How to Use and Clean Yocan Torch

How to Use and Clean Yocan Torch

The Yocan Torch Vaporizer is a solid and durable piece with most of the components either made from stainless steel or glass. It comes with two quartz dual coils designed to work with female and male downstems at 14 and 18 millimeters in diameter. The pieces come apart with great ease and fit together seamlessly. The Yocan Torch has a weird Y-shaped design that is consists of the main body, battery, and the heating chamber. The power button is found on top of the device with a backlit and it glows as you turn it on or shut it off. The 1100mAh battery is placed on one side and it can be charged using a standard micro-USB cable. The charging time is approximately 90 minutes. 

When it comes to vapor production, using the Torch is fairly bountiful. The temperature ranges from 250 to 280 degrees Celsius (482 to 536 degrees Fahrenheit). It makes a fair amount of cloud vapor without the harsh throat irritation. The battery can support continuous heat for 15 seconds for each puff. You'll get 60 puffs per full charge.  

Cleaning the Yocan Torch Vaporizer  

The only part of the Yocan Torch that you need to clean is the dual quartz rod coil.  Don't use rubbing alcohol or other harsh substances when cleaning the vape coil.  Continuously turning on the heating chamber is highly recommended to burn off the remaining material or crumble and shatter residue.  You'll know that there is no residue left if you do not see any visible smoke or vapor. By doing so, your Yocan Torch is the best condition again to fully enjoy your next vaping session.  Because this product is an electronic device and you are using oily and wax materials to the domeless enail, you'll need to eventually replace the vape coils. 

The Rundown 

  1. Add wax to the YocanTorch atomizer and place the cap.  
  2. To turn the device on, press the button located on top of the battery five times.
  3. To engage the heat, press the button again.
  4. Wait for a few seconds.
  5. Start drawing! 
  6. You can pause the device from heating by pressing the button again. 
  7. It shuts off automatically after 15 seconds.

Further Details 


Getting the spare coil is a good idea so you can replace yours anytime, anywhere. While the Yocan Torch is easy to use, you have to bear the following in mind for a more convenient vaping session: 

  • When setting up your Torch, it is important to exercise caution. 
  • Avoid putting too much material in because it may leak out the air path.  
  • When you breathe in quickly while the Torch heats up, it just leaves you some unwanted material in your mouth.  

Using the Yocan Torch Vaporizer  

In general, the Yocan Torch Vaporizer is a portable and very easy to use the device. All you have to do is to click the power button for 5 times and it will stay on for about 15 seconds. Before turning the device on, remove the airflow tube, the coil cap is unscrewed, and the shatter or crumble is loaded. After the concentrates are loaded, the coil cap is screwed and the glass tube or airflow tube is put on.  

The Yocan Torch should be placed on a dab rig and the domeless enail should fit almost any dab rig. Now, press the power button and you'll notice it will lock, so there's no need to hold the button. The Yocan dual quartz coil starts to heat up. Start vaping! Press the airflow button, that acts like a carb hole if you see a lot of vapor buildup to inhale the dab hit. In time, you will get more comfortable and find the proper timing and rhythm. 

Good to Know 

The Yocan Torch is a dual coil quartz and portable vaping device, making waxing and dabbing less stressful and easy than ever before.  Enjoy the dabbing multiple options with an airflow button to handle the amount you prefer to take in. You can either use the glass tube or air flow tube for an ultimate dabbing experience. It is your ultimate tool you can count on for daily wax use. 

As a domeless portable enail, the Yocan Torch is your ultimate vaping buddy. It comes in two color, black, and silver stainless steel. The pack has a picture of the Yocan on top that comes in a black cardboard box. The Yocan Torch comes with different accessories so you can enjoy every vaping session. The Pancake coil is not included on the basic kit.  Here are the things you'll get that comes with the Yocan Torch kit: 

  • 1 x Yocan Torch 
  • 1 x Quartz Dual Coil 
  • 1 x Glass Tube 
  • 1 x Wax Tool 
  • 1 x User Manual  

Tips and Tricks 

In the basic Yocan Torch kit, the Pancake dual coil is not included. So if you want to use this vaping device for dry herb, you can order the replacement dry herb coil or Pancake dual coil from the supplier. When it comes to loading the coils, never press the quartz coil using the dab tool forcefully. This will result to coil damage that would require you buying a replacement. After you use your Yocan Torch several times, you'll realize that the dual quartz rod coil is the most replaceable part. While the vape coil can definitely last for quite some time, you would want to use a new coil after a few months if you're an experienced user to get the freshest taste when you're taking a dab hit.  

When it comes to performance, the Yocan Torch is superb, taking every concentrates experience to a whole new level. It is so easy to use by following the user manual, and you'll experience an intense and insane flavorful cloudy vapor. You can invest in a Yocan Torch now and gain the benefits of this amazing device such as the instant heat up time and great flavor every time. 

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