Yocan Kodo Atomizer


  • Cross Compatible with Yocan Wit & Yocan Groote
  • 510-Threaded
  • Magnetic Connection
yocan vaporizer features


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About Yocan Kodo Atomizer

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only.

The Yocan Kodo Atomizer is made to match the specifications of the Yocan Kodo Box Mod. It’s a stylish 510-threaded box mod vaporizer that allows you to screw the 510-threaded atomizer on top of the Yocan Kodo Box Mod.

The Yocan Kodo Box Mod seems to deviate from the new design and engineering seen on most Yocan portable cartridge box mods. The Kodo does not use the new magnetic technology we see in the new cartridge box mods from Yocan. However, the Yocan Kodo Atomizer can still accommodate the 510-threaded magnetic rings as it can be used in conjunction with other Yocan cartridge box mods like the Yocan Wit Box Mod and the Yocan Groote Box Mod. The Yocan Kodo Atomizer comes in two varieties, an atomizer for wax concentrates and an atomizer for thick oils. Both atomizer types are made from some of the best raw materials available to Yocan and are subjected to the most stringent and the strictest manufacturing standards. This allows Yocan to produce high-quality atomizers that are universally compatible amongst its box mod vaporizers. Yocan prides itself in manufacturing good quality vaporizers and atomizers. The wax variety of the Yocan Kodo Atomizer is made using Yocan’s famous quartz coil technology. The Yocan Kodo Atomizer uses a shrunken version of their quartz coil atomizers, this means that the Yocan Kodo Atomizer can produce almost similar effects in a small and compact wax atomizer. Likewise, the thick oil version of the Yocan Kodo Atomizer uses high-quality materials for better thick oil vaporization. Yocan uses its knowledge in manufacturing portable vaporizers and atomizers in designing and engineering these small devices for the delivery of the beneficial effects of wax concentrates and infused thick oils.

Best for On-The-Go Use

The Yocan Kodo Atomizer uses superior 510-threaded connections that won’t easily break or get loose during consecutive use. However, it is recommended to avoid overtightening the threads to prevent loose threads.

Unlike other box mod vaporizers, the 510-threaded links of the Yocan Kodo Atomizer are exposed as the 510-threaded connection of the Yocan Kodo Vaporizer is also exposed making it easy to connect the atomizer to the box mod. This means that you can easily remove and replace your atomizer coils even if you’re on-the-go. Reloading your wax coils are easy and straightforward since the atomizer is sitting directly on top of the battery. Instead of reaching out for an atomizer that’s hidden or stashed inside of the battery, you can easily access the atomizer for fast removal and replacement of the atomizers.

The Yocan Kodo Atomizer, however, still supports the magnetic functionalities of other Yocan box mod vaporizers. It can accommodate magnetic 510-threaded rings making it compatible with other Yocan on-the-go box mod vaporizers like the Groote and the Wit.

With the Yocan Kodo Atomizer, there’s no stopping you from enjoying stealthy sessions and quick hits on-the-go. You can reap the benefits and the advantages that your select wax concentrates and thick oils can offer.


  • 1.0-Ohm Kodo Atomizers OR 1.8-Ohm Kodo Atomizers (Quantity depends on your selection above)


  • Magnet Connector not included.
  • Package does not come with both types.

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yocan vaporizer features

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