Yocan Evolve-C Atomizer


  • Cross Compatible with Yocan Hive
  • Magnetic Connection

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About Yocan Evolve-C Atomizer

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only. 

Yocan Evolve-C Atomizer is cross compatible with Yocan Hive. It utilizes magnetic connection for easy and fast replacement. This component comes in 2 different types: 

  • 1.0 Ohm - This is made of quartz glass heating element to heat waxy or thick oils thoroughly and evenly for quality vapor flavor.
  • 1.8 Ohm - This was made for thinner oil. It was designed to eliminate leaking and let you get the most out of your material.

The Yocan Evolve C Atomizer is compatible with a wide range of Yocan vaporizers. Thanks to its 510 threaded and magnetic connections, you’d be able to use the Yocan Evolve C Atomizer with some of our most notable vaporizers used for e-liquids, and other runny and liquefied concentrates. The Yocan Evolve C Atomizer was built with the active concentrate consumer in mind, whether you’re an athlete wanting quick and safe relief from soreness and inflammation due to physical injuries from training, or if you’re a professional looking to medicate with your extracts, the Yocan Evolve C Atomizer is the most ideal atomizer piece to store your select materials while you vape.  

Easy 3 Part Atomizer 

Both varieties of the Yocan Evolve C Atomizer is made up of 3 main parts, the mouthpiece, the oil chamber, and the magnetic connector or adaptor. All the components used in the Yocan Evolve C Atomizer are made from medical-grade materials to ensure safety and convenience. We do our best to stay true to our commitment in delivering unique and safe vaping products for people of all walks of life.  

The Yocan Evolve C Atomizer is truly one of the best options for people who are looking for a practical replacement piece for all their runny extracts since it offers great compatibility as well as durability and overall quality. 

 Note: Package does not come with both types.


  • 1.0ohm Evolve-C Atomizers OR 1.8ohm Evolve-C Atomizers (Quantity depends on your selection above)
  • Magnet Connector not included.

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yocan vaporizer features


Question Are these the same exact atomizers that come with Yocan Evolve-C Vaporizer?
Answer Yes. These are the same atomizers that come with Yocan Evolve-C Vaporizer.
Question Does the package come with both types?
Answer No. The package does not come with both types. However, you may order both them at the same time. 
Question Does the package come with a magnetic adapter?
Answer No. This Yocan Evolve-C Atomizer package does not come with a magnetic adapter.

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great deal...

This is 5 pack, definitely worth the price.

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