Yocan Red: Hot!

Yocan Red: Hot!

Hot on the heels of its two sub-brand launches — Yocan Black and Yocan Green — the iconic Chinese vaporizer manufacturer has now debuted yet another marque under the Yocan vaporizer umbrella: Yocan Red.

Like the aforementioned Red and Green sub names, Yocan Red also has a focal theme. The new sub-brand has a lineup of products that are intended to help smokers and vapers alike with different takes on torch lighters that are designed and engineered to cater to the varying needs of Yocan’s clientele.

If you feel like you need a torch lighter and are interested in finding out what Yocan Red has to offer, then you’re in the right place. Today, we will take a quick look at the products you can find on Yocan Red’s library and how each and every one of these devices can help you improve your sessions — whether you like going solo or prefer partaking in a group sesh.

But before we begin, let’s take a quick look at why Yocan is a company you should trust when it comes to torch lighters.

Yocan: A Pioneer in Vaping

While Yocan is not the first company to create and manufacture vaporizers, it can be considered as a trailblazer in the industry as it pioneered producing devices that are both affordable and reliable. Before Yocan entered the vape scene, cheap vaporizers were considered something you dispose of after use.

They were made with relatively shoddy parts and were practically assembled in some uncle’s backyard instead of a proper factory. On that note, they were more of a danger to their users instead of actually serving their purpose as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Enter Yocan

Once Yocan started manufacturing vaporizers, they began focusing on longevity and affordability. Hence, they created devices that can actually help their owners without costing them an arm and a leg.

That said, Yocan’s persistence in making vaporizers that are dependable and cost efficient has led the company to create an empire that has prepared it to create not just vaporizers but also torch lighters. Here are just some of the standards Yocan follows when it comes to vaporizer production:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards
  • Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
  • Input Process Quality Control (IPQC)
  • Laboratory Quality Control (LQC)
  • Final Quality Assurance (FQA)

In addition, Yocan was able to pass the following standard requirements:

  • Conformite Europeene (CE)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Yocan has also secured numerous patents for vaporizer designs for products like the Yocan Evovle Plus (Patent No. 201620514945.X), Yocan Pandon (Patent No. 201620697529.8), and Yocan iShred (Patent No. 201621044154.1).

These product patent only shows that Yocan is taking vaporizer manufacturing seriously and is focused in making a mark in the industry.

With all the aforementioned accolades and strict quality standard, it is clear that Yocan is a brand you can trust when it comes to creating torch lighters. It puts the customer first and pack the devices with features that their buyers can actually use. They are also sold in a price that the shoppers will not feel that they have been ripped off.

Now that you know that you can trust Yocan, here’s a quick peek at Yocan Red.

Yocan Red: Continuing the Brand’s Legacy

The Yocan Red sub-brand can be seen as a marque that aims to continue the Chinese vape maker’s legacy of building decent-quality devices — torch lighters in this case — that are affordable and promise a similarly decent lifespan.

Although not disclosed, it is highly possible that Yocan Red torch lighters are built in the same factory as the brand’s vaporizers. On that note, one can expect the same strict standard applied to the making of these torch lighters and that similar machinery caters to the assembly and manufacturing of the components of the Yocan Red torch lighters.

Yocan claims that Yocan Red products are a product of more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, so they are putting it out there that the years they have spent building vaporizers has helped the company gain better knowledge in building better torch lighters. The company even stated that Yocan Red torches has the seal of “expert assurance” hinting that the products sold under the sub-brand have been made by professionals.

In addition, rudimentary yet reliable technology embedded in each Yocan vaporizer has trickled down on Yocan Red products. Even better, they have been designed and engineered to surpass other torch lighters that are twice their price.

Here are some solid reasons why you should consider getting a Yocan Red torch lighter.

1. Simple and Straightforward

Yocan Red torch lighters are built to work without in a way that its would-be owners will not have to learn any special skill or technique. That said, one of its major appeals is its grab-and-go make, which is why it has been a hit not only for veterans but also for beginners alike.

Pretty much like a typical lighter, operation and usage of Yocan Red torch lighters are intuitive and will not require its buyers to read pamphlets or instruction manuals 10 pages long. Instead, Yocan uses simple and straightforward means of using the lighter so that those new to the hobby will not be intimidated in picking up one of Yocan Red’s products.

While some Yocan Red torch lighters may look unique, other products from its lineup will send signals to its owners how it can be used.

Yocan Red Diablo Torch

Take the Yocan Red Diablo Torch for example, it is designed like a pistol so you would know immediately that to trigger its ignition system would probably work the same way as you would pull the trigger from a sidearm. And while we’re on the topic of sidearms, the Yocan Red Diablo Torch has an adjustable flame setting that can be operated using the revolver-style bullet chamber.

