a small and compact tool for consuming wax concentrates which will otherwise prove to be a daunting task with the use of a conventional dab rig.

There’s no need to use a blow torch nor spend a lot of money on expensive rigs. The Yocan Evolve proved that simple isn’t always bad.

Yocan gave the Evolve dab pen the following colors.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Sakura Pink
  • Champagne Gold
  • Apple Green
  • Azure Green

2. Yocan Evolve Plus

What’s better that the Evolve? That’s right, a larger and bolder device that offers more power than its predecessor.

The Evolve Plus does not disappoint. It offered a larger 1100mAn battery capacity over the Evolve’s 650mAh battery capacity, almost twice what the Evolve has to offer. And while it still uses the brand’s quartz dual coils (QDC), it offered an alternative heating element made from ceramic. The ceramic donut coil made for a great option for consumers that want more flavor.

That’s because ceramic, unlike quartz, facilitates low and slow heating which allows the extraction of the natural flavonoids and the terpenes in the wax concentrates. That's why the optional ceramic coil offers more flavorful vapor production with smoother draws.

The Evolve Plus still had a single heat setting and a functional coil cap, but now had an integrated wax jar for convenient wax storage when you’re out and about.

The Evolve Plus comes in the following updated colors.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Sakura Pink
  • Champagne Gold
  • Apple Green
  • Azure Green

3. Yocan Evolve Plus XL

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is the Evolve Plus evolved.

It shows its superiority and imposes its dominance over the previous models in every way possible. First, it boasts a bigger and badder battery at 1400mAh capacity. The battery is paired with a heating element that uses not just two, but four quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils that produce clouds that can literally melt your face.

While it has made a name for itself for delivering power and performance that can make even those with high tolerance think twice about their life decisions, the Evolve Plus XL from Yocan proves that it’s more than a one-trick pony.

Although it operates with only a single heat setting, it does offer some level of customization through its base which allows you to control airflow. And while its 1400mAh battery makes the Evolve Plus XL suffer from a larger body, it does provide other means of carrying through a detachable lanyard ring.

Albeit having features unique to its own, the Evolve Plus XL is still shows that it shares the same DNA as its smaller brothers. It has a removable silicone jar, a functional coil cap, single heat setting, and magnetic connections.

The Evolve Plus XL comes in the following refreshed colors.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Sakura Pink
  • Champagne Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Sea Blue

4. Yocan Magneto

The Yocan Magneto is the dab pen ascended.

It does away with all the threaded design and lives up to its namesake and boasts an all-magnetic design with the exception of the 510-threaded atomizer connection. The Yocan Magneto was as much as iconic as every vaporizer in the Evolve family that it had to be endowed with a new color-scheme.

The Yocan Magneto is outfitted with an 1100mAh battery that pairs well with a unique ceramic-based atomizer. What makes it special and likewise noteworthy is how the atomizer was designed. The Yocan Magneto Ceramic coil offers a two-step process of vaporizing your wax concentrates.

Here’s how it does it.

The atomizer is made with a multi-layer ceramic coil. The first layer is responsible for melting the wax while a secondary layer does the job of extracting the active ingredients off the wax through vaporization. Although ceramic is known for its low and slow heating properties, as we’ve covered above, the Yocan Magneto atomizer facilitates fast and progressive heating through the hollowed crevice at the side of the atomizer coil.

This way, it delivers the ideal vapor at an ideal pace.

Aside from the unique atomizer, the Yocan Magneto had an all-magnetic design. The mouthpiece, the integrated wax container, and even the coil caps are magnetic which made dabbing easier.

Another feature worth mentioning is the integrated dab tool which makes the Yocan Magneto a device that completely operates on its own. What we mean is that it did not require consumers to lug around any other accessory. It’s a comprehensive product that offers everything you need with the exception of your wax concentrates.

This unique dab pen comes in colors similar to the Evolve Plus XL.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Sakura Pink
  • Champagne Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Sea Blue

In our own honest opinion, the updated color options did a lot to refresh the looks of these old models without having to rework the actual body of these units.

It’s proof that you don’t fix what’s not broken.

Yocan’s 2020 Models

The year 2020 saw a lot of things happen and one of those was the release of Yocan’s next-gen devices. The design and development that Yocan’s engineers put into each product shows how each product is carefully thought of.

