Yocan Zeus -- A Gift From The Gods

Yocan Zeus -- A Gift From The Gods

Yocan Zeus is our newest wax pen vaporizer made in partnership with Puff Puff Pass It, a premier provider of “innovative, high-quality vaping products and unique smoking accessories.” With Puff Puff Pass It’s creative team, we were able to create yet another uniquely designed portable dabbing device. The Zeus was engineered from our Evolve Plus Vaporizer, as a result, the Zeus became an upgraded version of the Evolve Plus sporting similar features with a few improvements to aid on-the-go wax consumption.

The exterior of this dab pen is finished with brushed brass and copper giving it a distinct look and feel that’s reminiscent of aged metal pieces, ancient, but made immortal like the Gods themselves. Unlike most Yocan products that are made available in a wide array of color options, the Zeus comes with limited but classic color choices. We carefully selected color schemes that best convey Zeus’ vibe. Ageless and elegant color temperatures that are warm to the eyes, Zeus’ brass gold color option is the perfect choice for the subtle yet sophisticated wax concentrate consumer. The bolder and more adventurous concentrate enthusiast can go for the robust metallic finish of the basic brass bronze. These color variants are meticulously selected to emanate the timeless aura of the Zeus vaporizer, together with Puff Puff Pass It’s creative visionaries thoroughly went through every tint, shade, and tone to come up with the ideal hue that perfectly balances classic style and modern function. This dab pen’s eye-catching design was made possible thanks to the ingenious and original approach of Puff Puff Pass Its pool of talents giving Zeus the perfect aesthetic advantage.

Advanced Features

Like the base unit where it was built from, the Zeus portable wax pen vaporizer allows its users to easily operate this device. It takes very little to no learning curve since the Zeus functions similarly to most wax pen units.

This dab pen features a standard single-button control. It takes five taps to turn it on, likewise, hitting the single-button control five times after you’ve powered it on shuts the Zeus down. Zeus’ vape pen battery is based on our Evolve Plus’ long-lasting 1100mAh rechargeable battery, giving Zeus the power it deserves. Unlike the average wax pen vaporizer, Zeus can brave even the most demanding and challenging vaping sessions without wanting to recharge very often. Users can expect more draws on a single charge letting them vape on a roll and allowing them to experience higher highs without the unwarranted breaks. This makes the Zeus a cut above the rest, we know that a powerful battery is a key to wax concentrate consumption, that's why we outfitted the Zeus with the best battery in our collection. We made sure that the God of thunder will pack a significant amount of punch even for its small size. Zeus weighs a little around 0.5 to 0.7 lbs.

To help you conserve battery power, this dab pen also features an automatic shut off function that puts this wax pen vaporizer back to sleep after 15 seconds of inactivity. We understand that the nature of portable wax pen vaporizers require them to be travel-friendly where they’re often times carried around in one’s pocket or in the user’s bag. The automatic shut off feature simply ensures Zeus’ users that their wax pen vaporizer won’t misfire giving them peace of mind after every vaping session. This makes the Zeus vaporizer one of the best devices suited for travel, letting on-the-go wax concentrate consumers easily stash the Zeus vaporizer when they’re out and about.

Apart from Zeus’ cutting edge vape pen battery, it also is equipped with a magnetic snap-on mouthpiece. In terms of optimum functionality when used on the move, we do understand that 510 threaded screws hinder you from performing easy reloads and assembly when you’re on your feet. A magnetic snap-on atomizer will allow Zeus users to have faster reloads, they won't find themselves exposing themselves as they go through the preparation of dumping materials from their wax jar to the atomizer, it’s simply a better means of removing and replacing the lid of the atomizer without the unnecessary action of twisting the vaporizer. Having magnetic connections also improve the overall lifespan of the vaporizer since threaded connections have the tendency to get loose over time.

Finally, to complete Zeus’ on-the-go profile, we installed an integrated wax concentrate compartment at the bottom of the vaporizer. We know how bad it is to lug around your wax jar, like having threaded atomizer connections, carrying a separate wax container adds to the hassle of vaping when you’re on the move and simply makes portable dabbing such an unpleasant experience. We have decided to eliminate your daily struggles and create a convenient, travel free wax concentrate vaporizer in Zeus.

Advanced Atomizers

Most wax pen units are packed with features though we observed that the common pitfall of the average vaporizer is in vapor production. In this respect, we outfitted Zeus with some of the most advanced wax atomizers to provide its users with a variety of ways to enjoy their select wax concentrates. 

A staple amongst Yocan wax vaporizers, the standard quartz dual coil is included in the Zeus kit. These standard quartz coils have been known as one of the cleanest tasting atomizers in the business, it immediately and easily heats up your wax concentrates while it faithfully preserves the true flavors of your wax materials. Our quartz atomizers are made from pure quartz crystals and are designed and engineered to absorb heat without affecting the flavor profiles of your concentrates. That’s why they’re the perfect choice for on-the-go consumers who require instantaneous and almost on-demand heating for that quick and satisfying hit.

Alternatively, a ceramic donut atomizer coil can be used to get the best flavors out of your waxes. Our ceramic coils are extremely inert in nature which makes them perfect for low-temperature dabs, we understand ceramic’s unique microscopic breaches which allow the ceramic coils to gradually take in the wax concentrates while it slowly turns it to vapor. It also heats up your materials without reaching the point of combustion, best of all no material is wasted since all wax concentrate are vaporized to the very last drop.

We made sure that the Zeus vaporizer steps away from the shadows of our Evolve Plus model, it’s a different product altogether. It’s an excellent way to start vaping wax concentrates for novice users and seasoned veterans alike.

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