Yocan Explore Vaporizer

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  • Dry Herb and Wax
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • 100% Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • LCD Display
  • Smart Memory


About Yocan Explore

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only. 

We are proud to introduce another portable vaporizer, Yocan Explore. This item is both dry herb and wax compatible with your flexible lifestyle. Its heating chamber is 100% ceramic that to guarantee your evenly heated dry herb, resulting to a perfect taste. It is also designed with precise temperature control ranging from 200F to 460F. Its LCD screen allows you to view your current battery level as well as the temperature that you are at.

Yocan Explore also features smart memory technology which means that your battery remembers the last temperature that you set. With this functionality, you will no longer need to manually select your most desired amount of heat every time you wish to vape. This is very useful especially when you are outdoors and want to take quickdraws. We also programmed this device with a 5-minute automatic shut off to help you preserve the battery.



Yocan Explore also comes with a built-in stir pin for an added portability.

Yocan Explore Built-in Stir Pin


  • 1 x Yocan Explore (built-in battery)
  • 1 x Small Tool
  • 1 x Concentrated Coil Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


Question What is the size of Yocan Explore?
Answer It is 45mm x 80mm. 
Question What does the temperature start with?
Answer The temperature starts with 200F-460F.
Question Is Yocan Explore USB charging?
Answer Yes. It is USB charging.

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