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Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

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  • Magnetic Connections
  • Doubles as Water Bubbler
  • Moisturizes Vapors
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About Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

The Yocan FLAME Vaporizer is outfitted with a glass attachment that significantly improves the quality of the vapors you get from this multi-functional wax vaporizer. The Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment is a replacement part that boasts the same features and specifications as the original Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment that came with your Yocan FLAME out of the box. Compared to other Yocan devices that sport glass mouthpieces like the Yocan Dive Mini and the Yocan Falcon, the glass attachment that comes with the Yocan FLAME has knurled and knotted perforations which gives it a unique look. It also has a larger capacity to hold more water for better filtration and moisturization.

That said, the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment introduces the elements of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your daily sessions which you won’t get otherwise from Yocan’s other dab pens like the Yocan Evolve Plus XL and the Yocan Vane. The glass bubbler offers eRig-like performance by filtering the vapor of impurities and other irritants so you can enjoy a cleaner vapor production compared to inhaling from a standard mouthpiece without the ability to filter the vapors. Furthermore, the water in the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment cools the vapors making them easy to draw and inhale. This way you don’t always have to cough your lungs out when you take draws from the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer. The Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment makes the FLAME a more viable dab pen for connoisseurs and for consumers who have a higher demand and a higher standard when it comes to the vapors they consume. Lastly, the actual glass material used in making the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment contributes to how much it helps preserve the overall quality of the vapors, making sure it does not smell nor taste like metal or plastic, which you otherwise get from vaporizers made with cheaper mouthpieces.

Seamless Use and Operation

The Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment uses strong magnetic connections that allow it to be removed and replaced easily by both beginners and experienced vape users. It eschews the use of threaded connections in lieu of a more convenient means of use and operation. That said, the magnets are strong enough to hold the glass mouthpiece and keep it seated on the battery. However, the connection is not as strong so as to make separating and severing the links hard for the user. The magnetic glass attachment does not only connect to the battery but also to the Titanium Bar used as a nectar collector using the same magnetic connection. This makes transitioning from one mode of use to another as easy as it is loading the Yocan FLAME.

The magnetic connections allow better maintenance and serviceability because threaded connections, especially in the mouthpiece area, can harbor resinous buildup. With no threads to hang on to, there are less chances of material build up and cleaning and maintenance only involves wiping the smooth surface of the magnetic links which is a lot easier than scraping hardened wax from the crevices of a threaded link.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment Manual

Installing the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment:

  1. Make sure that the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer is turned off by pressing the power button five times rapidly.
  2. Remove the glass mouthpiece by pulling it away from its magnetic connection.
  3. Wipe the smooth magnetic connections on the atomizer base with a q tip to clean the metal contacts.
  4. Replace the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment.

Loading the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment with Water:

  1. Remove the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment by pulling it away from the atromizer base.
  2. Place water in the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment through the mouthpiece.
  3. Replace the glass mouthpiece by sliding it back in place.

Note: Do not remove the mouthpiece when hot. Let it cool down before removing it.

Cleaning the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece.
  2. Take a small bowl and fill it with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Soak the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment in the bowl of alcohol for a few hours.
  4. Let it dry on a paper towel.
  5. Connect the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment in place.

Note: You can stir the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment while in the bowl of alcohol to help loosen any hardened buildup. You can also run warm water on the mouthpiece for a thorough clean. Make sure to let it dry before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Absolutely loved this product but unfortunately dropped & broke it. I'm still giving 5 stars because I had dropped it several times prior. It's very sturdy glass. Would love to see a rainbow/oil spill option for the glass flames!?

Owen T

Next level attachment. Just buy it now, thank me later.

Andre Wood
Makes it tasty

Worked on my larger yocan.

Original Bro
LOVE my Flame!

I installed in onto my Evolve Plus XL and it has increased my vaping pleasure. Thanks, Yocan, for coming up with another great product!

Laurie Keith

Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment