Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

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  • 350mAh Battery Capacity 
  • Small and Compact Body
  • Magnetic 510-Threaded Adapter
  • Variable Voltage Settings
  • 10-Second Pre-Heat Setting
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Oil Level Window
  • 9 – 11.5mm Diameter Capacity
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    About Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    These days cartridge vaporizers are all the rage, you will see different kinds of cartridge vaporizers online but none of them boast as much power and as much versatility as the Yocan Rega Vaporizer. The Yocan Rega Vaporizer is a product of Yocan’s years of experience in manufacturing world-class vaporizers like the Yocan UNI Pro. The Yocan Rega Vaporizer boasts wide compatibility with different cartridges used for wax concentrates, thick oils, and runny e-liquids. This means you’ll enjoy cartridges with different flavors and features to customize and personalize your vape sessions. Apart from its wide compatibility range, the Yocan Rega Vaporizer also offers a variable voltage battery setting. This means you’ll enjoy three fine-tuned temperature profiles to suit your every need. It also has a 10-second pre-heat setting which can warm up your hardened extracts for a better vaping experience. You'll also enjoy an oil level window to allow you to easily see the contents of your cartridge. The Yocan Rega Vaporizer is equipped with small but significant features inside and out to provide the on-the-go extract consumer with convenient vaping sessions every time.

    The Yocan Rega Vaporizer also comes in a small and compact body which means you can take it with you wherever you go and use it whenever you please. It features a single-button control which allows beginners and advanced users alike to use the Yocan Rega Vaporizer with ease. To help with ease of use, the single power button on the Yocan Rega Vaporizer is illuminated with different colors to tell you what temperature level you’re running on. So, you’ll never get confused or be caught unawares when hitting on your unit. Operation is also simple and straightforward; 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 clicks to turn it back off. The pre-heat setting and the different voltage levels can also be accessed via the single button located on the Yocan Rega Vaporizer.

    If you’re in the fence for a brand-new cartridge vaporizer, make sure to check out the Yocan Rega Vaporizer and experience the difference of using a small and compact device for your vaping needs. 

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    Power at the Palm of Your Hands

    The Yocan Rega Vaporizer is a small device that packs a serious punch. For a device this small, it’s rare to find something that boasts 350mAh battery capacity. This means you’ll have more than enough power to last you through a day’s session. Battery life and longevity may vary depending on how often and how heavy you use your vaporizer but 350mAh of power for vaping cartridges will last you more than just casual use. You'd be hard-pressed to find other box mod batteries for cartridges in this category that offers the same battery capacity than the Yocan Rega Vaporizer.

    yocan rega size

    The Yocan Rega Vaporizer boasts different temperature levels which means you can crank up your vaping sessions from the lowest setting to the highest level. It offers three temperature levels that allow you to adjust and personalize your vape sessions. The lower the temperature setting, the smoother and the vapors. The higher you crank the power-up, the more potent the hits and the more lung-ripping your draws will be. You’re sure to enjoy a knock-off-your-socks experience when you vape with the Yocan Rega Vaporizer.

    Moreover, the Yocan Rega Vaporizer can easily be charged via a micro USB charging cable. The charging cable can easily be connected to a desktop computer, a laptop, a videogame console, a power bank, or a wall adapter. This means you’ll never have to run out of charging options when you need to juice up your box mod battery. The Yocan Rega Vaporizer can easily be recharged through different means, unlike other cartridge vaporizers that require you to find a wall socket and a wall adapter. With the Yocan Rega Vaporizer, you’d easily find a means to get going and continue your vaping sessions whenever, wherever. 

