Yocan The One Quartz Dual Coil - 5 Pieces


  • 510 Threaded 
  • Fast Heating  
  • High-Grade Components  
  • Dual Quartz Coils

yocan vaporizer features

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About Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil

This device was intended for aromatherapy use only. 

The Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack is the perfect replacement piece for your Yocan The One Vaporizer. These dual quartz coils are the ideal heating element for Yocan The One’s 650mAh battery. The dual quartz coils perfectly take advantage of The One’s decent battery capacity and effectively saves battery while producing the optimal heat setting for concentrates and extracts.  

Thanks to the Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack’s quartz mineral heating element, you’re the One Vaporizer only uses minimal battery when in vape pen mode. This means you can take on longer vaping sessions without having to recharge frequently allowing you to enjoy more time vaping and less time charging. The Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack is ideal for people who like to travel or those who always go on trips. Just in case you bust your coils from abuse or misuse you’ll always have some spare atomizer coils to use. Having a Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack in your bag or in your vaping kit ensures you’ll always have the ideal atomizer coil ready.  

Purity And Clarity  

The Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack is big in purity which makes it one of the most ideal atomizer coil options for people who want to get the best out of their wax concentrates. Because quartz is pure in nature, it does not affect your concentrates in any way, leaving only the purest and cleanest essences for you to experience and taste.  

For the connoisseurs who want the ideal fusion of flavor and density in their vapors, the quartz dual coil technology of the Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil – 5 Pack allows them to indulge the unique tastes of their concentrates while experiencing the hard-hitting potency of their select strains.

Note: These coils do not include coil caps. 


  • 5 x Yocan The One Dual Quartz Coil

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Yocan The One Quartz Dual Coil - 5 Pieces Review

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