Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector


  • Magnetic Connection
  • 510 Threaded
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient Textured Design
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About The Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector

The Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector is the magnetic link that bridges the cartridge and the battery. This unique and distinct magnetic attachment allows you to conveniently remove and replace your cartridges without having to constantly twist the 510 threaded connection. The Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector is both practical and functional and boasts improved design and engineering from Yocan’s previous magnetic attachments.

Some of the features of the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector is the textured design allowing you to enjoy better grip and a more stable hold when using the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector. One of the common complaints of consumers using a magnetic attachment is its lack of traction when connecting the threaded end of the cartridge. The cartridge always ends up slipping and create either a loose connection or a connection that’s extremely tight. Overtightening the cartridges may damage the 510 threaded connection. Conversely, a loose connection will create an unstable environment and may decrease the overall potential of the Yocan Rega Box Mod. Either way, this prevents you from getting the best out of your vaping experience. The new design of the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector allows you to easily grasp and hold the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector which also prevents slippage and accidental drops which is one of the common causes of losing this small and compact attachment.

A Must Carry

Speaking of losing components, it’s best and is always recommended to carry extra components so you won't have to miss a session especially when you’re out and about. Because of its size, it’s fairly easy to lose and drop the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector. In this regard, it will be hard to search for it should you drop it when you’re outside. You wouldn’t want to cut your sessions short just because you dropped and lost your Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector. However, should you carry extra Yocan Rega Magnetic Connectors, you can easily reach to your vape stash and just pull a Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector from it. This way, you can continue your vape sessions even when you’re on-the-go.

There’s no need to go looking for a shop or an online place that sells the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector. You can easily grab one of them and replace the attachment you lost. The Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector is simply a must-have and a must-carry if you’re using a Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer.

A Stealthy Way to Vape

The Yocan Rega was intended to be a stealthy pocket vaporizer. The Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector ensures that you spend only a little time removing and replacing the cartridges for various reasons. One of them is reloading, there’s no need to spend too much time having to twist and turn your cartridge from the battery making it extremely obvious that you are replacing a vape part. With the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector, all you need to do is to slide it in and out so that no one can see what you’re doing. You can vape like a ninja with the Yocan Rega Magnetic Connector.


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