Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil


  • Fast Heating 
  • 510 Threaded  
  • High-Quality Quartz Rod 
  • High-Grade Titanium Coils 
  • Perfect Balance Of Flavor And Vapor  



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About The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only. 

The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil is the perfect replacement piece for your Loaded quartz dual coil atomizer (QDC). This Yocan hallmark is what made Yocan vapes a sought after tool for wax concentrate consumption. The coils are composed of two quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils for an even yield of visible clouds and flavorful vapors. The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil is best known for its crystal clear and smooth vapor production, allowing vape enthusiasts who want vapors without the irritants that may harm and cause discomfort to your mouth and throat.  


The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil also boasts 510 threaded design making one of the easiest atomizer coils to use even when you’re on-the-go.  


Fast Heating  

The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil uses high-quality quartz rods that can easily absorb and conduct heat. Unlike other minerals, quartz can quickly absorb heat and act as an ideal catalyst to vaporize your select wax concentrates. This means that even when compared to ceramic, quartz can provide a better environment for your extracts especially in times when you want fast and immediate results.  


The minerals used in the Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil remains pure even when subjected to high levels of temperature. This means that no other element will rub off on your concentrates giving you only the purest essences when you vape. The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil does not let you sacrifice vapor quality for efficiency, you’ll enjoy the ideal balance of flavors and vapors in this iconic Yocan atomizer coil.  


The Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil also allows you to save your batteries when you’re out and about. Because the Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil generates heat in a matter of seconds, it won’t put too much pressure on your batteries. You can now enjoy longer vaping sessions without having to recharge often. Take your Yocan Loaded Vaporizer with you and vape at ease knowing you'll always have a backup atomizer with the  Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coil.




  • Yocan Loaded Dual Quartz Coils (Quantity depends on your selection above)

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