Yocan’s Must - checkout Products in 2024 (First - quarter)

Yocan’s Must - checkout Products in 2024 (First - quarter)

Yocan has produced some of the best vaporizers in the industry, with the brand often combining quality and affordability. On that note, we've compiled some of the best devices that Yocan has dropped in the first quarter of 2024 — so you won’t have to browse through the vaporizer maker’s long library of vaporizers.

That said, just sit back and relax as we give you a quick tour of the must-checkout vaporizers that would want to have in your arsenal.

1. Yocan Cylo

Alright, we’re itching to get things rolling and we’ll start with the Yocan Cylo.

The Yocan Cylo is a portable wax vaporizer jam packed with the latest innovations the company has to offer. Because of that, it's slapped with a look that emanates futuristic vibes and evokes all the right feelings when one sees an advanced vaporizer that might just well be ahead of its time.

Yocan Cylo: Exterior

At the fore is a digital screen that displays all the necessary information a consumer needs to know when vaping. The below list shows just some of the details flashed on the said small OLED screen:

  • Battery level
  • Running voltage level
  • Ohms rating
  • Puff counter

That said, a quick glimpse on the display panel will let its owner know how hot the heating element is hitting, how much battery is left in the tank, and just how many puffs one has pulled.

Yocan Cylo features

Just above the screen is the device’s power/trigger button and below the said display are the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons for adjusting the voltage level. Yes, it does allow precise temperature control — and we’ll get to that in a few.

The Yocan Cylo also gets small indentations on both the sides of its front fascia. These small holes not only serve to provide the owner some level of grip but also displays various hues as the compact wax vaporizer is equipped with a custom lamp setting. That said, it offers an additional layer of customization for vapers and dabbers who want to express themselves through their portable vapes.

Yocan gave the Cylo six different colors with three discreet ones and three other finishes that should suit the needs of those who want to be loud and proud. Of course, our favorites are the latter with the red-over-blue and the red-on-gold colorways reminiscent of two iconic Marvel Comics heroes while the last one (wearing a green-with-purple paint) harks back the image of one of DC Comic’s infamous villains.

Yocan Cylo: On-demand vapors

At the heart of the Yocan Cylo is a powerful 1,300 milliampere (mAh) battery that juices up the unique heating element fitted on this device. The battery can be recharged using a type-C charging cable and promises fast charging without compromising the overall health of the rechargeable power cell.

Seated at the top of the Yocan Cylo’s body is a ceramic and diatomaceous earth (C4-DE) coil that offers precise and clean vapors without hitting the point of combustion. What this means for beginners is that the coil can produce vapors that do not carry unwanted taste or smell and does not burn. The result is a flavorful concoction of clouds that not only retain the natural taste of the wax concentrates but also carry very minimal traces of burn materials for a smoother and cleaner dabbing experience.

Ceramic heating elements are known for their low and slow heating capabilities, so you can be sure that you will not inhale burnt wax concentrates that can not only cause coughing and irritation of one’s throat or lungs — but also keep you away from the harmful effects of inhaling smoke. Many professionals have already noted the harmful effects of inhaling the gaseous output of burnt leaves and other extracts, so having a vaporizer outfitted with a ceramic heating element is always a plus.

Yocan Cylo features

The diatomaceous earth, on the other hand, works as a thermal insulator. What it does is it keeps the coil running in optimal temperature so one won’t always have to keep on pressing the trigger to activate the heating element, therefore preserving battery life and prolonging the overall lifespan of the actual coil.

While many consumers do not see the beauty of Yocan’s C4-DE coils, they are actually a technological marvel that helps improve one’s overall dabbing experience. This alone comes in as a solid reason for vaporizer users and wax concentrate enthusiasts to cop a Yocan Cylo and add it to their collection. Adding to its heat retention properties is the coil’s cup-like structure that also helps in preventing spillage from happening.

Supporting its on-demand heating capabilities is a wide range of temperature levels that can be adjusted accordingly. The voltage setting goes from 2.0-volts (V) to 4.2V, which covers almost all the temperature levels required to extract the active ingredients found in your favorite extracts.

Yocan Cylo: Other Notable Features

The Yocan Cylo is a device that has been though of through and through. That’s why aside from its good looks, capable coils, and precision temperature control, the wax vaporizer has been equipped with plenty of other notable features making it a device worthy of one’s hard-earned money.

  • These features include the following:
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • 15 seconds (or 60 seconds) cut off timer
  • 510-threaded connection for the C4-DE coil
  • Hanging hole for lanyards or wrist straps

Yocan Cylo: Who is it for?

The Yocan Cylo definitely is a solid vaporizer option for many consumers, but we believe that it would best suit those who want a device that not only keeps up with their needs but also with their style. Yocan’s Cylo wax vape is a portable vaporizer that can be as flashy as consumers who are outgoing, making them perfect for vape buyers who do not mind being the center of attention at a party, a music festival, or simply when strolling around town on a Saturday night.

So, if you find yourself in the same category, be sure to visit Yocan Vaporizer to get the best deal when purchasing the Yocan Cylo online. Yocan Vaporizer is the best place to buy your Yocan vape since they get their products directly from the source. This means you get original and authentic Yocan vaporizers every time you order.

2. Yocan Dyno

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is a new solution the brand offers to those who like to dab straight from the wax jar. On that note, the Yocan Dyno is a device that would satisfy the needs of consumers whose tolerance to the active ingredients of extracts are slightly above average.

Being the second must-have Yocan vaporizer in our list, this portable nectar collector is somewhat of a hard-hitter. Nevertheless, it does pack features that make it easy for vape users — beginners and veterans alike — to enjoy the potent effects of their select waxy materials.

Yocan Dyno: On-the-go Water Filtration

Arguably one of the best features offered by the Yocan Dyno nectar collector is its ability to provide its owners with on-the-go water filtration, and not just any type of water filtration. We’re talking abnout decent water filtration here.

Housed in the middle of the Yocan Dyno is an integrated glass bubbler that can accommodate a good amount of water to help filter the vapors produced by the nectar collector. Like most glass pieces made by Yocan, the said water bubbler is made from high-quality lab glass. That means it will not break easily and can withstand high temperature levels, so you can constantly use the Yocan Dyno without any worries.

The vapors that pass through the water are sifted of irritants and impurities, making the Yocan Dyno a portable nectar collector that would be good not only for recreational consumers but also for those who use their wax vaporizers to help them manage their medical conditions. Since the vapors are cleaned up to a tee, they will not cause unnecessary problems to the person inhaling them as they will not continuously cough or have itch throats.

In addition, the Yocan Dyno’s glass bubbler can somehow cool down the vapors and make it less harsh. So, you can partake in more sessions since consumption is made smoother.

Yocan Dyno: Personalization at Your Fingertips

One of the most sought-after vaporizer features in the past decade is temperature control. That’s because having the ability to change the running temperature of the heating element can alter the effect of the wax concentrate on you.

Yocan Dyno features

Prior to the increase in popularity of portable vaporizers, devices that have been put out on sale only had a single temperature setting. However, Yocan is one of the first few brands that offered its customers pre-set temperature levels. This means that the company has programmed the device to switch between pre-selected temperature profiles to change how the wax concentrates are heated and what type of active ingredients are extracted.

The Yocan Dyno boasts precision temperature control that covers a good range of voltage levels. The reach is from 2.0V to 4.2V, which means that its owners can really turn up the flavor or the high of their favorite materials.

For the uninitiated, heating the wax at a low voltage level allows the extraction of flavonoids. These are the active ingredients native to the botanical matter the waxes are gathered from and they give the natural taste and aroma we all love. Then, heating the wax concentrates at a higher temperature releases the psychoactive ingredients that can give consumers that out of this world experience.