    Functional Design

    While the Yocan Rega Vaporizer boasts top-tier power and versatility under the hood, its exterior and housing was designed and engineered to give you the ideal on-the-go vaping experience. The sides of the Yocan Rega Vaporizer have a ribbed edge to give you added grip so the Yocan Rega Vaporizer won’t easily fall from your hands. One of the common reasons why vaporizers break or malfunction is because of accidental drops and damage. With a ribbed exterior, you can minimize these accidents and reduce the risks of breakage of your vaporizer.

    yocan rega design

    The power button of the Yocan's Rega Vaporizer is also placed at the upper right-hand corner of the unit which means you can use either your thumb or your index finger to use and operate the Yocan Rega Vaporizer. It’s placed and positioned on the correct location which means that your fingers and your hands won’t get stressed or strained during use. The positioning of the button allows convenient use, you can also see the lights illuminated on the button with ease, the low-temperature settings is represented by a white light, medium is represented by a blue light and a green light means you’re running on high voltage settings. There’s also a window where you can see the contents of the cartridge located on the side of the unit so you won’t have to remove and replace the cartridge every time you have to look at it. It’s imperative that you know how much materials you have on your cartridge so you won’t have to experience burning and breaking your cartridges. This small but handy feature allows you to save money since you won’t have to run into the trouble of having to change your cartridges every time by burning your coils or breaking the cartridges altogether. The Yocan Rega Vaporizer effectively protects the cartridges by housing it inside the chamber allowing you to protect it from cracking and bending.

    No other cartridge battery combines power and functionality like the Yocan Rega Vaporizer. Make sure to grab yours now and enjoy the benefits of your extracts on a small, compact, and long-lasting cartridge battery. Grab the Yocan Rega Vaporizer now! 


    • 1 x Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x 510-Threaded Magnetic Adapter
    • 1 x User Manual

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    Yocan Rega Manual

    Preparing the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    1. Ensure that the Yocan Rega Box Mod is fully charged before usage for optimum results.
    2. After the battery is charged, turn the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer on by tapping on the power button 5 times. Note: The power button is located at the upper right-hand corner of the battery just right above the ribbed edges that improve your grip on the device. The power button is the square button that illuminates when on.

    Loading the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    1. Prepare your cartridges, place them somewhere where there’s a leveled platform so the cartridges will remain safely in place.
    2. Attach your cartridge to the included 510-threaded magnetic connector.
    3. Place the 510-threaded attachment from your cartridge to meet the receiving end of the magnetic adapter. Twist the magnetic adapter until you feel resistance. Note: Do not over tighten the magnetic adapter as it may cause the threads to get loose. This may cause other cartridges to experience a loose connection affecting the flow of electricity and the overall performance of the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer.
    4. Once the adapter is connected to the cartridge, you may insert the cartridge down to the Yocan Rega Box Mod Chamber until you hear a snap.

    Vaping with the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    1. Make sure that the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer is charged and is loaded with your select cartridge before you start vaping.
    2. After you have loaded the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer, press your lips near the mouthpiece of the cartridge and prepare to inhale.
    3. Press and hold the power button of the Yocan Rega Box Mod and once the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer generates vapors pull and draw from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
    4. Repeat this process as necessary or until the extracts inside the cartridge is fully consumed.

    Switching Through the Temperature Settings

    1. Power the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer on by clicking the power button 5 times.
    2. You can check if the proper action has been performed by looking at the power button itself, it will blink or flash.
    3. Tap the power button three times rapidly to toggle in between heat settings.
    4. Release the power button to allow the selected heat setting to take effect on the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer.

    Below are the corresponding heat settings and their respective voltage levels.

    • White Light: Low Setting
    • Blue Light: Medium Setting
    • Green Light: High Setting

    Care and Maintenance of the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    The Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer was made to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges that measure up from 9 – 11.5 mm in diameter. The Yocan Rega Box Mod in itself is just a Box Mod with no atomizers on it it does not come with any cartridge out of the box. To ensure your Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer stays in good shape, follow the steps below.

    1. Wipe-off any liquid residue on the vaporizer with a dry paper towel and continue with reassembling the Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer.
    2. Make sure to follow charging instructions and use the dedicated charger to avoid damaging the Rega Box Mod.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Steven Black

    Pretty good for a small plastic device

    Scott Davies
    Works great.

    Very small and works like it should.


    Powerful..Does the job..Great Deal

    Brandy Weiss
    Very Nice

    I am firm believer in the saying "you get what you pay for", I am NEVER disappointed when purchasing this brand.

    Jennifer West

    Love it:)