Best Features Of The Yocan Vaporizer Brand

Best Features Of The Yocan Vaporizer Brand

Not all the best vaporizers come with expensive price tags, some of today’s market’s top-shelf units are equally capable of delivering top-notch results while still sporting an affordable price. Today we're putting one brand into the spotlight. Yocan, a company based in Shenzhen China, has become one of today’s foremost exporter and manufacturer of high-performance vaporizers used for almost all materials including herbs, waxes, and oils. Thanks to the advancement in today’s technology, their products employ some of the best features found in modern-day portable vaporizers that are twice its price. From sophisticated multifunctional portable units to rudimentary vape pens, the Yocan brand delivers some of the best priced and most practical units we see today. 

In this article, we’ll look into some of the best features of the Yocan Vaporizer Brand which makes them simply must-have pieces. 

Apart from having an excellent price to performance ratio, Yocan vaporizers are widely known to stand out in these categories. 

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Loading Capacity
  • Vapor Quality
  • Atomizer Build
  • Battery Life 

Yocan Vaporizers hit all the right spots and checks all the boxes in almost everyone’s list, it’s one of the reasons why Yocan is the most recommended brand for both beginners and even for the more advanced users. No other organization has ever been this successful in offering an affordable and healthy alternative to smoking. Yocan believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity for a healthier lifestyle through an easier transition from conventional smoking to vaping. They believe that no one should be restricted to using poorly made devices, having to sacrifice quality over affordability. 

Yocan ensures that all their devices pass meticulous quality-control, from material inspection to assembly till they reach the boxes as finished products. Careful inspection under ISO9001 certification standards are strictly carried out to ensure that Yocan vaporizers are up to par. Leaving no room for error, Yocan’s professional R&D team pay serious attention to detail in the designs and engineering of their products, that’s why Yocan was able to secure several patented technologies you’d hardly ever find amongst other vaporizers. Having backed with all the necessary tools for manufacturing high-quality products has been Yocan’s recipe for sweet success. 


Easily the makings of a high-performance vaporizer, durability and build quality are one key to a long-lasting investment. The Yocan Arsenal Edition Evolve Plus Vaporizer features unique build made from high-grade materials free from harmful dyes, glues or wicks. The build quality of the Yocan Arsenal Edition Evolve Plus Vaporizer is simply superior amongst other lesser made portable units. The body of the Evolve Plus Arsenal is covered in a matte finish making it highly resistant to minor scratches, and marks from daily use. 

It also features a relatively durable stainless steel dab tool, it allows you to easily scoop up wax concentrates without the risk of contaminating your material. Its stainless steel build makes it highly durable, easy to sanitize and is corrosion resistant to most acids found in meats, milk, fruits, and vegetables. With such high-grade components, the Yocan Arsenal Edition Evolve Plus Vaporizer brings remarkable value for such an affordable price. 

Here are some of the innovative features found on the Yocan Arsenal Edition Evolve Plus Vaporizer. 

  • Sleek And Stylish Design
  • Uber Portable
  • Dual Quartz Coil
  • Built-In Dab Jar
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 1100mAh Battery 


Probably the most marketed advantage on almost all handheld units is portability. The same element which brings stealth and convenience on many portable devices can also be found of some of Yocan’s most sought after vaporizers. The Yocan Flick features a slim and sleek body with a flip-top lid which opens to the mouthpiece for convenient wax concentrate and e-juice consumption. It easily slips right in your pocket and comfortably fits in the palm of your hands. The Flick features a design reminiscent of classic Zippo lighters which is why it’s easily mistaken for a regular igniter. Effortless low key vaping is easy when you’re vaping with the Flick. Best of all, it has a leak-proof design which eliminates the hassle of getting oil and wax stains on your pocket. 

Nothing can ever come close to the perfect mix of a classic and modern design you’d only get from the Yocan Flick. Check these other features which make the Yocan Flick our top choice for portability. 

