How to use your Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vaporizer

How to use your Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Multifunctional vaporizers have been in the market for years now and have opened a gateway for people to enjoy and experience the benefits of different types of materials like dry herbs, wax, and oil concentrates without having to buy different vaporizers for each variety. The Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vaporizer is capable of vaporizing all three kinds of materials while sporting a portable and pen-style build. But how do you exactly use a 3-in-1 vaporizer as opposed to the normal portable unit? Luckily, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for you on how to use your Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vaporizer.

The Rundown

  1. Tap button 5 times to power up the Yocan Evolve 3-in-1.
  2. Select which atomizer to use and attach it to the battery.
  3. Load desired amount of material into the chamber.
  4. Press button.
  5. Enjoy.

Cleaning the Yocan Evolve 3-in-1

Keeping your Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vaporizer clean is one way of extending its life. Since you’d be using varieties of cannabis products, resin build-ups are inevitable. It’s recommended that you clean your vaporizer after several sessions.

The battery can easily be cleaned by using sanitary wipes or by applying 99% isopropyl alcohol to a paper towel. Lightly wipe the battery using your damp paper towel and let it dry. The mouthpiece can similarly be cleaned by a paper towel with a few drops of alcohol, remove any build-ups with a cleaning brush and lightly swipe the inner surface using your paper towel. Repeat the process until the air holes become highly visible.

Since the Evolve 3-in-1 uses several atomizers you’d have to consider different methods of cleaning. Here are a few easy steps for each specific atomizer.

Herb Atomizer

The Evolve 3-in-1 uses a pancake style herb atomizer. Use your cleaning brush and lightly graze the surface area of the atomizer to remove any resin build-ups. Should there be any hard to remove residue, you may power on your battery and proceed with dry burning. Repeat until clean.

Wax Atomizer

The wax atomizer from the Evolve 3-in-1 can be cleaned using 99% using isopropyl alcohol. Simply soak the atomizer in the solution and let it rest. After soaking, place the atomizer in a dry paper towel to dry. Once dried, use a cleaning brush and softly remove any hard residue from the coils. For best results, you may let the coil dry overnight before use.

Oil Cartridge

Similarly, you may use 99% isopropyl alcohol and some cotton swabs. Gently remove any remaining oil from the cartridge.

Further Details


Surprisingly, using a 3-in-1 vaporizer is relatively easy. It works the same way as your regular unit. Though before I start my sessions, I’d like to run a quick prep-check. Here are a few things you’d probably like to look at.

  • Make sure batteries are fully charged
  • Grind loose-leaf materials before packing (when using dry herbs)
  • Wipe your mouthpiece clean before a session

If all the boxes are checked, you’re ready to start.

Using the Yocan Evolve 3-in-1

Once you’ve secured a fully charged battery, you may power up your Yocan Evolve 3-in-1. Like most pen-style vaporizers, you can turn it on by pressing the one-button control 5 times.

After the Evolve 3-in-1 is powered on you can connect your desired atomizer to the battery by simply screwing the threaded connections, make sure that you achieve a snug fit. However, avoid over screwing the threaded parts as it could damage the threads overtime. Allow a comfortable fit without any lose connections.

Pack your desired amount of material, and place the mouthpiece atop the atomizer. Press and hold the single-button control and start vaping.

Good to know

The Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 uses a 650mAh battery that usually lasts for more than 3-6 hours of casual vaping sessions and can conveniently be charged through an inclusive USB charger. It’s compact and durable. It carries a substantial amount of weight, a sign that Yocan uses only high-quality materials in the construction and manufacturing of the Evolve 3-in-1. Just follow these quick and easy steps to using and maintaining your vaporizer and you’d be sure to enjoy it for a long time.

It’s also neat to know that the Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 comes as a complete kit, here are the inclusive essentials.

  • 1 x Evolve-D Atomizer
  • 1 x Evolve-C Atomizer
  • 1 x Evolve-C Metal Tube
  • 1 x Evolve Battery
  • 1 x Evolve-D Coil
  • 1 x Evolve QDC Coil
  • 1 x Metal Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x USB Charger

Tips & Tricks

Don’t overuse your coils. To ensure easier cleaning and maintenance, be mindful of how your coils look. Should you notice that a large sum of residue build-up, clean your vaporizer and its components.

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Do you guys have replacement coils in stock and how can I order them

T. C.

Just bought your 3 in 1 evolve dry herb vape kit. Works great very pleased with the way it works just too bad I couldn’t order directly from you and shipped to Canada 🇨🇦. But great product and so happy to have found your company. Thanks again. Chris Firth

Chris firth

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