Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023

Yocan’s Best Performing Products in 2023

Before we wrap up 2023, let’s talk about some of the best vaporizers from Yocan. The company has been one of the most popular vape brands on the market and have produced some of the most iconic herb vapes, wax vapes, and oil vapes of our generation.

And with the recent introduction of its sub-brands (Yocan Black and Yocan Green), Yocan has now started offering what could potentially be some of the most sought-after premium electronic rigs (e-rigs) and eco-friendly accessories a smoker or a vaper could ask for.

Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023

So, let’s go ahead and check out some of the best-performing Yocan products this year. Mind you, this is not a subjective list as the products in this roll were selected using actual data from arguably one off the best sources for all-things Yocan — yocanvaporizer.com.

On that note, we suggest you sit back, relax, and check out if your favorite Yocan product made it to the list. Let’s begin!

1. Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod

Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023 - Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 - most sold

The Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod is by far “the most sold Yocan product of 2023.” The data only proves that many consumers still prefer a portable and compact device that they can use to reap the benefits of their favorite wax concentrates and essential oils.

For the uninitiated, the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod is a device that’s compatible with almost all types of wax concentrates as well as most varieties of consumable oils. This means that this small vaporizer will allow its owners to consume their preferred extracts almost anywhere they go.

To begin with, Yocan fans and customers alike loved that the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod is housed in a durable metal body, something you simply can’t get in wax vapes and oil vaporizers in the $50.00 category. Its metal frame not only ensures that the internal electrical components of the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 is protected but it also meant that the device will look good longer than those encased in cheap plastic bodies.

Yocan slapped the UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod with a 650 milliampere (mAh) battery, which was paired with USB type-C charging technology. The combo ensures that not only its owners will get long-lasting battery life but will also enjoy faster charging times that devices equipped wiith dated micro-USB charging ports.

And to prove that the Yocan UNI 2.0 Box Mod is indeed a modern and a next-generation Yocan vape, it boasts a precision temperature control allowing consumers of all kinds to pin point the type of effect they want to get from their sessions.

Further, the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod is designed to allow consumers to hide the cartridge inside the body of the device. What this means is that it will work better for those who like to vape stealthily and want to avoid unnecessary looks from bystanders and onlookers who might be curious of what’s inside the cartridges that go in the chamber of the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod.

Altogether, the features offered by the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 is loved by many vape buyers and extract consumers whether they’re recreational users or those vaping for medicinal purposes.

To note, the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod is the evolution of the original Yocan UNI Box Mod, which has now spawned its own series of UNI Pro devices. This is only a testament that Yocan continues to improve its product, which makes its customers more excited for future vaporizers coming from the Chinese vape manufacturer. And because 2024 is just around the corner, you need not wait for a long time to possibly see a new version of the Yocan UNI box mod. What features will Yocan’s next UNI vape will have? Our guess is as good as yours.

2. Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod

Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023 - Yocan Kodo Pro - most loved

If the above mentioned Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod was the most-sold vaporizer of 2023, the ocan Kodo Pro Box Mod was “the most loved Yocan product in 2023.”


That’s because it is the highest-rated and the most-reviewed product in Yocan Vaprozer’s website for the year 2023.

To put things into perspective, 95 percent of those who bought the Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod on Yocan Vaporizer’s website gave it a five-star rating. In addition, customers who ordered it cannot help but leave a kindly-worded review. Here are a few.

“OMG wonderful little mod. It can last almost three days on one charge. This is my go to vape!” said Yocan Vaporizer customer Aimee Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Kayne The corn snake noted “I’m happy with it. Works great and I like how small it is while still packing a punch. Fits easily in your pocket.”

I mean, who wouldn’t be compelled to buy a Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod after reading positive customer reviews right?

For those interested in finding out what the Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod has to offer, its list of features are close to the aforementioned Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod.

Check out the list below:

  • 400mAh battery capacity
  • USB type-C charging technology
  • Digital OLED display screen
  • Adjustable voltage setting
  • Wax and oil compatibility

Other notable features of the Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod portable vaporizer include a 510-threaded connection that allows the cartridge to stick out from the actual battery. Unlike other devices that hide the cartridge inside the body, having full visibility of the oil or wax cart means that you will not only know wen it’s time to reload but you can easily anticipate when to put more oil or wax when you’re vaping.

Imagine getting all that in a small and compact box mod that its owners can bring with them whether they’re just out strolling around town on a Saturday night, or maybe going on a vacation where they just want to relax and even potentially get blown off their socks.

Finally, one of the most enticing thing about the Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod is its price. At under $20.00, we can all agree that copping this wax vaporizer and oil vaporizer is indeed a steal.

3. Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod

Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023 - Yocan UNI Pro - instagram's favorite

Alright, the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod can be considered the predecessor of the Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Box Mod. Not only that, but the original Yocan UNI Pro is actually Instagram’s most favorite Yocan product for 2023 since it is the most mentioned and most posted item by Yocan users for the year so far.

The reason for it being Insta-famous? Well, it all lies in the features the Shenzhen-based vape company decided to cram in this small pocket-sized wax and oil vaporizer.

To begin with, the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is outfitted with a precision temperature setting that range from 2.0 volts to 4.2 volts. Though not as expansive as the voltage setting one would find in a desktop vaporizer, the said setting can still cover a wide variety of profiles from temperature levels that allow the extraction of flavonoids and aromatic active ingredients to the face-melting psychedelics that wax concentrates and oils are known for.

Moreover, the voltage levels can be adjusted in 0.1-volt increments, so its owners can really dial down to the most accurate temperature setting that best suits their needs.

And while we’re on the topic of accuracy and precision, the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod also has two rotating adjustment tools for its users to perfectly find the right size and height for their cartridges so they can hide it and protect it when in use.

Another innovation Yocan brought to the UNI family with the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is the use of OLED screens. They are more legible and can make reading relevant vaping data easier for its owners whether they’re using the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod in broad daylight or if they’re viewing the battery life or running temperature level in the dark of night.

The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod arguably kicked things off for the UNI family since it offered its users decent features while still sporting a very affodable price tag. Interested to know how much the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod will set you back? Just a little under $40.00.

Also, the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is one sick-looking vape, which is also probably one of the reasons why many Instagram users post its picture so much. Do you agree?

Overall, the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is a solid portable wax and oil vaporizer and should be the top choice for consumers who are looking to get into box mod vaping. The device is now only easy on the wallet but is also very user friendly, which is why it’s no surprise that both seasoned veterans as well as vape newbies decide to go with the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod vaporizer.

4. Yocan Pillar E-Rig

Yocan’s Best-Performing Products in 2023 - Yocan Pillar - most innovative

The Yocan Pillar E-Rig was one of the brand’s earliest attempts at getting into the e-rig segment in the global vape industry. It’s no secret that various vaporizer companies have been some of the first to capitalize in the said category, but they all had one common denominator — they were all expensive.

Sure, e-rigs are probably the biggest thing to come in the vape industry since sliced bread but they were all overly priced that they were seen as products for high rollers, and that did not sit well with the general vaping public.

On that note, Yocan decided to dip its toes in the budding vaporizer segment and created an affordable and innovative vaporizer that the world have come to love.

Fast-forward to today, the Yocan Pillar E-Rig is now seen as “the most innovative Yocan product in 2023” thanks to some of its new features that really showed that the developers and engineers from Yocan’s Shenzhen factory really put their minds into creating the Yocan Pillar E-Rig.

The Yocan Pillar E-Rig flaunted a body made of zinc alloy. The material used gave the Yocan Pillar E-Rig a strong and lightweight housing but also provided it with a more premium look and feel. The metal casing was good to the touch and felt durable enough when in use. It also had that beautiful look to it, which many believed gave Yocan’s new product a bump in aesthetics.

In addition, Yocan also went all-out in the glass piece and fashioned one from lab-grade glass. These glass components are known for their reliability and their ability to faithfully preserve the overall quality of the material they contain, since they are used in laboratories as test tubes, beakers, and other equipment.

The use of lab-quality glass also allowed the Yocan Pillar E-Rig to introduce two new important elements into one’s vaping experience: water filtration and moisture conditioning. The former mildly filters the vapor of irritants and impurities by allowing the gaseous byproduct through water while the latter cools down the vapor so it will not cause unwanted coughing and irritations in your throat and lungs. This, many believed really took the user experience to the next level for those who have been using the Yocan Pillar E-Rig.

Moreover, Yocan applied its then latest coil technology, dubbed Target Tech — aka TGT.

TGT combines a ceramic donut coil with a quartz XTAL rod. The XTAL coil technology has been used on other notable Yocan vaporizers such as the Yocan Evolve Plus, Yocan Dive Mini, Yocan Torch XL, Yocan Flame, Yocan Falcon, and Yocan Loki. The quality of the vapors produced are clean and flavorful with the right level of viscosity for an admirable vaping experience.

And despite not sporting a precision temperature setting, the pre-set variable voltage levels offered by the Yocan Pillar E-Rig was a solid choice for many consumers as it was able to hit almost all the right spots.