These products offer the ideal balance of simple and advanced technology which makes them such valuable additions to the brand’s collection of portable vaporizers. They still embody the value of the brand by delivering devices that are reliable and affordable.

Now’s the best time to get into Yocan’s products, here are some next-gen Yocan devices you can start with.

1. Yocan Regen

The Yocan Regen is one of the brand’s latest entries in 2020 and marked the beginning, or rather, the “regeneration” of the brand.

The Yocan Regen offered all the best things the company’s previous dab pens had to offer. It had a relatively capable 1100mAh battery, preset temperature settings, magnetic connection connecting the device’s mouthpiece and base, a modular hanging ring, and an integrated silicone jar.

However, what made this dab pen so special is that it was the wax pen that Yocan used to introduce their newest heating element – the quartz tri coils (QTC).

This heating element is designed with three quartz rods which meant that it delivered just the right amount of power and potency. It offered an experience that’s dab smack in the middle of the brand’s quartz dual coils (QDC) and quad coils.

2. Yocan HIT

Soon after the commercial success of the Yocan Regen, the company released yet another vaporizer geared to give the band another hit.

The aptly named Yocan HIT was much like the aforementioned Regen that it offered the best its previous herb pens had to offer. The HIT is outfitted with a 1400mAh battery, precision temperature controls, a magnetic mouthpiece, an integrated stir tool, and an OLED display.

This dry herb vaporizer is also outfitted with USB-C charging technology and aims to be a future-proof device.

However, what sets the Yocan HIT apart from other dry herb pens is its full convection ceramic oven. It uses hot air paired with a ceramic oven to deliver smooth and flavorful clouds of vapor. Yocan does this feat while keeping the price tag affordable.

3. Yocan Armor

The Armor is a throwback to nostalgic products released by the company which were geared towards longevity and durability.

Yocan outfitted the Yocan Armor with robust exterior complete with protuberant edges that help consumers grasp the battery better. The Yocan Armor was simple, straightforward, but most importantly, ruggedly reliable.

It offers a 380mAh battery, Yocan’s quartz dual coils, a functional coil cap, and threaded connections all over which prevents the components from getting knocked out of place when you keep it in your bag or in your pocket.

The Yocan Armor also boasts fast charging capabilities achieving fully charged status in as fast as 30 minutes.

4. Yocan Vane

The newest pocket dry herb vaporizer from Yocan set to compete with the likes of more expensive devices twice or even thrice its price. It’s set to be a fan favorite and is geared to change the face of affordable, entry-level vaporizers.

The Yocan Vane uses a conduction oven like other devices in the same platform but uses a ceramic to line the walls of the oven for superior vaporization. It harnesses the power of its 1100mAh battery paired with precision temperature control to deliver professional quality vapors on-the-go.

Like its next-gen brethren, the Yocan Vane uses USB-C technology and is outfitted with a crisp PLED screen.

5. Yocan Dive Mini

The Yocan Dive Mini is the brand’s answer to the growing number of terp pens that function as a nectar collector.

Showing that are ahead of the game, the company gave the old Dive a revival. The Yocan Dive Mini is a smaller but better version of the old dog. It offers a 400mAh battery, two sets of coils, and a glass attachment.

While other brands include additional coils for replacement, Yocan outfits the Dive Mini with two coils for variability.


That’s because it can function not only as a nectar collector but also as a conventional dab pen. This means you can enjoy traditional dabbing when you’re out and about or dab straight from a jar when you’re at home.

Yocan also introduced their new XTAL (crystal) coils that are designed and engineered for drawing crystal clean and smooth vapors from your select extracts.

6. Yocan X

Lastly, at the time of writing, Yocan has released the Yocan X Concentrate Pod Vaporizer.

As you may have noticed, the brand is reviving and reinventing previous devices and the Yocan X is attributed to past pod vaporizers, the Evolve 2.0 and the Trio.

However, the Yocan X Concentrate is designed specifically for dabs and uses the brand’s iconic quartz dual coils (QDC) to deliver dab pen-like results in a small and compact pod system.

And that’s about it for Yocan’s latest vaporizers released this 2020.

We’re pretty sure that the brand will continue to put out more products that are as innovative as they are affordable. They sure started the year strong and one can only expect them to finish in the same fashion.

We hope that this article helped you have a better understanding and appreciation of Yocan. For more news about the latest devices, keep it here on Yocan!

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