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Yocan Red Rush Torch

Yocan Red Rush Torch

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  • Comfortable Pistol Hand Grip
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Hand Grip
  • Alloy and Ceramic Flame Guard
  • Thermochromic Muzzle
  • Adjustable Flame Strength and Size
  • Windproof Flame
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Yocan Red Rush Torch - details

Yocan Red Rush Torch Details


About Yocan Red Rush Torch

Yocan is urging its customers to feel the rush of excitement as it gears up with its newest sub-brand — Yocan Red. Yocan Red specializes in smoking and vaping tools and accessories, like the Yocan Red Rush Torch. It’s a helpful tool not only for dry herb strain fans but also who consider themselves connoisseurs of wax concentrates.

Find out more why you should heavily consider packing a Yocan Red Rush Torch in your arsenal when you read the description below.

Comfortable Pistol Hand Grip

The Yocan Red Rush Torch was made to stand out not only with how well it performs but also with how comfortable it feels in the hand. Many torch lighters are large and clunky and may add stress to the owner’s wrists when used overtime. This causes unwanted issues that may even harm the owner of the torch lighter after prolonged use.

With Yocan being Yocan and knowing that a part of the market that consumes wax concentrates and dry herbs strains are patients looking to feel some relief and manage their conditions, the company made sure that the Yocan Red Rush Torch is fitted with an ergonomic pistol handle grip so that its users will not feel the stress on their hands and wrists even after long usage.

This makes the Yocan Red Rush Torch an ideal torch lighter that’s perfect not only for recreational users but also for patients who suffer from constant joint pain, muscle strains, and other conditions that botanical plant matter and wax concentrates can help manage and even cure.

Yocan patterned the design of the handle with that of pistols and rifles that have an arching back and grooves that give way for the fingers of the user. The trigger is also similar like that of a firearm and likewise pull as such.

On that note, the overall design is intuitive and its would-be owners will no longer have to learn a new way of using a torch lighter as the pistol hand grip is self-explanatory.

Windproof Flame

One issue smokers and vapers face when lighting up outdoors is that the flame dies out as the wind blows it. Whether it’s for lighting up campfire or lighting up its owners’ favorite materials when on a hike, the Yocan Red Rush Torch’s flame never dies.

The Yocan Red Rush Torch has strong flame that can sustain various usages. Plus, the actual flame is adjustable, so its users can personalize their sessions when they’re out and about. The low flame setting — which is still persistent even on a windy day — can be used to light up cigars, cigarettes, as well as pre-rolled and personally-rolled joints. On the other hand, the middle temperature setting is best for lighting up bowls and water pipes when its owners are out camping at night. Finally, the Yocan Red Rush Torch’s wind-resistant flame in the highest setting is great for heating up bangers and other portable wax rigs during the weekend.

The flame can reach temperatures as high as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,371 degrees Celsius. This means that it can do more than light up herbs and vaporize waxes as the said temperature can be used to cook up food and heat up other things.

In terms of reach, Yocan Red said that it can go as far as 12-inches long.

Piezo Ignition Technology

Increasing the torch lighter’s reliability is the Piezo ignition technology slapped on the Yocan Red Rush Torch. Unlike typical spark wheel lighters, the Piezo ignition system in the Yocan Red Rush Torch ensures faster and easier ignition to produce flames.

Conventional lighters will require continuous hitting of the sparking system to produce flames but Piezo ignition technology uses a small spring-loaded hammer, which upon hitting an inorganic compound called lead zirconium titanate, creates a high voltage with an electrical discharge.

When it mixes with the butane fuel, the result is precise and reliable flame production almost every time the trigger is squeezed.

Piezo ignition systems are not only reliable ignition technologies used by torch lighters, they are also a lasting choice, which is why many manufacturers choose these ignition systems over the old, dated ones.

On that note, would-be owners of the Yocan Red Rush Torch can be sure that they’re putting their money in a torch lighter that uses tried and tested technology. Not just some product that was assembled using shady components with yet-to-be-tested ignition technologies.

Alloy and Ceramic Flame Guard

The Yocan Red Rush Torch is equipped with a flame guard made out of alloy and ceramic material. These raw materials are popular choices in the world of vaping, so it’s not surprising that Yocan went with these to make the flame guard of the Yocan Red Rush Torch.

Allot is known for its ability to maintain structural integrity even after prolonged exposure to extreme heat while ceramic is known for its low and slow heating capabilities. By combining the two, Yocan Red was able to create the perfect flame guard not only to protect the heating and igniting element inside the torch lighter but to prolong its overall lifespan.

The Yocan Red Rush Torch is also fitted with a thermochromic muzzle that changes its color as the temperature rises and drops. Not only does it create a beautiful spectacle but also ensures that the owners of the torch lighter are able to tell just by looking at it whether it’s safe to hold it or not.

Getting a torch lighter that’s too hot may result in burnt fingers while storing it immediately without allowing it to cool down may damage other items in your backpack as well as those it would sit alongside in your drawer.

Speaking of storing the Yocan Red Rush Torch, it is designed to be able to sit straight on its own so whenever possible, it is recommended that it is stored in an upright manner.

Yocan Red Rush Torch - details

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Yocan Red Rush Torch

Yocan Red Rush Torch Manual

Operating the Yocan Red Rush Torch

  1. Make sure the trigger is not locked.
  2. Press the trigger and hold the button.

Note: The locking and unlocking mechanism of the Yocan Red Rush Torch can be found on the side of the trigger. Just right on the heat resistant silicone rubber grip.

Adjusting the flame of the Yocan Red Rush Torch

  1. Locate the adjustment knob on the Yocan Red Rush Torch.
  2. Slide the switch to the left to decrease the heat and reduce the reach.
  3. Slide the switch to the right to increase heat and improve the reach.

Note: The adjustment tool can be found on the side of the Yocan Red Rush Torch’s handle.

Checking the Fuel Tank of the Yocan Red Rush Torch

  1. Make sure that the nozzle of the Yocan Red Rush Torch powered off.
  2. Check the silicone hand grip of the Yocan Red Rush Torch.
  3. Look at the visible tank at the pistol hand grip.
  4. Check how much butane is still in the eight-gram tank.

Refilling the Yocan Red Rush Torch

  1. Turn the Yocan Red Rush Torch upside down.
  2. Get your butane canister and prop the pump tube to the refilling slot.
  3. Press the butane canister down until the butane tank is full.

Note: Check the window to see how much butane has been loaded.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Yocan Red Rush Torch

  1. Wipe the Yocan Red Rush Torch with either a damp cloth or a clean dry paper towel.
  2. Clean any dirt, grime, or residue.
  3. Always keep the Yocan Red Rush Torch standing upright (unless when refilling) to avoid leaks.

Note: The Yocan Red Rush Torch is designed to stand upright during storage.

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