Yocan HIT Mouthpiece


  • Magnetic Connection
  • Built-In Stirrer
  • Diffused Airflow Design

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About the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece

The Yocan HIT Mouthpiece is a replacement mouthpiece designed and engineered for the Yocan HIT portable dry herb vaporizer. The Yocan HIT Mouthpiece is outfitted with a built-in stir tool which allows you to easily and conveniently stir the ground herbs inside the Yocan HIT while vaping. It’s also equipped with a magnetic connection which makes removal and replacement of the mouthpiece simple and straightforward. This complements the integrated stir tool since you can easily pull the mouthpiece away from the vaporizer’s base, stir the ground botanicals in the chamber, and replace the mouthpiece back. This plays a key role in making sure that the herbs are properly and are evenly vaporized when you use your Yocan HIT vaporizer to consume your select dry herb strains. Although Yocan HIT’s ceramic chamber and convection oven make the Yocan HIT portable dry herb vaporizer a stellar on-the-go dry herb vaporizer, the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece makes it so that your herbs are never burned and that they are vaporized evenly, without reaching the point of combustion.

The Yocan HIT Mouthpiece is the only replacement mouthpiece for the Yocan HIT Vaporizer. Make sure to grab one of these replacement parts while they are available. You sure don’t want to miss the opportunity of stocking up on replacement parts and replacement components for your Yocan HIT so act fast and add the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece to your arsenal of Yocan vaporizer products.

Superior Airflow

The Yocan HIT Mouthpiece is designed and engineered in conjunction with the Yocan HIT’s diffused airflow design. The battery of the Yocan HIT features specially designed independent air paths that allow for maximum air intake. Because the Yocan HIT is a convection vaporizer, having better airflow works in its favor and allows you to heat the herbs better resulting in superior vapor production. The vapors produced by the convection oven and the ceramic heating element is carefully funneled by the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece. Thanks to its triangular design, the vapors are channeled to a slim and narrow passage which not only makes drawing and pulling from the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece easier but also helps you reap all the benefits your botanical plant matter has to offer without wasting any of its active ingredients included in the vapor.

The Yocan HIT Mouthpiece is an astutely designed mouthpiece that improves the overall quality of the vapors you get from the Yocan HIT Vaporizer. So, if you’re someone who uses the Yocan HIT, you should be stocking up on the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece so you can always have a replacement part always on the ready so you can easily replace your mouthpiece whenever you need to. It's true that you’ll never know when you’re going to need a replacement mouthpiece, that’s why it’s always a good idea to buy Yocan HIT Mouthpiece replacement parts online. That way, regardless of you lose your mouthpiece or not, you can always reach out for a clean mouthpiece that you can use for your Yocan HIT Vaporizer.


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