In between are a robust list of components waiting to be enjoyed, so the precision temperature control offered by the Yocan Dyno is a much-appreciated feature that consumers of all levels can appreciate.

Changing the temperature level on the Yocan Dyno is pretty easy. Just follow these instructions (which you can also find with other how-tos from the Yocan Dyno product page).

Changing the voltage level of the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer:

  1. Make sure that the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is powered on, press the power button five times quickly if it is still powered off.
  2. Press the “+” to increase the temperature level. Doing so will allow it to produce more vapor that is more potent.
  3. Press the “-” to decrease the temperature level. Doing so will allow it to produce thinner vapor that is more flavorful.
  4. Once you have selected your preferred temperature level, leave the buttons and the device will automatically read your selection.

Yocan Dyno: Optional Accessory

Another thing to look forward to should you decide to purchase this Yocan must-have is the optional accessory you can get with the Yocan Dyno.

Yocan Dyno features

Available on the Yocan Varporizer website, the Yocan Dyno Stand can serve as a pedestal for the Yocan Dyno nectar collector for when it’s not in use. Instead of placing the device lying flat on the drawer or on a table, the Yocan Dyno Stand ensures that it stands upright. The reason for that is because it prevents unwanted material from getting inside the electrical components of the nectar collector.

In addition, having it stand upright makes for a good way to stop the water from the glass bubbler from accidentally getting into places where it shouldn’t get to. Water damage can render the device useless as it may short the chipset and fry the electrical boards.

The Yocan Dyno Stand is made from high-quality materials so you can expect it to last long than the actual portable honey straw or even outlive it, serving another Yocan Dyno vaporizer should the one used become damaged.

Yocan Dyno: Who is it for?

As we’ve briefly covered when we introduced this product, the Yocan Dyno is a device for those who have built a tolerance for consuming wax concentrates as dipping straight from the jar clearly allows for larger doses compared to dabbing from the small dollops of materials allowed by the cramped and stubby chambers typically found in today’s wax vaporizers.

With that said, the Yocan Dyno would be a great option for veterans or for vaporizer users who want to graduate from their entry-level vaporizers. Like the abovementioned Yocan Cylo, the Yocan Dyno is also available at Yocan Vaporizer.

3. Yocan Ziva Pro

Last on our list is the Yocan Ziva Pro. This device has garnered a solid five-star rating on Yocan Vaporizer’s website and has been highly-praised by the company’s customers and it’s not difficult to understand why.

The Yocan Ziva Pro is a portable wax and oil vaporizer. This means that you can consume both sticky wax concentrates as well as thin oils in it. Having been designed to be a portable dual-purpose wax and oil vape makes it an appealing choice for consumers who always want to mix things up. Plus, it also comes in a sleek and sexy packaging to top things off.

Yocan Ziva Pro: Master of Magnets

One of the Yocan Ziva Pro’s best features is its magnetic connection, which is kind of glues the whole vaporizer together.

At the bottom of the Yocan Ziva Pro is a base with strong magnetic connections. The magnet ensures that the body of the device does not get knocked out of place while still making it easy for the owner to pull the housing of the wax and oil vape and even slide it back into place.

Yocan Ziva Pro features

Having magnetic connections at the bottom plate has various advantages. One of which is that it prolongs the actual lifespan of the Yocan Ziva Pro. Cleverly placed in one of the most stressed contact points of a vaporizer, using magnets to connect the body to the base means that the said link point will less likely to wear out. Magnets will not become loose and the connections will stay strong for years to come. Likewise, cleaning is made easier since removing unwanted residue will only take just a wipe of a tissue paper instead of using special tools when cleaning the cracks and crevices of threaded connections.

All in all, the magnetic base of the Yocan Ziva Pro allows for easy, straightforward operation while also providing its owners a quick and easy way to keep their devices clean.

Yocan Ziva Pro: Cool Cartridges

The Yocan Ziva Pro wax and oil vape uses cartridges to contain the materials vaporized by the device. The cartridges connect to a 510-threaded link on the base. The threaded connections ensure a solid attachment between the battery and the heating element.

While some might raise an eyebrow with the 510-threaded connection, the said linkage is not as often used as the base and the body, so it will not easily wear out. Plus, using a traditional connecting point instead of a new one will open more doors to its owners since the Yocan Ziva Pro is compatible with a wide range of cartridges available in the market. While it does come with its own carts, the 510-threaded connection gives way to the use of other commercial cartridges — both pre-filled and refillable.

Moreover, connecting the cartridges need no explanation since tightening only requires an owner to twist the carts clockwise. Removing it requires a counterclockwise operation.

The cartridges are also covered by the aforementioned housing that magnetically connects to the base. In doing so, Yocan gave its customers an inconspicuous device since bystanders and onlookers will not be able to tell whether you are dabbing on wax and oils or simply just consuming the usual nicotine vape juice.

You can vape in incognito mode when you use the Yocan Ziva Pro.

Yocan Ziva Pro: No Buttons Necessary

Being a next-generation vaporizer, the Yocan Ziva Pro can be operated using next-generation technology.

Yocan Ziva Pro features

Allowing the activation of its heating element is the auto draw technology, which means that its owners no longer need to press a button to vaporize their wax concentrates or oils. A single puff from the Yocan Ziva Pro will bring out flavorful vapors and potent clouds. The longer and the stronger the puff is, the more viscous the vapor is.

Using auto draw technology is also helpful for consumers transitioning from smoking conventional cigarettes to using a healthier alternative, such as vaporizers. There is very little to no practice required and the transition will be seamless and smooth.

Another advantage of using a vaporizer with no buttons for activating the heating element is safety. As we all know, vaporizers (specially the portable ones) are always kept inside pockets and bags. When pressed against one’s thighs or the contents of a backpack, the heating element might get triggered. What’s worse, prolonged operation of the heating element can damage the contents of your pockets or bags and can even pose potential injury.

With the Yocan Ziva Pro, vape enthusiasts need not worry about having to get anxious about exploding batteries or accidentally activating their vaporizers. It’s a simple and fool proof way of ensuring safety while traveling with a vaporizer.

Yocan Ziva Pro: USB Type-C Charging Technology

Powering the Yocan Ziva Pro is a 650mAh battery that can last its owners a day of vaping, or even more if they’re not too heavy on consuming wax and oils.

The 650mAh battery can be recharged using USB Type-C charging technology, which as we all know charges the battery faster than the dated micro-USB. In addition, USB Type-C is more stable in terms of power deliver, so the battery is less likely to suffer from damage due to inconsistent power surges.

Instead of having to wait for half a day, juicing up the Yocan Ziva Pro’s battery will take just a portion of that and can help those who use wax concentrates and oils for their daily rituals to immediately take a quick pull from this vaporizer.

Yocan Ziva Pro: Who is it for?

Since the Yocan Ziva Pro oil and wax vape is packed with the latest technologies Yocan has to offer, we can definitely see this device in the hands of a tech-savvy consumer. It’s going to be a great addition to their vape arsenal as it offers a handful of convenience features that can help make vaping as easy as breathing.

Of course, the Yocan Ziva Pro is available at the home of all things Yocan — Yocan Vaporizer.

Final Thoughts

Yocan definitely has plenty of vaporizers in its stable. Its large collection of devices makes it a good company to invest in since its customers will always find something new no matter how long they have been with the brand.

If you want to become part of the Yocan family and get the latest news about its devices, make sure to keep visiting Yocan Vaporizer and stay in the loop of the hottest wax vapes, oil vapes, and herb vapes this 2024.

Did you find this list of Yocan’s must check out products helpful? Have we made you make an informed buying decision on which vaporizer to pick? Then, make sure to check out your vape of choice today!

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