2. Designed in the USA

Yocan Red torch lighters have been designed in the United States so as to appeal to a wide variety of American consumers. It was a bold move from Yocan, which we believe truly paid off.

The result of designing torch lighters in America is that the features offered by Yocan Red torch lighters fit the needs of the company’s target audience. Instead of packing its torch lighters with features that its US-based customers will not use, it was a wise move from Yocan to equip Yocan Red torch lighters with features that count.

Yocan Red Delta Torch

One good example is the Yocan Red Delta Torch. From the get-go, you can see that this torch lighter was designed to attract American consumers. Design-wise, it shares striking similarities to one of the most popular pistols in the States — the Glock. Though not of American origin, the Glock has been a staple in American movies where they are often used by the country’s police force.

The Yocan Red Delta Torch in black looks awesome and offers a distinct masculine appeal. The plastic grip and frame adds to its almost rugged look. The muzzle even has picatinny rail-like design usually seen on firearms. This muzzle has a special feature where it changes its color depending on the metal’s temperature.

Yocan used thermochromic technology for this component. On that note, it serves two purposes for the customer: one is that it acts as a beautiful aesthetic design, and two, it warns the owner and lets him or her know if it’s safe to touch or handle the Yocan Red Delta Torch.

3. Uses Tried and Tested Technologies

One of the reasons why we love Yocan Red is because it chooses to rely on tried and tested technologies instead of using new and unproven systems. The technology we are talking about is Piezo ignition.

If you are new to the torch lighter world, you can think of Piezo ignition as Casio’s quartz movement. To put it simply, it is reliable, dependable, and requires very little to no maintenance. They will wear out but will give you your money’s worth before they reach the end of their lifespans.

Piezo ignition works by using a small, spring-loaded hammer that hits a crystal or an inorganic compound, typically lead zirconium titanate. The action then produces a high voltage electrical discharge that ignites butane fuel to produce fire.

It works most of the time so you will not have to click the trigger multiple times like you would a traditional spark wheel lighter.

By using Piezo ignition, Yocan Red has sealed its products and marked them as torch lighters that will function even if we were hit by Armageddon or a zombie apocalypse.

4. Tailored for Longevity

Each Yocan Red torch lighter is tailored for longevity and has been designed with multiple usage in mind. As we have covered earlier, Yocan as a brand aims for its customers to get their money’s worth and that can be achieved by making sure that they can re-use their torch lighters even after the fuel has run out.

Powering Yocan Red torch lighters is butane fuel. This type of fuel can be bought almost and can be purchased without the need of special permits or licenses.

Yocan Red Rush Torch

The Yocan Red Rush Torch uses the same butane fuel and even has a window where one can view the content of its refillable tank. By knowing just how much more fuel is in the tank, owners of the Yocan Red Rush Torch can tell when it’s time to reload the torch lighter. It can also be helpful when troubleshooting the lighter should its owners encounter any difficulty operating it. Knowing that there’s fuel in the tank can help with the process of elimination.

The fuel tank of the Yocan Red Rush Torch can accommodate up to eight grams of butane, which depending on how often you use your torch lighter will last a week or even longer. To refill the tank, you just have to take a long nozzle butane gas tank and flip the Yocan Red Rush Torch over. Press the nozzle onto the refilling valve and press it down for 10 seconds. After which, Yocan actually advises its customers to let the torch lighter rest for about two minutes.

5. Multi-purpose Design

Unlike other torch lighter systems that only work as basic torch lighters, Yocan Red actually designed some of its products to serve multiple purposes.

Yocan Red Slate Torch

The Yocan Red Slate Torch, for example, can be used as a rolling tray aside from being a torch lighter. The Ycoan Red Slate Torch has a removable, washable, heat-resistant silicone liner that can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you plan on rolling some spliffs or cutting your wax concentrates into small portions, the said silicone liner and the tray can be used to help you achieve your session goals.

Yocan placed the lighter on the Yocan Red Slate Torch just on the corner of the device and is slapped with a locking mechanism, which locks the flame in for hands-free use. Like the aforementioned torch lighters from Yocan Red, the Yocan Red Slate Torch also boasts some reliable tech like Piezo ignition, a thermochromic flame guard, and adjustable flame setting.

Still on the topic of multi-purpose designs, the Yocan Red Shifty Torch is a good example since it can also be used in a variety of applications. One of its unique features is its ability to actuate into different angles so its owners can be sure to never miss a session or a spot if they’re using the Yocan Red Shifty Torch for other projects.

Yocan Red Shifty Torch

For one, the head or muzzle of the Yocan Red Shifty Torch moves in different positions so you have multiple ways of directing the fire to your target. Since it can be used in a variety of ways, its would-be users can use the Yocan Red Shifty Torch for cooking desserts like crème brûlée or maybe searing meat like steaks or those used in sushi rolls. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, it can be used for do-it-yourself projects at home like soldering pipes or designing craft wood. It can even be used to make durable rope seals.