We can talk all day about how good the Yocan Pillar E-Rig is. But to keep things short and simple, below are some of its noteworthy features:

  • 1,400mAh battery capacity
  • USB type-C charging technology
  • Two operating modes
  • Simple and straightforward operation

The Yocan Pillar E-Rig has been the top choice for many early adopters not only for being a feature-packed portable e-rig. It was also the first option for the general vaping public because of its affordable sticker price, which is less than $100.

5. Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig

Yocan Black Phaser Max E-rig

Yocan has entered the premium e-rig segment when it launched its Yocan Black sub-brand.

For years, the company has been seen as an entry-level name but it quickly rose to premium status thanks to the introduction of the Yocan Black. As part of its maiden roster, the e-rig arm of Yocan launched the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig.

The model is considered as “the most promising Yocan product in 2023” because of its futuristic design and top-tier features.

It was good enough to get into the radar of one of the most respected vaporizer reviewers in the industry. None other than The Vape Guide himself.

Per the vaporizer authority, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig has a “comfortable grip” and a commendable “display screen.” He gave it a decent score of 4.4 stars, which only boosts the steadily increasing popularity of the electronic dab rig.

Like The Vape Guide, many customers have seen how well the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig performs and why it is being raved by many YouTubers as well as bloggers.

To give you an idea, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig looks and performs like one very expensive rig we know of. However, it was vastly improved thanks to some unique features that was pointed out by The Vape Guide: namely the pistol grip handle and the display screen.

Instead of having to awkwardly hold the e-rig in your hands, the comfortable pistol grip provides an ergonomic feel to the portable e-rig. This way, users of the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig will not suffer from strained wrists and cramped fingers. The pistol-style handle works fairly well and ensures comfort and convenience in long grinding sessions.

As for the display screen, users of the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig will be able to see various vaping data and keep them in the loop and on top of their sessions. Want to know the running temperature? How about the battery life? Maybe want to find out your puff count? All these things can be viewed simply by checking the device’s Line of Sight Display Screen.

With that said, there’s no wonder many consumers have thought about switching from the expensive brand to the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig.

For those who are wondering, here are some more features that make the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig:

  • 1,800mAh battery capacity
  • USB type-C charging technology
  • A 15-second shut off timer
  • A glass viewport flip cap

A few more features note mentioning is the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig’s Dual Coil System, which Yocan customers might know as the TGT Coils. These coils are made for various wax concentrates that will allow consumers to enjoy different kinds of materials — from hard and stubborn wax concentrates to thick and viscous ones.

In addition, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is equipped with the brand’s S1 Reactive Chipset, which ensures better performance overall for the e-rig.

Another reasons why many consumers seem to flock into the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is because the vaporizer is designed here in the United States. This means that it was made and engineered with consideration to American consumers as well as the type of materials used here in the country.

Year-in Recap

The year 2023 has definitely been a good one for Yocan. It has given the brand not only better traction and a wider audience but it also allowed the famed Chinese vaporizer company to expand its horizons with the addition of new products and the launch of its two sub-brands.

Because of that, fans of Yocan will feel fulfilled as they become a part of a brand that has reached higher highs this year.

It is worth mentioning that aside from the Yocan Black sub-brand, the company also released products under the Yocan Green moniker. The said sub-section of the company is designed to provide customers eco-friendly products that will help them better take care of themselves, the people around them, and Mother Nature, all while enjoying and reaping the benefits of their favorite dry herb strains and wax concentrates.

Because of that, we can say that the future looks bright for the brand and its followers.

What to Expect in 2024?

It is expected for Yocan’s products to perform well in 2024 and in the coming years. As to what products the company will release next year, it still has not disclosed any information about what it may release in the near future.

However, a quick look at its websites reveal a few clues that might excite Yocan customers.

Under Yocan Black, the website’s page has a dedicated section for “accessories” that has the notice “coming soon.” This means that apart from e-rigs, vape tools such as batteries and heated knives, Yocan’s customers can expect premium and affordable accessories coming from Yocan Black.

Care to share what Yocan Black accessories you want Yocan Black to release? Make sure send us an email or hit us in the comment section below.

As for Yocan Green, the sub-brand appears to be planning to release herb grinders soon. And based on how Yocan Green is being marketed, it is highly possible that the said herb grinders could be made out of eco-friendly raw materials like hemp. Should they not be, it could be that they will help or affect the environment in a positive way.

Just looking at the two sub-brands, it is safe to say that Yocan has good things planned ahead for 2024. That said, it might just as well be the perfect time to become a Yocan customer if you are not. Exciting products await its followers and the brand is continuing to make its mark in the global scene.

So, make sure to keep an eye out for Yocan’s future products as they might just as well lead the trend in the industry any time soon. Yocan will not only end the year with a bang but also start the year on a high note.

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