Yocan Dyno Stand

Yocan Dyno Stand

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  • Complementing Accessory for the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer
  • Pedestal Stand for Storage
  • Made with High-Quality Plastic
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About Yocan Dyno Stand

The Yocan Dyno Stand is not a replacement part for the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer like the Yocan Dyno C-TUBE Tip Coils or the Yocan Dyno Glass Mouthpiece. Instead, it is an accompanying accessory that elevates the overall ownership experience of those who have purchased the wax nectar collector.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider buying a Yocan Dyno Stand, especially if you own a Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer.

Holds the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer in Place

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is a nectar collector that requires to be held when in use.

That sentence alone tells you that it won’t stand by itself, which means that when you place your device on top of a table, it might have the tendency of getting bumped off its place or maybe slightly pushed over the edge — causing it to fall off the table (or counter) and getting damaged; hopefully not to the point that it’s beyond repair.

So, having a handy accessory to hold the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer in place makes sense as it keeps the device from falling off your table and making sure that it’s readily available for use when needed.

The Yocan Dyno Stand firmly holds the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer upright, which is basically the ideal position for the device when stored. That’s because keeping it in this position ensures that any residual wax concentrates will not get into the actual vaporizer as gravity will pull any gooey leftover wax from the heating element or the mouthpiece down so that it will not accidentally get into places where it’s not supposed to go.

And when gravity has done its trick, the glass mouthpiece cap of the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer can catch the residual material so you can reuse it or dispose of it.

Made of High-quality Plastic

The Yocan Dyno Stand is a product made with high-grade plastic, which ensures its overall durability and stability.

With that said, the Yocan Dyno Stand will not get easily broken even when you take it with you during your travels of your vacations. This means that you will have a reliable pedestal for your Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer every time you need to put it to rest instead of having to settle and making do with putting the device in uneven places.

In the same way, the Yocan Dyno Stand’s high-quality plastic build means that it has been carefully designed that it will not have any imperfections that will cause damage to the actual vaporizer. For example, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer will fit perfect in place and will not get squished or deformed because of unbalanced dimensions in the nectar collector stand.

All of these, the Yocan Dyno Stand can do while making your Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer look good during storage. That is why you should really consider getting this accessory to prolong the lifespan of your vaporizer and to ensure better storage when the device is not in use.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Dyno Stand

Customer Reviews

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Frank Sockbeson

I love it, it's perfect for the DYNO. Although it should have been included with the DYNO sale. If you own the DYNO then you need this and I would highly recommend it for you!