And should its owners need to put metal to the pedal, the Yocan Red Shifty Torch can be used to loosen rusted nuts, thawing pipes, and safely ignite faulty gas stoves. Finally, it has the potential to make your camping experience more fun by letting you cook barbecues and smores aside from lighting your campfire.

6. Torch Lighters With an Attitude

Some of the torch lighters produced by Yocan Red are designed to have an attitude and stand out from other torch lighters in the segment. While most devices released by Yocan Red for its initial release are shaped like a pistol, others like the Yocan Red Katana Torch are designed to represent other tools — in this case a sword.

Yocan Red Katana Torch

The Yocan Red Katana Torch is built like the handle of a katana and even comes with special appliques like a tsuka or the full handle of a katana. While the actual katana uses ornaments like ray skins and ito, the Yocan Red Katana Torch has ones made of polymer plastic. The said plastic component has heat-resistant properties that help shield the user from any possible damages even after using the torch lighter for prolonged periods. Despite the sword handle-shaped torch lighter, Yocan Red still promises comfortable and convenient use as the handle is designed to be ergonomic.

According to Yocan, the Yocan Red Katana Torch will fit a man’s hand with an average size of 3.5 inches. It will still work well even when used by a woman with a hand size of 3.1 inches on average.

What that means is that the Yocan Red Katana Torch can be used for multiple sessions and can easily keep up with the needs of its owners. The torch lighter has a flame guard made of alloy and ceramic, which are known for their ability to resist heat. They will not easily break even when constantly subjected to heating and cooling cycles.

The same heat guard is wrapped in thermochromic material, which offers the same color-changing properties as other Yocan Red torch lighters.

7. Adjustable Flame

All Yocan Red torch lighters have adjustable flame settings so their owners can make the most out of every session with the device. One good example of this technology and the proper implementation of the said feature can be found on the Yocan Temporal.

What sets it apart from other torch lighters in the category is its small digital screen at the back of the torch lighter. The Yocan Red Temporal has a digital meter that displays various relevant information like the running temperature of the torch lighter. By checking the screen, one can easily tell whether its flame is getting too hot or getting too cold. By adjusting the flame setting the torch lighter user can also adjust the effects he or she gets with their favorite wax concentrates or dry herb strains.

Yocan Red Temporal Torch

Per Yocan Red, the Yocan Red Temporal Torch can reach temperatures as hot as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,371 degrees Celsius. At this point, pot metal will begin to melt while most plastics will easily turn into liquid. As briefly covered earlier, Yocan Red torch lighters can also be used for DIY projects as well as cooking.

The flame is not only adjustable in terms of temperature, it can also be customized in terms of reach. Yocan Red noted that the flame can reach up to 12-inches long, adding more applications to the already wide array of uses the Yocan Red Temporal Torch has to offer.

8. Windproof Flame

And while we’re still on the topic of flames, the Yocan Red Temporal Torch (as well as other Yocan Red torch lighters) has a windproof flame. This means you can use it even when you’re outdoors. This feature is a proof of the versatility of the Yocan Red Temporal Torch as it can still sustain sessions even when you’re out in the wild. It’s a great tool to have when you go out hiking in the mountains or even when you are just visiting some friends in places like mountainous Colorado.

The windproof flame works hand-in-hand with another feature we mentioned previously, which is lame locking. When you lock in the flame, you can virtually torch anything you want or need.

Other Notable Features

Aside from the features we have just discussed, Yocan Red torch lighters have other notable appointments that make it a good daily device to have. These include a leak-resistant butane tank, which can really be helpful in ensuring that you will get to use every drop of fuel you put in your Yocan Red torch lighter. It also works as a safety feature so you will not worry whether or not you will carry a flammable device waiting to just blow up.

One other feature worth noting is the ability of most Yocan Red torch lighters to stand up straight. This allows owners — like yourself — to easily store these torch lighters. Instead of having to place them in drawers where they might roll over, the free-standing capability of these devices makes them easier to keep, which maybe in a cabinet alongside your other vaping or smoking paraphernalia.

Where to Get Your Yocan Red Torch Lighters

Like most Yocan products, Yocan Red torch lighters are sold almost everywhere and is easily accessible to the smoking and vaping public. These torch lighters makes for a great way to enjoy your favorite materials, whether you’re a fan of consuming dry herbs or maybe wax concentrates.

And while you may get them from almost any smoke shop or online store in the United States, it’s best to purchase from a trusted source, where else than Yocan Vaporizer?

Yocan Vaporizer is the home of original and authentic vaporizers as well as torch lighters. Here, you can purchase with ease and you will know that you are assured that you are dealing with people who directly get their stocks from Yocan itself. So, for all your vaping and torch lighter needs, make sure to visit Yocan Vaporizer, where you can get the “hottest” Yocan Red products.

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