Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector



  • 510-Threaded 
  • Magnetic Connection 
  • Ribbed Edges

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About The Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector - 5 Pieces

One of the most fundamental components of the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer, the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces is the key that connects the battery of the Yocan Wit to the Yocan Wit Atomizer. The Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces is the main proponent that sparks the connection between the battery and the atomizer allowing you to experience and enjoy convenient vaporization 

Yocan has long favored magnetic connections for their convenience and utmost practicality in their cartridge box mods and other vaporizers. Because their devices mostly support magnetic links, the cartridges used in these box mod batteries can easily be removed and replaced. This is a beneficial feature especially if you’re the kind of consumer who likes to consume wax concentrates and thick oil blends on-the-go. There’s no need for complicated procedures to connect the cartridge to the battery. Just make sure it’s connected to the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces and let it slide to the cartridge chamber. The magnets are made from high-quality materials so it’s common for you to hear a satisfactory snap when the magnets make contact. It’s also a great auditory signal which tells you that the magnets have made a secure connection and that the Yocan Wit Box Mod Vaporizer is now ready to operate.  

The Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces also allows easy means of reloading your cartridge especially if you’re using the wax concentrate variant of the Yocan Wit Atomizer – yes, it does come in wax concentrate variants. You can just simply pull the Yocan Wit Atomizer as it’s connected to the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces and reload your cartridges accordingly. There’s no need to fuss around, just simple and straightforward operation.  

Extending Your Battery’s Lifespan 

Instead of having to screw and unscrew a cartridge from a battery, Yocan has long considered and played around the idea of a convenient means of removing and replacing the cartridge on a box mod battery. They have since developed several prototypes which gave birth to the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces 

The Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces not only makes your vaping sessions convenient but it also ensures that you prolong the lifespan of your Yocan Wit Box Mod. Instead of having to screw the cartridge directly to the box mod, the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces creates a pseudo connection without ever having to risk damaging the battery itself. One of the main reasons for box mod battery damage is loosened threads. These threaded connections suffer wear and tear which is normal as the device is being used. The more you remove and replace the cartridges, the more these threaded links are subjected to wearing. Once the damage from daily wear has reached severe status, the only recourse is to replace your batteries overall. So, to ensure that Yocan customers are rid of this problem, Yocan opted for a battery that uses a magnetic connection. All you need to do is to connect your cartridges to the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces. Should the Yocan Wit Magnetic Connector – 5 Pieces wears out, all you need to replace are the magnetic links.  


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