  • Sleek And Slim
  • Unique Flip-Top Design
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Built-In Battery
  • Clear Window Peephole (For Checking Oil Level) 

Loading Capacity 

The amount of material you can put in your vaporizer determines the length of your sessions and how convenient your experience could be. Ideally, a larger loading chamber lets you vaping for longer durations without the need for frequent reloads. This feature is highly emphasized in the Yocan iShred Vaporizer. The iShred not only features a generous herb bowl but it also includes an integrated grinder inside the vaporizer itself. The exceptionally large chamber of the iShred is made of a medical-grade ceramic material which slowly vaporizes your botanicals without reaching the point of combustion. It’s built with a wide opening to allow easier loading and maintenance. 

Find out why the iShred is big on value apart from its big herb chamber. 

  • Built-in Grinder
  • Ceramic Oven
  • Portable and Discreet
  • Precision Temp Control
  • Integrated Stir Tool
  • Large Bowl Size
  • LCD Display 

Vapor Quality 

The quality of a vaporizer is largely measured in the quality of output it can produce, what better way to enjoy your wax concentrates that with a portable e-nail that has the same performance with that of a desktop rig. The Yocan Torch Vaporizer E-nail owes its unique vapor quality to its quartz crystal atomizer and its powerful e-nail battery. Here’s what makes the Yocan Torch Vaporizer E-nail such a monster in vapor production. 

  • Torchless Enail
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Airflow Carb
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 14mm and 18mm Ground Joints 

With 100% pure quartz crystal, the Yocan Torch Vaporizer E-nail can deliver vapors in its purest and cleanest form, it’s capable of withstanding high temperatures ranging from 482 degrees Fahrenheit to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. With its powerful battery, you can enjoy lung-ripping hits with high flavor and potency retention. Similarly, the Yocan Explore Vaporizer boasts 2600mAh batteries for relatively powerful and incomparable vapor production. 

Atomizer Build 

Simply think of the atomizer as the key to unlocking the full potential of your materials, it provides the important element which turns your herbs, waxes, and oils into vapors. Yocan vaporizers use high-performance heating elements to complement the unique heating styles on their vaporizers. The Yocan Pandon boasts of a Quad Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer. The Pandon features a quadruple coil quartz rod atomizer that’s capable of providing instantaneous and almost on-demand heating with four times the vapor production. The Pandon’s dual coil head design is made out of two separate double-rods allowing you further customization depending on your preference, you can choose between vaping with the use of two or four rods that provides hard-hitting results either way. 

Let’s break down some of Pandon’s revolutionary features. 

  • QUAD Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Leak-Proof
  • 1300mAH Battery
  • 10 Second Auto-Shutoff
  • Compact and Stealthy
  • Easy-to-Use 

Battery Life 

The battery is important especially when you’re using portable vaporizer units, you won’t be plugged into a stable power source compared to desktop vaporizers. A powerful battery ensures you’ll have a lasting experience taking you to higher levels of high. The Yocan Evolve-D Plus is outfitted with a long-lasting 1100mAh battery, sure it’s smaller in capacity unlike the 2600mAh battery in the Yocan Explore Vaporizer, but the Yocan Evolve-D Plus utilizes a unique 10-Second Auto-Shut Off feature which allows you to save battery when not in use. Efficiency is the key to the success of the Yocan Evolve-D Plus making it one of the most dependable vaporizers favored by those who like to vape on their feet and those who are always out and about. 

Apart from its long-lasting battery here’s what’ll make you fall more in love with the Evolve-D Plus. 

  • QUAD Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Leak-Proof
  • 1300mAH Battery
  • 10 Second Auto-Shutoff
  • Compact and Stealthy
  • Easy-to-Use 

Final Thoughts 

Cheap is not the right term for the Yocan brand, I prefer to use the term affordable and cost-efficient. A common misconception amongst low-priced vaporizers is that they’re inferior in terms of quality and durability. The collection of vaporizers from Yocan looks to change that image and introduce a new breed of devices that are designed to perform and function as well as vaporizers twice its price. Be sure to check these vaporizers especially if you’re planning on shopping for your next portable unit.

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