How to Make your Wax Pen Last

How to Make your Wax Pen Last

Using a wax pen to consume various kinds of cannabis concentrates has become more popular than ever. Today’s dab pens and wax vaporizers have evolved from its discreet and rudimentary beginnings and now feature stylish designs and advanced technologies. And while we wish our wax pens would last forever, they would eventually wear out from daily use. If you want to maximize your time with your wax pen, you’re in for a treat. We’ll talk about some tips and tricks on how you can make your wax pen last. Let’s begin.

How long can a wax pen last?

The lifespan of your wax pen depends on a few factors; mainly how often you use it and how well you take care of it. Ideally, the more you use your wax pen, the more you subject it to wear and tear. Pressing the buttons here and there, unscrewing and screwing back threaded connections, all these contribute to the eventual weakening of the connections and the moving parts of the device. Furthermore, some of the parts of your wax pen give way the more they are exhausted. Take the coil as an example. The coil on your wax pen heats the wax concentrates, melts it, and extracts the active ingredients from the concentrates. The constant and continuous cycle of heating and cooling weakens the coils and the incessant exposure to the chemical and physical changes of your wax concentrates adds up to the decline of its integrity. On that same note, the battery also experiences the same decline as the steady charging cycles decrease the battery’s lifespan.

As a result, the coils char, burn, and develop resinous buildup. The battery carries less charge and delivers less power over time. The buttons and the threads become loose and your wax pen will begin to break down. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to extend the lifespan of your wax pen so you can enjoy its company.

How do I clean my wax pen?

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your wax pen. It allows you to get rid of the resinous buildup that can clog air paths and dull the electronic connections that bridge the gap between the battery and the atomizer. It also makes the threads and the buttons sticky which can make usage and operation a pain. That said, here are a few tips you can use to make sure your wax pen is as clean as a whistle.

1. Clean it with a cotton swab.

Take a few cotton swabs and dab it in isopropyl alcohol. With the moistened tip, (emphasis on moistened and not overly wet cotton tip) lightly wipe the threaded connections of your dab pen. You can also use the moistened cotton swab to clean the metal connections of the battery and the atomizer. Repeat the process until the waxy buildup is removed. Afterwards, wipe them off using a dry cotton swab.

2. Use a dab tool.

That’s right, dab tools aren’t just for loading your extracts from your concentrate jar to the coil. You can also use your dab tool to help you clean your wax pen. It’s fairly effective when trying to remove hardened wax concentrates – the ones your moistened cotton swab can’t take out. It's rare for a dab tool to have a sharp edge which makes it an ideal tool to scrape off resinous buildup on your wax pen without scratching the paint. Find the spot where there is material buildup and lightly remove the wax. Finish it by cleaning the spot with a moistened cotton swab and dry it out.

3. Use air.

It worked on your old Nintendo cartridges so why not give it a try? Over time, your mouthpiece can get clogged and the airflow, restricted. This usually happens when the mouthpiece of your wax pen is objected, jammed, or obstructed, usually when pocket lint gets in it or when dirt or debris fills the air path. One easy way of clearing it up is by blowing into the mouthpiece. With enough force, it can remove any obstruction for comfortable draws.

How do I maintain my wax pen?

Maintenance is key in keeping your wax pen in its best condition. Proper care and maintenance will extend your dab pen's lifespan allowing you to enjoy using it for many sessions to come. Here are a few tips.

1. Charge the battery properly.

Oh, we’ve heard horror stories about exploding batteries. When used without proper caution, your wax pen can get you lit – figuratively and literally. Your wax pen will usually come with a user manual, check it for how long you should be charging the battery and make sure you don’t go over the recommended charging time. As a general rule of thumb, avoid leaving the battery plugged in overnight. This can cause the battery to bloat, leak, and in worse cases, explode.

2. Clean it regularly.

Cleaning your wax pen when it gets dirty can make your sessions clean and healthy, but making sure you do it periodically and regularly helps extend the lifespan of your unit. Clean your wax pen weekly by following the simple steps we’ve covered above. Some consumers even go as far as wiping their wax pens clean after every session.

3. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’re all guilty of having to tinker and fondle with our gadgets from time to time – wax pen included. Avoid messing around with the coil, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. Likewise, avoid playing with the battery and the charging ports on your wax pen.

How often should I replace my wax pen's coil?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your coil wears out quite quickly the more you use your wax pen. And while you can keep on using your coil for as long as it can ramp up heat, it can have its own negative implications. For one, using a burnt coil means that you’re inhaling the byproducts of burnt material which defeats the purpose of vaporization. That said, it’s important to regularly replace your coils.

Most consumers find themselves having the need to replace their coils anywhere between every 4 to five weeks. If you’re in the habit of overpacking your coils and holding the power button longer than you should, expect to replace your coils sooner.

How do I make my wax pen's battery last?

Your wax pen heavily relies on its battery for power and without it, nothing works. On that note, making sure that the battery lasts is vital to the efficacy and the longevity of your wax pen. Here are a few tips.

To make your wax pen’s battery last in between charges, make sure to turn the device off after every session. Usually, the battery can be powered on by pressing the power button five times, pressing it five more times turns it off. Leaving the battery idle won’t use up a lot of power but you can easily press the power button by accident and thus, use the battery unnecessarily.

In terms of longevity, observing proper charging habits can help you maintain the overall lifespan of your dab pen’s battery.

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