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Yocan Torch XL Battery

Yocan Torch XL Battery

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  • Threaded Design
  • 2200mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging Technology
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About Yocan Torch XL Battery

The Yocan Torch XL Battery lives up to its name as an XL battery that’s designed and engineered specifically for the Yocan Torch XL Enail. It was crafted to provide the juice needed by the upsized vaporizer while being an efficient source of power.

With its 2200mAh battery capacity, the Yocan Torch XL Battery can sustain longer vaping sessions. What this means is that you will not always have to look for a power outlet to plug the charger the moment you fire up the Yocan Torch XL Enail. It will have enough power for several sessions in between charges and the good thing about it is that you will not feel a significant decrease in its performance even if the battery is almost out. The Yocan Torch XL Battery also supports powerful vapor delivery as the capacity of the battery is well suited to throw energy to crank up the atomizer and the coil to extreme temperature levels. This means that you can enjoy low and slow heating for smooth and flavorful vapor production as well as high temperature profiles for vapors that will knock you off your socks.

Speaking of atomizers and coils, the Yocan Torch XL Battery is compatible with a wide variety of Yocan-branded heating elements including the Quad Coil that comes with the device’s packaging. The Yocan Torch XL Battery features a threaded design where the coil is supposed to go with and provides the heating element with a stable platform wo it doesn’t get knocked out of place accidentally.

USB-C Charging Technology

The Yocan Torch XL Battery uses USB-C technology which makes its one of Yocan’s next-gen products. Yocan has found the benefit of using USB-C technology and decided to equip its more modern devices with it. For the uninitiated USB-C charging has two important benefits and one of them is faster charging.

What this means of Yocan Torch XL Enail owners is that they no longer have to wait for six (sometimes eight) hours just to recharge their batteries. Traditional rechargeable batteries that have such large capacities will take several hours to charge. The downside is that many consumers do not have the time to wait for the battery to be charged and pull it from the plug at the right time when the battery is full again. We all know what leaving the battery plugged in overnight does to it. Using a USB-C charger instead cuts the charging time and allows owners to use their Yocan Torch XL Batteries without having to wait for six long hours.

Another benefit of using the Yocan Torch XL Battery in relation to USB-C technology is that it now offers more stable power delivery. What that does is that it prevents (or lessens) the instances of energy fluctuation that can sometimes be the cause of battery problems. With a stable means of power delivery while charging, you can be sure that you and your battery remain safe.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Torch XL Battery

Customer Reviews

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Great battery

Awesome battery

Joe tuc

Batteries are not good I have had 3 now at 39.00 dollars go bad. With moderate use and of course there's no reason to purchase this product no refunds


Great battery.

Michael Scheele

Yocan Torch XL Battery


I like it and would recommend getting one